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I Choose Cuddables Water Baby Wipes for my Baby

Baby's skin is very delicate and soft, hence we need to choose the right products for babies to maintain that softness and to balance the natural pH level of the skin. When I became a new mom, I searched a lot to provide my son with the best from skincare to clothes to his wipes. For wipes, initially, I was very confused because there are tons of brands available in the market and it was very hard to choose the best one. Then after a lot of research, I settle down in Cuddables Water Baby Wipes .   I Choose Cuddables Water Baby Wipes for my Baby Cuddables wipes are PH Balanced and cotton-y soft. The best part is, these wipes are fragrance-free, chemical-free, and also biodegradable. There are no toxic ingredients such as SLS, parabens, or alcohol present in these wipes. These are dermatologically tested. These wipes are not harsh on the baby's skin and are clean thoroughly. Why Choose Cuddables Water Baby Wipes Fragrance-Free According to pediatrics, baby wipes shouldn't b

The Modern Churails on ZEE5 - Review of a new Web series

Everyone has ups and downs in life but it is important to lash back and to take revenge also. We always talk about Women Empowerment but sometimes it is needed to stand with it also. And this aspect has been portrayed in a very interesting way in the latest series on ZEE5,   Churail  . Churail is a Zindagi Original web series exclusively on ZEE5. I am always so excited for any new web series on ZEE5 because all shows on ZEE5 are so unique in terms of a storyline, cast and full-on entertainment. The show Churail has 10 episodes in total. I started watching this new series on the first day of its launch. So here I am going to share my opinion on this series and a brief review for all of you.  image source - ZEE5.Com Show:  Churails Genre:  Thriller Cast:  Sarwat Gilani, Mehar Bano, Nimra Bucha and Yasra Rizvi Director:  Asim Abbasi Plot

Top 10 Baby Massage Oil Brands Available in India

Massaging a baby is a tradition that has been following for a decade now. Even doctors also advise giving a nice massage to the newborns. Massaging not only relaxes the baby but at the same time improves in gaining weight, improving blood circulation, etc.  Top 10 Baby Massage Oil Brands Available in India During our grandma's time, they were applying homemade pure oil and some were also applying ghee. But now the time has changed, so many kinds of baby massage oil available from different brands. There are herbal ingredients diffused oil as well as mineral oil-based massage oil available. Both kinds of oil are good but I prefer herbal /natural ingredients based oil from my baby. Again you can choose according to the baby's skin. Baby's have the most delicate and sensitive skin, hence one should keep an eye on while applying any oil to the baby whether the baby is allergic or not.  There are so many benefits of messaging a baby. 1. Regular oil massaging makes the muscles an

10 Made-in-india beauty and makeup brands (Part - 1)

Indian cosmetics industry is growing day by day and so many new brands are coming our way. If we look back , there were not many options in Indian market in 10years ago . And by following the typical human nature , we believe if the product is from any international brand and with a higher price tag ,the product must be very good for our skin . We need to change this mentality first and we should go with our skin's needs .  There are Indian brands who are globally recognised for their good quality products . Now with the ongoing campaign #VocalforLocal and #AtmanirbharBharat ,we should encourage our own manufacturers and our own made in India products. Here I am going to compile some Indian Brands who have created a special place in their customers' hearts .  1.  Lakme -  Lakme needs no introduction as it is one of the top most makeup brands and globally recognised. You will find products from makeup to skincare to nails in