Friday, 19 April 2019

Doing all household chores is not only the mom's job. Everyone in the house should involve in it. We do talk about gender equality very often but need to start that from our home itself, isn't it? Doing laundry is not a shame for the boys or the husband. We need to teach our kids to help each other in doing works, in this way the bond will be strong and relationship too.

#ShareTheLoad - an initiative by Ariel India

Recently I came across a wonderful initiative by Ariel, #ShareTheLoad which tell us that everyone in the house should involve in doing the laundry which I appreciate. Let me tell you about my house's story. I do involve my 5 year old son in doing the household chores whenever he is around me and by now he has started enjoying it. In the same way, my husband also does the cooking somedays. We do dusting the house together, we do the laundry together, like this. In my house, it is a very normal scene to work together everything. But I feel disturbed by seeing that, people still think doing household works together is not right and it's only the women's job. I completely admire that Ariel India came up with such an amazing initiative, hope this will open the eyes of the people. 

#ShareTheLoad - an initiative by Ariel India

Well, I have received this #HamperofEquality box from Ariel as a part of the #SharetheLoad campaign. I love how beautifully and thoughtfully they have curated the box. There is an item for each person in the house and this is to make them understand the concept of sharing the load and to do the household chores together.

#ShareTheLoad - an initiative by Ariel India

#ShareTheLoad - an initiative by Ariel India

I really love the video shared by Ariel India for the campaign #sharetheload which clearly tells what actually needed to be done. Everyone should watch this....

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Saturday, 13 April 2019

It's been a month now....

It's been a month now to my delivery . A little soul is in my house who wants all the attentions and time these days.  Well, it was my second pregnancy and of course the second baby.  To be very honest, it is not easy at all to manage two kids, specially when you are away from home and staying alone with husband.  The last 30 days were not the great ones but a rollercoaster life kind. The day was beautiful when the baby came but after that life became different which is very obvious .  Now after 30days everything seems settle down and we have started to schedule our new routine .

When the new baby come, it is very necessary to handle the elder one as they do feel jealous.  That's what happened to my elder son.  He behaved very weirdly and all my time went by making him understand that how important and precious he is for us and we are not ignoring him.  Trust me it is really tough situation for a mother . Besides that I was in depression for few days and all credits goes to the lactation issue, health and weird rituals of house.  I must say, breast feeding is not an easy task as it looks.  Both the time ,I faced the same issue but luckily now everything is normal and I am breast feeding my little one.

The sleepless nights are still on and it will be for few more months . Sometimes I feel exhausted but when I see the little one's face, I forget all my issues.  I know it is gonna be more tough for me in the coming months but I am all ready to face it and will enjoy every bit of it.

Well,  do wish my little one for his first month birthday and do bless my two munchkins.

I am thanking God for giving me immense pleasure by sending my son..  Stay healthy and strong always, that's what I want to ask more from God.  Happy one month birthday baby.  Loads of love.. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Friday, 12 April 2019

How To Keep Your Newborn’s Skin Super Hydrated This Summer

Just as the winter season can be harsh on a newborn’s skin, so can the summer season. The dryness of the air is rather unforgiving on a baby’s delicate skin and can rob it off all its moisture, leaving it parched and dry. Since the summer season has already begun, I’ve been noticing my baby girl’s soft
skin losing its smoothness and feeling rougher than ever, especially in the high-stress areas like elbows and knees.

My regular lotion didn’t help combat the problem, which left me in a fix as I didn’t have the time to resort to home remedies and needed something quickly. Something that was intensely moisturizing without being too strong on my baby’s elbows and knees. So I put my research cap on and got to work to find out ingredients that a baby cream should have in order to be moisturizing and safe for use on such areas.

In my hours of research, I found something really interesting. I discovered that it’s not just the ingredients that make a difference in the suitability and safety of baby cream. The pH level of the product matters just as much. Probably even more as products with the wrong pH level can have a damaging effect on a baby’s tender skin.

Now you might wonder why is pH level important? I wondered the same and dug deeper into the skin’s pH level to find out why. I learned that the pH level of the skin can be defined as its acidity or alkalinity, which ranges from a level 0 to 14. Levels 0 to 7 indicate acidity, while 8 to 14 denote
alkalinity. 7 is considered to be a neutral pH (1).

pH neutral products are quite common and branded as gentle so I thought that’s what I needed in my daughter’s baby cream. But I found out that neutral pH is actually not good for my daughter’s skin, or any baby’s for that matter. The baby's skin’s ideal pH level is 5.5, which is what keeps the
skin healthy, radiant and protected from infections (2). A neutral pH product or that with a lower or higher pH level than 5.5 can disrupt skin health. And that’s definitely something I didn’t want my princess’ delicate and dry skin to go through. Especially in this harsh summer season.

So after trying many baby creams, I settled for the Baby Sebamed Cream Extra Soft. I had been meaning to try out the baby care range of this German brand for a while as its products have been developed by dermatologists. And they also have the ideal pH level of 5.5.

How To Keep Your Newborn’s Skin Super Hydrated This Summer

If you ask me about my experience with the Baby Sebamed Cream Extra Soft, it has been a positive one so far. I’m into a month of using this cream on my baby’s elbows and knees and a very little
quantity of the tube has depleted so far. In my opinion, that’s awesome as this cream is a little expensive – Rs. 637/- for a 200ml tube!

The Baby Sebamed Cream Extra Soft has a very thick consistency so I have to be careful of not applying too much as it can get greasy. A small quantity, however, suffices and moisturizes my baby’s skin really well! There have been no instances of dryness or even rashes for that matter since
I started using this cream. And my baby’s knees and elbows seem to be retaining its smoothness and glow! This makes me believe that the Baby Sebamed Extra Soft cream might also be quite suitable
for babies when they start crawling.

Overall, I really like the Baby Sebamed Cream Extra soft and its mild aroma. I’ll continue using it and would suggest other mommies try it out too on their babies. I hope this article helped you learn a
thing or two about hydrating your baby’s elbows and knees this summer season!

Xoxo... ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Baby Colic : What it is ? How to sooth down a colicky baby?

A mother can't see her baby in trouble. When the baby cry restlessly ,the parents also become restless to find out the reason.  During the early stages (from few days to born to 3-4 months old ) babies do fall sick very often.  Colic is one of the very common issue in new born babies or small babies.  If you wonder, what is a colicky baby then let me tell you it is nothing but a disturbed stomach of baby. Gas, indigestion cause colic in babies and it starts after 2-3weeks of the baby born.

Gas, upset stomach can make the baby cranky and cry.  When the baby is crying for a longer duration and parents not able to calm the baby down after so much effort, then colic might be there . There are few things to remember to sooth down a colicky baby . Here I am going to list down 6 ways which I find useful for myself.

1. Warm Bath - A nice warm bath is great for babies to relax their body and relieve stress . Their mind get diverted in this way and the baby become less cranky.

2. Oil massage - Oil massage is very necessary for babies. It soothes their muscles and relax their body and also helps in digestion.  Along with oil massage, knee pushing exercise is also beneficial in digestion .

3. Burping the baby - Burping your baby after each feed is really necessary to release the gas from stomach.  For burping, hold your baby against your shoulder and tap his back gently.

4. Longer feed from each breast - Always make sure to feed your baby longer duration from each breast.  The hind milk which comes after sometime from breast is more nutritious than the foremilk comes immediately from breast after sucking. The hind milk has more fat which helps in proper digestion. Hence continues alternation between the breasts might cause colic and longer switch between each breast can avoid colic issue.

5. Closeness with the baby - Always try to maintain bodily contact with your baby. This will make the baby feel more secure and less cry.  Wear babycarrier to carry your baby and co-sleep is another idea.

6. Let the baby suck - Allow the baby suck fingers, this will ensure good digestion too.

Mothersparsh Ayurvedic Tummy Roll-on :

Baby Colic : What it is ? How to sooth down a colicky baby?

There are also home remedies to cure colic in baby.  You can use asafoetida ,basil, etc to cure colic issue.  Recently our very own brand mothersparsh has launched 100% Ayurvedic tummy roll on . This has completely natural ingredients, no chemicals and alcohol . It is so skin friendly and can opted for tiny babies too.

Baby Colic : What it is ? How to sooth down a colicky baby?

This cute little tummy roll on is a blend of 5 types of oils which are very well-known to cure colic issue in babies.  It has hing oil, pudina oil, sonth oil,  sova oil ,saunf oil. Hing oil's antibacterial property helps to treat abdominal colic, gas, flatulence & indigestion. It also cures abdominal pain, constipation & upset stomach in babies.

This priced Rs249/- and available on amazon HERE

Baby Colic : What it is ? How to sooth down a colicky baby?

There is also an infant care kit available in which you are getting two of their best seller water wet wipes packets and one ayurvedic tummy roll-on.  I think this kit is a must needed it you are a recent new mom or going to be mom..  I too use the same for my new born  baby.

For more info, do check out Mothersparsh website HERE..

Baby Colic : What it is ? How to sooth down a colicky baby?

Here I am penning down and hope you found this post helpful.  See you in the next post..


Thursday, 28 March 2019

Heya guys..  After a short gap I am back again to my blogging space. Feeling great really.  Well,  Spring season is here but we have started the  feel  of Summer too. You might have packed your winter cloths and stored inside the cupboard and bring out the colourful summer cloths already, am I right ?

My Li'l Champ is Styling Cherrycrumble California Spring-Summer Collection  ..

So here again I am going to feature Cherrycrumble California's Spring-Summer collection which has some of the amazing, vibrant, bright outfits for kids.  Earlier also I had shared their winter collection HERE . Like the winter collection, the summer collection is also eye catching.  First I will definitely say, the quality of Cherrycrumble's outfit's material is superb.  There is nothing to count as concern. Material, design, comfortness, quality, everything is up-to the mark. You can buy cherrycrumble outfits from online portals like  Firstcry,  Amazon , flipkart, etc.

My Li'l Champ is Styling Cherrycrumble California Spring-Summer Collection  ..

I have received two outfits for my son and see how are those. .

First, let's talk about the blue T-shirt.  The material of the T-shirt is perfect and very much comfortable for kid's body.  Though it's a really dark shade T-shirt but it doesn't bleed at all while washing. It is in pure cotton material. It looks stylish and summer appropriate which I love more.

My Li'l Champ is Styling Cherrycrumble California Spring-Summer Collection  ..

My Li'l Champ is Styling Cherrycrumble California Spring-Summer Collection  ..

My Li'l Champ is Styling Cherrycrumble California Spring-Summer Collection  ..

Secondly the bright yellow checker shirt is again equally beautiful.  Here also the material ,comfortness and fitting is just perfect.  The material is cotton and do breathable on skin. The bright lemon-y yellow shade is just perfect for hot summer.

My Li'l Champ is Styling Cherrycrumble California Spring-Summer Collection  ..

My Li'l Champ is Styling Cherrycrumble California Spring-Summer Collection  ..

My Li'l Champ is Styling Cherrycrumble California Spring-Summer Collection  ..

Overall my shopping experience was really nice . You can check out the whole spring -summer collection HERE.

See you in the next post..  Xoxo..

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

The finest place to browse for style ideas is Hollywood and its red carpets when it comes to looking picture-perfect for a special occasion. No unwanted wrinkles, bra straps, or panty lines are ever seen at a red-carpet event.

Image source - Unsplash

Let's talk about celebrity style hacks on the red carpet that you can use as inspiration for senior prom or other huge formal occasions:

1. Stay crease-free :

Ever been curious how stars manage to keep their gowns wrinkle-free, from the minute they get out of their limousines, on to the red carpet, and for the remainder of the occasion? According to a celebrity stylist, in order to maintain an un-crumpled and smooth gown, a person's posture is necessary. For instance, to avoid the hip crease that you get when sitting, it is advised if you lean back as much as possible and make sure to smooth the gown first when sitting down.

You can also go see some prom dresses 2019 and check out styles, especially ones that are not as challenging to keep wrinkle-free. You can likewise pick materials like neoprene, which are wrinkle-resistant, or go for the already crinkled appearance of crepe.

2. Prevent noticeable panty lines :

Visible panty lines can be big turn-offs. So, how do celebs and their stylists hack this dilemma? Aside from the development of seamless underwear, some designers, when possible, will stitch the underwear to the dress to ensure a flawless appearance. By customizing these garments, stars manage to dodge unappealing panty lines while also making sure that the undergarments do not move around.

Image source - Pexels

Still remember Angelina Jolie's thigh-high slit at the 84th Academy Awards in 2012? Thanks to her design group who discovered stick-on strapless G-strings, we remember her perfect leg and not a malicious preview of her privates. Particularly, they credit Shibue Couture for completely eliminating the problem of unpleasant panty lines. You can actually create your own sticky seamless underwear using some Topstick adhesives if you're crafty.

3. Show cleavage with appropriate protection :

Lots of stunning senior prom dresses come with plunging (and sometimes, even navel-grazing) neck lines. If you wish to wear one of these, you 'd like the hacks presented by some stylists for celebrities. Not only does this offer enough coverage but it also assists in having the illusion of a cleavage. So, what's the trick? According to design specialists, you can make use of silicone covers and enhancers, breast lifts, and even daily adhesives like Band-Aids and Scotch tape. Surgical and medical tape have also been valuable, with Kristen Bell crediting them for her non-surgical "nip lift."

Some stylists will also make use of deconstructed strapless bras taped on the dress at different angles to accomplish the preferred result.

4. Improve your posture and your shape :

If you want to have the illusion of an hourglass shape, make use of a waist cincher (which is also great for your posture) or pick a gown style that works toward the desired figure. You can likewise have a shapely look with the aid of strategically-placed hip pads, shoulder pads, butt pads, and bodysuits.

5. Wear heels like a royal :

A royal protocol for women is to wear pantyhose, so if you need to, you can follow Kate Middleton's fashion hack of utilising silicone pads that stick to the inside of her high heels. For added convenience, she likewise uses leather insoles that offer extra cushion to her shoe.

Image source - pixabay 

Likewise, a no-nonsense style hack among celebrities and royals is going a size up, and even 2, with the shoes to prevent blisters.

And, if you would like to give your heels an extra grip to avoid slips and dance floor emergency situations, use sandpaper on the bottoms of your high heels.

Hope you found this post helpful. Share your thought in comments below. See you in the next post, till then stay beautiful..


Monday, 4 March 2019

During pregnancy one of the main concern  is getting a proper and comfortable  sleeping position.  We normally love the back or stomach sleeping postion and it is really comfortable too.  But during pregnancy we can't sleep in those positions, it might be harmful for the baby inside the womb.  To be very honest, I am still struggling to get a proper sleep during night (I am on my third trimester currently ).  And I know it is not gonna possible in any way now.  But we can take few precautions to make the sleep pattern comfortable and that's the topic of today.

Choose Right Sleeping Position during Pregnancy..

Types of sleeping patterns and it's bad and good effect on body during pregnancy :

* Sleep on your back -  It is advisable by the doctor to not sleep on your back during the time period of pregnancy . When we sleep on our back ,it puts pressure on the growing uterus which compress the main artery and other blood vessels.  Because of this the blood and nutrition supply to the baby will not be sufficient. Along with that you might face indigestion issue, constipation, low blood pressure, laziness, etc.  So do avoid sleeping on your back during pregnancy.

* Sleep on stomach - I love sleeping on my stomach down but unfortunately we can't sleep like this during pregnancy.  It is very clear that, when you are sleeping on your stomach, it will put pressure on the baby directly which is not good at all.

* Sleep on left / right side -  Sleeping on sides is the safest way of sleeping during pregnancy.  Moreover sleeping on left is more beneficial for the baby and the body  than sleeping on right side. It allows maximum blood flows to the placenta and nutrition to the baby.  It doesn't put pressure on the kidney. You also don't face any kind of swelling on feet, ankle, etc.

Choose Right Sleeping Position during Pregnancy..

To get a comfortable sleep, the only way is to put pillows to support your back, under your belly, under your feet.  Using loads of pillows make your body comfortable . You can use special kind of pillows which are meant only for pregnant women . Sometimes we sleep and not able to carry the same sleeping pattern whole night.  In case you find yourself sleeping on your back, then no need to feel guilty , just change your sleeping pattern and sleep again.

Note : These are the information which I am sharing on my own experience and also according to my gynecologist's advice.  Do refer your gynecologist before adopting anything to get a smooth pregnancy...

Hope you found this post helpful . See you in the next post with another exciting topic.. Till then stay beautiful.


Saturday, 2 March 2019

Ghost series or movies are so much fun to watch, at least for me. I love the curiosity and the whole feeling of 'what is going to happen next' that you get while watching any ghost related content, be it a series or movies. Of late, I got hooked to this new horror web series, Parchayee on ZEE5. If you are not aware as to what Parchayee is then let me tell you that Parchayee is a ghost series which airs on ZEE5 currently. The ghost stories featured in the show are penned down by Ruskin Bond. My love for the concept of ghost and spirits have pushed me to watch Parchayee right away.

Parchayee Episode 4 'Wilson's Bridge'

The first 3 episodes (The Ghost in the garden, The wind on the haunted hill and The overcoat) were live and ready for me to watch when I visited ZEE5. Each episode had different a storyline which will make you get more into the web series. Just when I was done watching all the three episodes, I was hit by the ZEE5 app notification. Yup, Parchayee episode 4 got premiered on ZEE5 on February 26th, and without any second thoughts, I straight jump into it. So, here is my review of the latest Parchayee Episode 4.

Before I get started with how I felt about the episode, Let me shed some light on the storyline. The narrative revolves around 5 friends who travel to this small village (a hill-station kind area) in Uttarakhand for holidays but little did they know that the place is haunted by a girl. Legend has it that
150 years ago there was a British army officer named Wilson who had visited this village and fell in love with a pahadi girl named Gulabi. Few days after their wedding, Gulabi killed her husband Wilson and jumped into the river from the same Wilson's bridge. This leaves the entire village in shock. From that day on people started seeing her parchhayee (shadow). Some people have also seen her ghost in that village, inside that house where she used to stay with Wilson. What made Gulabi do all that? is a mystery that these friends try to solve.

Believe me, I have tried my best not to reveal any spoilers here, you need to watch this terrific ghost story to know what is going to happen next. I have to give it to the director for making the entire episode an intriguing one. He made sure that the episode is infused with some thrilling elements, giving everything that a horror fan can ask for. Even the cast and crew have done more than a commendable job. I, personally, liked the way Chandan Roy Sanyal is portraying his character and along with Priyanka Bose. In fact, every actor and actress has tried to portray their role so beautifully that you would be able to connect to the characters even more.

But for me, the most important aspect is the music. I mean, a horror or a thriller series can never become an immersive one without good BGM. That is what will send the shivers down your spine. And Parchayee episode 4 got some good music that makes the watch a memorable one. With good production value and storyline better than most movies, Parchayee once again gave me a perfect horror experience.

There we go! The star cast, the location, the story, the direction, the editing, everything is just so amazing to create that excitement of 'what is going to be next' in our mind. I might even give it some extra point for showing the north side of our country so beautifully. Ruskin Bond's all ghost stories are always full of excitement and entertainment. You shouldn't miss out to watch the episode. It gets a thumbs up from my end and would definitely recommend to anyone who has anything to do for the


Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Heya girls..  How are you all ? After a long time (I guess) I am doing any skincare product review.  That's because I am very particular about my skincare products and don't change them very frequently. If any skincare product suits my skin type, then I do continue using that for a really longer time till I get bored of that.

Plum Chamomile & White Tea Calming Anti-oxidant Toner Review

So recently I have started loving Plum goodness skincare products so much and already using a few.  Will review those one by one. . Plum products have natural ingredients and all vegan which attracts me more towards the brand.  Well, today I am going to write my opinion on Plum Chamomile & White Tea Calming Anti-oxidant Toner which I am using since more than two months now.

Little about the product :

Plum Chamomile & White Tea Calming Anti-oxidant Toner Review

What I love about this :

  • Alcohol free toner ,very gentle on skin for everyday use. 
  • Has vitamin B3 which maintain skin tone 
  • Enrich with soothing and calming plant ingredients like chamomile, green tea,  rooibos leaf,  white tea and olive leaf extracts .
  • White tea,  olive leaf and ginkgo biloba has antioxidant properties which helps skin to fight against free radicals. 
  • Soothes and calms down skin by giving an instant cooling effect. 
  • Paraben-free,  phthalate free, SLS free 
  • Convenient packaging 
  • Pricing is good 
  • A little goes a long way

Price - Rs 390/- for 200ml.
Shelf life - 2years from mfg. 

Availability - Available on Nykaa. 

Ingredients - 

Plum Chamomile & White Tea Calming Anti-oxidant Toner Review

My experience -

I have bought this in the first week of December and continuously using after that.  It has been almost 3months now and I haven't faced any kind of skin irritation or issues with this toner.  This toner is for normal to combination skin type.  In winter my skin becomes normal to dry type but  this toner went really well with my slightly dry skin type.  It is all vegan and has awesome plant based ingredients which gives a nice soothing and calming effect to my skin.  

Plum Chamomile & White Tea Calming Anti-oxidant Toner Review

I do apply it after my shower / after washing my face with cleanser and it gives a nice cooling effect instantly which fades away after few seconds only.  It has very nice herbal kind fragrance which is so mild.  It also relax my skin after any sun exposer . 

It is mentioned by the brand that you have to shake the bottle before use and splash on face and let it be absorbed automatically and you don't need to rub it or massage. I apply in the same way and loving it.  The toner is almost like water as you can see in the below picture.  

Plum Chamomile & White Tea Calming Anti-oxidant Toner Review

Plum Chamomile & White Tea Calming Anti-oxidant Toner Review

The bottle is very convenient to carry and to use too.  It has a tic-toc cap which makes it leak-proof while traveling.  You have to press from inside and it will open from the other side, isn't it cool ? All the information regarding the product is on the bottle itself.  

The toner is really effective on my skin.  It might not suit very dry skin type.  It  minimizes the size of the pores with regular uses. I don't have any skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, etc., hence can't comment on those.  

Rating - 4.7/5

Final words - I will definitely recommend this to normal-combination skin type people.  It is another great product from Plum.. I must say it is a worth purchase and I will repurchase this for sure...

Hope you found this review helpful, do share your thought in comments below.. See you in the next post with another exciting topic, till then stay beautiful..

Snigdha ๐Ÿ˜„

Monday, 25 February 2019

Due to the hectic and busy lifestyle of these days most of us prefer to shop online . Also now every small small things are available online even you can buy vegetables, milk and all your daily needs online.  This makes our life easy but sometimes people fall in scam or fraud.  As we know everything has its good side and bad side ,so better to prepare yourself according to the situation and take major precautions..  There are few things to remember while shopping online to avoid any kind of issues.  Let's talk about it in detail. .

Things to remember  while Shopping Online..

1 - Go with trusted sites :

On the safe note, always go with trusted sites for shopping. Else you can check the new site's review first, and then try with small purchases initially.   There are new shopping sites which shows attractive offers all the time to attract the customers but in real they are fraud.  So be aware of that.

2 - Compare price :

When you are buying any product from any site, never forget to compare the price of the same product on other sites to avail a great price.  There are also sites which helps you to see price of the same product on different sites on one page . So please keep that in mind.  Specially if you are buying gadgets, electronics item or any high priced product, this will be really helpful for you..

Things to remember  while Shopping Online..

3 - Read product description thoroughly :

Before buying any product online it is good to read the product description thoroughly to avoid any kind of last minute confusion. Every product available online has their product description, specification, usage section below and it is better to check that while adding to cart.

4 - Read reviews :

Like we read product description, it is also equally important to read the reviews too. Reviews with products pictures are more helpful in choosing right product.  Always check that before buying anything.  If you are buying anything from any international website, then checking reviews, ratings, pictures are more required because most of the time we do fall under scam through international sites only.

5 - Check Seller's rating : 

There are sites where you will get same products from different sellers. In that case , you need to check seller's details and reviews too to check their professionalism.

6 - Check shipping cost of any kind of hidden cost : 

Some products has additional shipping charges included and also some has hidden charges which appear at the time of payment, so better to check that beforehand.

7 - Check return policy : 

Not every product is returnable or exchangeable.  So it's good to check out that beforehand . Always read the terms and conditions properly to avoid any kind of hassle during our after shopping.

Things to remember  while Shopping Online..

8 - Choose sites where your card details are secured :

For online shopping we need to add our card details there for easy payment.  So always choose secure payment method . Otherwise you can go with COD option.  But not every site has COD  option, do keep that in mind.

After being a mom, I hardly get time to go outside for shopping specially, hence I normally prefer online shopping these days. So these are the points I do keep in my mind before shopping online and trust me these helps me a lot to save my money and time.

Hope you found this post helpful for you. See you in the next post with another exciting topic, till then stay beautiful. 

Happy shopping ..๐Ÿ˜„

Snigdha ๐Ÿ˜Š

*Image source - pixabay 

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Doing exercises, yoga during pregnancy is very important to keep your body and the baby inside healthy . I have already shared the benefits of doing exercise in the previous post (read HERE).  So in today's post I am going to talk about few simple and easy exercises which you can do during pregnancy.

[ Note : Here I want to clear that, I am not an expert nor a doctor.. I am currently on my third trimester of second pregnancy and I am writing this as per my own experience with my first pregnancy and as per my gynecologist's advice.  You can consult your gynecologist  before doing any kind of activity during pregnancy to avoid any risk. ]

Easy Exercises to do during Pregnancy ...

You should avoid doing exercises during pregnancy if you have any complications like bleeding, Diabetis, heart issue,  asthma, etc.

So let's move towards the topic and find below few simple exercises which can make your pregnancy journey smoother and healthier.

1 : Walking - Walking is the one of the best exercise during pregnancy.  You can do this through out your all trimesters . But it is good to start walking around 6months onwards of pregnancy.  Always wear comfortable shoes and choose a plain surface to walk.  Don't walk till you become breathless.  If possible take a small break in between and relax a bit.  Carrying a water bottle is must. 20-25minutes  walk in  one session is sufficient .

Easy Exercises to do during Pregnancy ...

2 : Swimming - Swimming is another great way to exercise.  Walking in water is effortless and effective for body.  But for that you need an expert to guide.  If you are comfortable in swimming before conceiving then it is not difficult for you do this.  Before swimming, do make sure you have your meal at least one hour before .

Easy Exercises to do during Pregnancy ...

 3 : Prenatal Yoga - Doing meditation, breathing yoga, butterfly yoga is really beneficial during last trimester.  Meditation bring calmness in mind which helps you feel fresh and calm through out the day.  For breathing yoga you need to hold your breath for smaller span of time (around 1min. or so)  and leave that. You can also do Anulombilom.  This will help to hold breath during delivery.  In the same way butterfly yoga helps to relax the muscles around lower abdomen area and is beneficial to get a comfortable delivery.  Another thing is, you can stretch your legs and hands by sitting on the floor. This will relax your muscles and make you feel free .

4 - Low Impact Aerobics - This kind aerobics doesn't include jumping, fast running, high kicking, etc.  In this kind one foot always touches the  ground.  There are special aerobics institutions for pregnant women. For these kind of aerobics, you will need an expert's supervision.  Low impact aerobics is very much necessary during pregnancy and it relax the muscles around pelvic area..

Easy Exercises to do during Pregnancy ...

5 : Squatting and Pelvic tilt exercises - These exercises prepare your body for labor . Squatting helps to open up pelvic during labor easily.  Pelvic tilt exercise relax the lower abdominal muscles and reduce back pain.. You can do those exercises at per your convinent at any time of the day .

For squatting, you can start this when you are in your >36 weeks, that's what my gynac told me.  Take 5 mins.  throughout the day and do this several times.. This will also help the baby to come downward easily which helps you for a normal delivery.

For pelvic tilt, you can do that after entering your third trimester as per my gynac.  For this you can sleep on the bed (obviously a flat surface )or  any comfortable place and put your legs on the wall and try to move the foot upward direction like you are walking on the wall.  Hope that's making sense to you.  I am not so good in explaining things.. You can do this after taking your meals or anytime of the day. .

Before going for any kind of exercise or yoga, you need to remember that not to exhaust the body.  You need to know your limit to stop . It is so important to drink sufficient amount of water to keep body hydrated through out the day and eat healthy and nutritious to get a healthy baby.  

Happy Pregnancy ..❤

Hope you found this post helpful.  See you with more #PregnancyGuide posts very soon. Till then stay happy and healthy..

Xoxo.. ๐Ÿ˜„

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Doing exercises  regularly is good for body but it is more beneficial when you are pregnant. Doctors usually advice to do exercises during the whole pregnancy journey to get a normal and easy delivery.  But in some cases we do hesitate to do exercise in the fear of getting misscarriages or any complications, etc. .

How Important is doing Exercise During Pregnancy..!!

Eating healthy , relaxing properly is important during pregnancy but along with that doing simple exercises regularly is equally important.  If you are a fit person before conceiving, then it is more necessary to continue that even during the 9 months of time. Exercise or yoga during pregnancy keep our body and mind in peace and we feel more energetic than before. . Here I have listed down few benefits of doing exercise during pregnancy..

1 - Boost energy and make you feel active :

During pregnancy we often feel tired and non-enrgetic, but if you are doing exercise regularly for a certain period of time, then you will feel more active than before and it also helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and keep your mind in happy stage all day long.

How Important is doing Exercise During Pregnancy..!!

2 - Gives good sleep :

During pregnancy another issue happens which is sleeping discomfort.  But with regular exercise and yoga you will get a nice sleep too.  The muscles will relax and becomes flexible with regular exercise which tends to sleep you well.  In the same way if you sleep well, then your mind will be in peace which is very much necessary during pregnancy to avoid the mood swings

3 - Helps to get a natural and easy delivery :

Doctors usually advice to start doing exercise after the first trimester.  Initially you need to start with smaller sessions and then you can increase the session gradually with passing time.  Here we are not exercising to loose weight but to stay active and fit.  Regular exercise will make the lower abdomen muscles flexible and relax which will make the delivery period shorter and easier.  This is something I have experienced on my own during my first pregnancy to be very honest.  Regular exercise also decrease the fear of any last minute complications during pregnancy.

4 - Makes easy to get back in shape :

During pregnancy weight gain is very normal but if you are doing exercises regularly through out the 9months, then it will be easier for you to get back in shape after delivery.

5 - Along with all these, regular exercise helps to relax the muscles of body, reduce backache and body ache , constipation, stress, etc.

How Important is doing Exercise During Pregnancy..!!

Walking is the best exercise as per doctors or health advisers during pregnancy.  Along with that there are certain exercises and prenatal yogasanas which helps you and your body through out the 9 months of pregnancy.

Also one thing to remember that, never do exercise till you feel exhausted or never go breathless too ,this might cause serious issues in pregnancy.  Do make sure to know your limit and have high calorie food in between to get a happy and healthy pregnancy. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Will share few must do exercises and yogasanas according to the trimesters of pregnancy in the next post ,so stay tuned...

*I am not an expert or doctor . I have shared this as per my own experience..  It is always good to take your doctor or health adviser's permission before doing anything during pregnancy.  

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Thursday, 14 February 2019

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Life is very much unpredictable and we have no control over it . Hence the wisest decision is to protect future by planning your finances in proper way. People normally buy life insurance policies to secure their future and their family's future. But are you sure that you are planning your finance in a right way or not ? Ask this question to yourself and you will gonna blank i am sure.

Planning Your Finances with Mason Finance

well. leave that.. just imagine ,when you will become financially weak and not able to cover the monthly premiums ,then.. This case happens mostly after age 60-65 when a person take retirement from his/her job. That time there is an option to sell your policies and to get a surrender value of your life insurance policy. Are you finding all these terms difficult to understand ?  Let me clear everything for you..

There are several reasons to sell the policy in the middle . Like i said earlier ,if one is unable to pay the premiums , then can sell their policy. Again if someone has a need of urgent money and has no cash near by ,then that person can sell his/her policy . Another reason is , if you have no one in immediate  relatives or closed ones who can claim your policy after your death ,then you can sell your policy to get the cash surrender value to full-fill your needs.

These are all the reasons to sell your insurance policy ,then you must be wondering on, what is cash surrender value. So let's talk about that.

Cash surrender value of life insurance policy is the amount of cash that you can withdraw  if you surrender your policy to your insurance company and allow it to lapse . When you surrender your policy ,you will no need to pay the further premiums. The cash value you are getting after surrendering  will vary according to variety of factors. When you pay any type of cash value life insurance policy such as universal life policy or whole life policy , some of the money of your premium goes to the death benefit protection of your policy. Some money goes under  different costs of your policy. And the rest amount is deposited into the cash value of the account. You will get more cash value if your policy is more older. Such as if your policy is 30 years old ,then you will get much more higher cash value that your 5years old policy.

If you are worrying about the taxation of your cash surrender value , then no need to worry ,because most of the time the cash surrender value comes under tax free . Isn't it great ?

Well, there are so many companies and agencies which can help you to plan your finances, to sell your policies and to get your cash surrender value ,etc. But you never know who are fraud or not and their charges also very high. In this case Mason Finance comes into limelight .

Planning Your Finances with Mason Finance

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