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Revlon Mini Haul - Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation , Revlon So Fierce Mascara & Revlon Kohl

 Heya all,  After a really long time i am going to share a beauty haul with you all. Recently I hauled couple of makeup products from the brand Revlon.  I really love Revlon as a brand and my first ever lipstick was from Revlon only.  This time I have skipped lipsticks because I have already so many lipsticks. I thought to try out some new launches as well as other products, just to experience the quality. I got the best seller So Fierce Mascara , the new Colorstay Whipped Creme foundation and the kohl kajal. I got these products directly from brands website though you can get these from any other online shopping sites.  I am so excited for the whipped creme foundation because it sounds very new formulation and new concept to me. Let's first talk about this briefly and then will move on to the other two products. Revlon Whipped Cream Makeup Foundation  As the name said the consistency is like a whipped cream and the texture is very smooth and light.  There are 3 shades available a

Bella Voste Gel Eyeliner in shade 'Caramel Brown' | Review & Swatch

If you are into makeup and beauty thing, then Bella Voste is definitely not a new brand for you.. These  days this brand is on everyone's talk. They have amazing range of products, one should definitely check out their site.. I had received this gel eyeliner on my November Happy Hamper subscription box.  This is my very first product from brand Bella Voste.  Their lipstick range is also awesome.. I am yet to get my hands on those. So today I am going tell you about the gel eyeliner by Bella Voste in shade Caramel Brown. Brand Claims - Price - Rs 399/- for 1.2gm. Shelf life - 30 months from mfg. Available on Amazon  (non-affiliated) Ingredients - Yes, there is an ingredient list on the packaging itself... My Experience The Bella Voste gel eyeliner comes in a pencil form packaging with a cap.  I wish if it would come in a retractable pencil form.. There is no sharpener along with the pencil which is a drawback I can say.  The pencil again comes inside a

Elegant Party Nailart using Beautybigbang Laser Nail Vinyls

New Year (2018) is just three days away and everyone is in party mood . To add little charm to your party look, here is an easy yet elegant nailart for you..  Here I have created this beautiful nailart using beautybigbang laser nail vinyls .  It seems easy to create but not at all..  There are few small things which you have to keep in mind while using these nail vinyls. To be very honest, I tried 3-4 times and then got a perfect one... Actually it is the first time I am using nail vinyls but no worry, practice makes everything perfect.  So let's get into the tutorial, but before that few words about beautybigbang and these nail vinyls.. Beautybigbang is an international shopping website where you can find makeup and nail stuffs. They have such great collection of awesome quality products and the price is also affordable. These laser nail vinyls are of amazing quality.. There are 24 sheets in this combo and so many designs.. I will try each and every design from the

From Paris Box (December 2017) - New Subscription Box in town | My Experience

Heya... Today is Christmas... So Merry Christmas to all my readers...  Have a very funfull and happier day... A new subscription box in town and that's named as 'From Paris Box' . A week before I received my box and I have already shared the pictures of products on my instagram , you might have seen (if you are following me there). I was thinking to write a post on it but not able to because of so many reasons  but finally could.. I know it is a little late but better late than never.. And there are few more days left now and you can still order your box...  Well, let me first tell you what is this new subscription box about.. From Paris Box is a monthly subscription box which covers fashion accessories and lifestyle products.  Their stylists curated products from different destinations like Paris, London, Miami, Jaipur, etc..  There are really some amazing stuffs which make it a worth try box..  You can order your respective month subscription box from the sit

6 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

The time of the year is here, when Santa come to spread happiness through his gifts.. I don't know how much true it is but the believe is like that since long. Well, in short Christmas is here and in few more days the year will end and New Year will come. So everyone is in party mood, aren't you? Christmas is also known for spreading happiness through gifts.. Gifts for kids , gifts for friends, gifts for family members ,etc..  You can find  huge options of Christmas gifts on internet.. Sometimes these are too expensive which become little hard for pocket. If you are in such case of situation, then don't worry, we are here to guide you.. Today through this post, I am going share 6 inexpensive Christmas gift 🎁 ideas.. 1 - Homemade Cookies - Christmas is incomplete without cookies. So it's a good idea to make cookies at home instead of buying from market (which are way too expensive) and pack in jars or plastic pouches and decorate with colourful ribbons.. The

Christmas NailArt design using Beautybigbang Stamping Plate and Scraper

Christmas is round the corner and New Year as well.  This time of the year is well known for party time. People around the world is super excited to celebrate Christmas in various fun way.. Everyone is busy in decorating Christmas tree 🎄, making delicious cookies ,decorating house, arranging gifts, etc.. There is also a Christmas party in my house, you all are invited too.. This time is the happiest times of year.. So to cherish the moments, I have drawn a very pretty Christmas nail art. Here I have used the Beautybigbang stamping plate and scraper.. If you are new to here, then let me tell you that, beautybigbang is an international shopping website where you will find makeup and nail stuffs at reasonable price.. I have already shared so many products of beautybigbang here.. As Christmas is around I got a Xmas stamping plate which has snowfall, snowman, deer, bell, Santa, etc.. The plate is of very good quality.  And along with the plate I got a scraper and stamper

What is Probiotics ? Their benefits for our body.. | Zenith Nutrition Probiotic Fiber Capsules

There is a misconception in our mind that, bacteria are really bad and causes diseases. But this information is completely wrong. There are some good bacteria also exit which are good for our health. These good bacteria are mostly found in dairy products and dietary supplements . Probiotics are such type of good bacteria which is really helpful for our body... Want to know more regarding probiotics, then read below.. What is Probiotics ? Probiotics are live micro-organisms which are good for our health and specially for the digestive system. These are also called good bacteria as these keeps our guts clean. If you wonder how these works then let me tell you, after you having  the probiotics (good bacteria)  ,they replace the bad bacteria  and balance the equation of good and bad bacteria in our body.  It also improves our digestive system. From research some more benefits of having probiotics are also found .. ◾ Prevent from diarrhea ◾ Prevents from urinary track i

Zenith Nutrition Hair Fab Dietary Supplement - Review

Heyaaaa, How was your weekend ? Mine was full of fun, shopping, etc... Now back to work.. Today I am going to share my opinion on Zenith Nutrition hair fab dietary supplements .. Hair is the most precious thing for any girl, isn't it ? Every girl love to have waist length, dense, beautiful, bouncy hair but It is a dream these days and all thanks to pollution, hard water and irregular lifestyle. During my school days I have thick, curly (more towards wavy)  hair but now I have lost almost all of my hair.. I tried so many things but nothing helped..  After loads of stress, now I have stopped thinking about new hair growth. I have stopped  my search at zenith nutrition hair fab supplements only . I have already read so many good opinions on it, let's see how it is working on me.. I am having these hair supplements since more than two weeks now.. PRICE - Rs 1920/- for 60 capsules It is available on Amazon . The ingredients list looks so long, but dude, good