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Why Popilush shapewear collection should be a part of your wordrobe ?

 Whenever I think about body-friendly, comfortable shapewear, the  Popilush brand comes to my mind.  There are thousands of varieties of shapewear available in different designs and body types.  Why Popilush shapewear collection should be a part of your wordrobe ? Shapewear is not to flatten your flaws and make you look seamless. Shapewear is for adding a dimension to your curves and accentuating those beautifully. One feels more confident and empowered with the shapewear on. And that's the main motto behind Popilush. To make every woman confident about their body is important and Popilush completely believes in this statement. Popilush Shapewear dresses are a must-try. Those made with high-quality fabric and in different shapes and sizes. There are Full sleeves long shapewear dresses and also strapless minis. One can find one kind of shapewear dress according to the requirements.  If you wonder, why a shapewear dress !! To build inner confidence, creating a self-love atmosphere

Why do Guys like Women with Long Hair

It really isn’t any wonder that guys like women with long hair. The preference can be traced back to the long hairstyles worn by pinup models. Images of these glamour models were mass produced to society. During this period, it finally became fashionable for women to show off their tresses. Brigitte Bardot, Bettie Page and Rita Hayworth were some of the more famous actresses to start showing off longer hair. Guys Love Long Hair : Guys like women with long  hair extensions because the hairstyle is extremely attractive to us. To be blunt-we find super long hair sexy. Maybe the long curls or bouncy waves trigger a certain positive reaction. It’s been scientifically proven that men are primarily visual creatures. This means our brains make quick judgments on what looks attractive within a split second. I can’t speak for all males, but I am willing to wager that most men prefer girls with long hair. “I like long hair because she looks like a model.” explains one of my male friend

Precautions to take during menopause

Menopause is known as the natural process of aging. It is this time where the woman’s progesterone and estrogen level start decreasing. Menopause means the end of menstrual periods in a woman’s lifespan. When a woman does not experience 12 successive monthly periods, it is called as menopause. The normal age for menopause is 51. It signifies many different changes in your body. Have a look at the precautions, which you need to take care during your menopause.. 🔸Protect your hair with a healthy diet- Losing hair can emotionally drain down a woman, that too when she isn’t prepared for uncertain changes. It is said that hair loss can be one of the symptoms of menopause. So, protect your hair loss during menopause with the help of a healthy diet. Increase your intake of vitamin B, C, protein and iron. Prevent hair breakage by not pulling neither twisting them. 🔸Take care of your bones - Your bones will start breaking down and it’s a common thing. So, start taking diet w

Losing Your Belly without Losing Your Head

If you can carry out point 7, everything will go well. That's it; it's already happened. Summer comes back another year and you with the damn complexes for not having gotten a flat belly. Well, although we do not like complexes, the truth is that it is normal to want to improve our anatomy and see the best version of ourselves when we look in the mirror. That is why if you have proposed to lose belly in record time, we recommend following these eight tips to get a flat stomach healthily and definitively. As I read in the Venus factor , do not look for miracles, this will require a little commitment on your part ... Here we go! 1. Long Live Diuretics - If you notice the swollen belly continuously, you are likely to suffer fluid retention. This also manifests itself in other areas of the body, such as the legs, but sometimes it is accentuated in the area of ​​the belly, where the discomfort and heaviness we feel is greater. To reduce fluid retention, food will be

Which human hair wig styles are popular for black women?

Most black women are born with natural thick beautiful hair texture which requires a lot of attention. As a black woman you know coconut oil and heat is your friend if you want to keep that thick beauty under control and truthfully it is not every day you are in the mood to give your hair that tender love and care it needs. Some days you just want to achieve a great look in minutes, this is why the human hair wigs market is becoming very popular. Human hair wigs were introduced into the market some few years ago and since then can be found in the homes of most black women. While the black thick hair is very beautiful, sometimes you just want a different look for the day and these human hair wigs can act as a protective shield for your black hair from chemicals and direct sunlight. There are so many types of human hair wigs ranging from   human hair full lace wigs   to half wigs and all these wigs are ideal for the average black woman. Here are some human hair wigs styles p

Buying Cardigans during Summer , am I going crazy !!!

Heya girls, you might be thinking I have become mad by seeing the heading of the post. But it is true that I am looking for good design cardigans for myself. Again you might be thinking, it is super hot outside and why I am searching for cardigan  ?? Wait wait, I am clearing all confusions here. Actually I am going for a holiday next month and the weather is really cold there , hence I need few designer cardigans to flaunt myself. Here in India it is a little difficult to find out cardigans during summer , so I choose to buy online.  While searching on Google, I found one new online shopping site which has awesome range of  cardigans and the designs are also very unique.  You can check ( HERE ). ( Dresslily ) is an international shopping website which has latest trend fashionable men and women . The price range is also affordable.  You can find trendy women /men cloths , jewellery ,bags , wigs, lingerie , shoes ,etc..  There is also a section for plus size girls whi

Never Go Out-of-trend with Tartan Pattern Cloths

Tartan  is an old pattern on cloths which is still in trend and so much in fashion. Like we said old is gold, there are so many designs and patterns came and went but tartan pattern is always makes a style statement.  This amazing pattern is also named as plaid design and checker design in some countries. This is different kind of tartan patterns Tartan is basically a criss-cross or zig-zag pattern in different colours which discovered from Scotland a decade ago. Later on it became popular and spread to other countries as well. You can find these checker pattern in winter cloths mostly but now these are available in other cloths and in printed version as well. In this way we can carry this awesome design in all season, isn't it great ? There are wide range of cloths, accessories available in tartan pattern. ( see more details here  ) I have a soft corner for tartan pattern  fabrics and these days it has increased more.  You can find so many of this design in my

Summer, Fashion and Jumpsuits ...

Summer is in full swing and I found my  love towards jumpsuits in between.  Earlier I was not much fond of this one piece cloths but later I found those very comfortable to carry and love wearing jumpsuits in this hot summer specially.. It can bring a nice style statement and will compliment your personality perfectly.  Jumpsuits can be worn on casual way as well as partywear way .. No matter what size your body is, one can carry jumpsuit as a fashion statement. Buy this from (  HERE  ) Jumpsuit or Romper is an one piece garment with sleeves and legs.  Actually rompers are the short version of jumpsuits . Jumpsuits are hassle-free to wear and so breathable and comfortable on skin and during summer our skin needs exactly something like this, right . Not only in summer, these look so fashionable in all seasons . There are wide varieties of jumpsuits available . Off-shoulder jumpsuit, cold-shoulders jumpsuit, strapless jumpsuit, layered jumpsuit, wide leg jumpsuit,  pants

MyGlamm Long Lasting Nail Enamel Duo - Review

Heya girlzzz,  weekend is almost here and my holiday is about to over.  Well, today I am going to review MyGlamm long lasting nail enamel duo which I had received in April month Vanitycask Box . I wanted to get my hands on these nail polishes and luckily I got this one.  I love the packaging so much.. Let's get into the review.. Price - Rs390/-  Available on  Packaging - I love the unique packaging of these, looks really classy and luxurious. There are two polishes in a set. The applicator is of really good quality and perfect to apply. My Experience - The two shades are very beautiful and well pigmented.  I need only two coats to get an opaque coverage . The nude shade is really pretty and a perfect nude shade.  I like the coral shade as well . It stays around 5-6days on my nails without cheaping . Though these are the prettiest nail polish shades, but I found these pricey according to the quantity provided. There are so many beautiful shades to try

Meet Jess…A Story of an Overprotective Mom

Parents are funny. Some of them are very lax in their parenting styles. But then, there are those that are considered helicopter parents, or as we used to call them overprotective parents.  These are the ones that will not let their children out of their site for the foreseeable future and if they could carry them forever they would. Let’s introduce Jess. She is one of those parents. First time mom, 30 years old, and working as a stay at home parent while her husband works long hours. She has all the time in the world to be with her little one Jack. But she doesn’t let him out of her sight. When pregnant she read what seemed to be every single parenting book out there, perused all the parenting websites about keeping the baby healthy, new techniques, safety and hidden dangers for children, and cooking her own baby food (of course organic). Jess can be considered an overprotective parent for a few reasons.  Jack is three years old and a rambunctious one at that, fully immersed i

Flower Stamping Nailart tutorial | Ft. Beautybigbang (video inside)

Today I am going share a nailart tutorial using stamping plate.  Here I have a set of five stamping plates from Beautybigbang . There are beautiful flower designs all over and the plates are of awesome quality.  I love each plates  . So I have try to create a party nailart using this flower stamping plate.  Before stepping into the tutorial have a look at the plates and designs over these.. Price - 12.99$ Buy from HERE If you are new here, then here I am sharing a brief description on beautybigbang website. This is an international website which has wide range of makeup and nail products. There are easy payment method and it takes around 2-3weeks to reach to you. To get extra 10% off use coupon code SNIG10 across the site. To store my stamping plates I use the holographic stamping plate organizer which is again from beautybigbang. I have share a detailed review video on my YouTube.. Please check out HERE . Let's move towards the tutorial. Here I h

Importance of Wearing a Post-partum Girdle After Giving Birth

Giving birth a new life is like a blessing but along with that there are loads of changes happen in the woman's life. Change in body shape is one of them and we can't do exercises or diet immediate after giving birth,but everyone wants to fit into their old cloths as soon as possible.  The big fat loose tummy might take the confidence away sometimes and we can't deal with this for longer time.  In this case a post-partum girdle works wonder. But there are so many miss-conceptions with that.  Sometimes doctors (few) won't allow and sometimes family members and relatives.  During my post-pregnancy time, my doctor leaves everything on me and my family said a strict no ,I don't know why.  In the family member's opinion, with the regular usage of post-partum girdle / corset ,I will develop back pain gradually (which is baseless obviously) and that time I was very new to all these and obeyed to their words . But now I can realise that I have done a big mistake by

The Nature's Co. Cool Cucumber Face Wash Review

Hii everyone, how was your weekend?  These days I am not very much regular in blog and that's because of my holiday and the second thing is I have started my YouTube channel recently and I have to focus a bit towards the channel as well. So today I am going to review The Nature's Co. cool cucumber face wash . I have received this sample size product in my April Vanitycask Box . These days I am loving this travel size face wash.  Let's get into the review in detail.  Product Claims -  The cooling & cleansing property of cucumber extract helps the skin making it soft and supple. Its refreshing and astringent action makes it good for oily skin. Willow tree extract contains beta hydroxy acid , which gently exfoliates the skin and the antimicrobial property prevents the formation of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. Price - Rs695/- for 125ml. ( mine is 25ml. sample size) Ingredients - Cucumber extract , Willow tree extract , Aloevera extract, veget