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How Mutual Fund helps Moms to overcome problems

 Moms are the finance manager of a house. They plan and manage almost all the financial issues and expenses of the house to run everything smoothly without any hustle. But not everydays are good. During the difficult time how Mutual fund helps moms to achieve their goals, is the matter of discussion of today's post.  There are children education, medical emergency and other requirements as well which can be managed properly with mutual fund investments.  Mutual funds allow the investor to plan their financial future smoothly.  For more details, you can visit the HSBC website . Also, readers are requested to fill in this form to help you understand better and have your queries answered by the brand. Disclaimer: This post is written as an informational part, please read all guidelines carefully before investing in financial transactions.

5 Easiest Nailart Designs for Beginners..

5 Easiest Nailart Designs for Beginners..

* This post is a part of Happiness Blogtrain. I would like to thank my fellow blogger Nehal for introducing me..

I was too much confused what to write for today's post because it is all about my happiness and I have so many options which makes me feel happy..  Before jumping into the post I want to write few things about me.  After completing my MBA I was very sure to work in a corporate sector and I did too.. I was a banker but I left the job after relocating to a new city . Then to utilize my time I stepped into the blogging world slowly and I found my happiness in it.  Then I never look back. It was very difficult to manage blog, baby and home all alone initially but as time passed away it becomes normal for me.

Then I found my second happiness in doing nailarts.  When I am recalling my school/colllege days, I remember, I was very poor in applying even nail polish on my nails and now see, I enjoy every moment of doing nailarts . Whenever I feel sad, I love to dress up properly and put a bright lipstick and heavy kajal . Then the second thing I do is, doing nailarts . I feel really relaxed whenever i saw my painted nails . I had never ever imagined that I will be a nailartist (though I am not a pro till now).  All and all the moral is, never ran behind (or blame anyone)  for your happiness, try to find that inside you..

Now come to the track.. Today I will share 5 easy designs nailarts for beginners which tutorials I have already shared on blog earlier.. I will give the links here for better understanding .  Let's move..

 1 - Swirl Patten Nailart :

This is a very easy and beautiful nailart pattern which needs only few minutes to create.  All you need a needle and two or three nail polish shades . I have created the pattern for Independence day .. Find the tutorial HERE .

2 - Raindrops on Nails :

This is another beautiful 3D nail design which needs no time to create. . Here you will need a nail polish shade for base colour and a dry, gooey transparent top coat for this awesome nailart. Find the tutorial HERE  .

3 - Dry Brush Nailart / Abstract Nailart : 

This is a no-tool nailart which is again very easy to create.  Here you will need a base colour polish and a contrast shade nail polish.  Are you eager to know how I create this design, then visit the link HERE .

4 - Colourful Nailart using Sponge :

I had done this design for Holi . Here you will need few colourful nail polishes and a facial sponge  .. It is a very random design which anyone can draw..  Have a look at the tutorial HERE  .

5 - Drag Marble Nailart  - 

This one is one of my fav nailart which is beautiful and very easy to create.  Here all you need a needle to drag and two shades nail polishes.  I have created this design for Valentine's Day.  Find the tutorial HERE  .

There are so many designs and patterns of nailarts on blog.. I have selected few basic designs only for you..  Hope you love these designs..

** This post is written as a part of the “Happiness blog train” presented by Blogsikka and Mom’s Methods and sponsored by “Nayasa”. Nayasa has come up with a new range of bottles. This range of bottles are insulated, they maintain the liquid’s temperature inside the bottle either hot or cold. The new designs are practical and aesthetic. From holding in palms to the cap, everything is designed carefully.

The next destination is Shreenithee's blog.
She is a Bangalore based blogger and started sharing her thoughts through her article, for enthusiasts who cherish safe skincare, healthy lifestyle,  appreciate nature, respect environment and are intrigued to know some science behind food.

That's all for today... See you in the next post, till then stay blessed. 💜



  1. Beautiful 💕 how neatly done :) loved it

  2. Wow Such A Unique & Creative One
    Nice To Read About Passionate

  3. I love the abstract nail art. It is rather most easy and you can do whatever you want :P

  4. Dear just superb!!!
    I want to get the nail art done. Can I get the appointment

  5. I always love your nail art DIY posts yaa. This is my favorite again. Swirl technique looks simple. #happinessblogtrain #blogtrain

  6. That nail drop pattern fascinated me the most. Will try doing it.

  7. Such beautiful kept nails, well would try it out for some special occassion.

  8. Everything still looks difficult to me. I will surely try one and two to start with.

  9. Oh wow! Those looks beautiful! How I wish I could do the same!!

  10. I loved that abstract nail art so much, thanks, I am in beginner category and would love to try them.

  11. These are such beautifully done nail arts.. I love the 3d one the most.

  12. i am not a nail art person, but these designs are so unique and pretty ! will try one soon.

  13. Omg all of them simply beautiful but my favourite is the Rain Drops effect

  14. These are really Easiest Nailart Designs for Beginners ! Thanks for sharing. Will share with my family and friends !

  15. I love the nail paint
    And i want you to make for me

  16. Wow Such A Unique & Creative nailart ...I wish I cud do
    Nice To Read ..

  17. I'm a big fan of your nailart. These designs are so easy to recreate

  18. You know, I am a fan of your nail arts and trust me you are a Pro :)..I dont know how could you manage your household work and your nails!! You are doing amazing job dear..Big hug for you :)#Happinessblogtrain

  19. Lovely and highly creative. Will try some on festive occasions.


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