Colourful Nailart Using Sponge - Happy HOLI

by - March 12, 2017

After a decade I am going to share any nailart...  These days I am hell lazy to do anything...  Finally brought out some time from my busy schedule (of these days ,my son is a big boy now and he keeps me busy all day long),  and draw this art for holi obviously...  Hope you all will like it...

HOLI is a festival of joy and colour but one should be very careful while playing...  I have shared few tips in my previous post... Read HERE...

Now come to the nailart tutorial...  Here I have taken white as base colour and have used few bright colours...  I have used a sponge for creating the design...  Below find the step by step pictures...

After cleaning the outer side, apply a top coat to lock the art...  And here is the final look....


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  1. Vowwww...lovely nail art...Would try something like this.. :) :)

  2. Lovely.. One of your best nail arts ..


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