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Lucky Raja: Let the adrenaline rush; Build and cash your superstar sports team

What makes a player superstar? Skills. Dedication to the game. Talent. However, never underestimate the importance of a manager. Brawn and brain together win a game.
Jurgen Klopp, Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Roberto Mancini, Joachim Low, Luis Enrique may not take a single shot in a match; but doubt not. They are the brains behind top-performing football clubs. Superstar footballers, after all, need their superstar managers.Managers keep the team machinery well-oiled and smooth-running from the behind—no less feat than a match-winning goal.Fantasy sports give you precisely the same role. Thrilling?What is fantasy sports?
It is an exciting mix of reality and imagination in the world of sport-based video gaming. Here, you do not control any specific player with your gaming controller (like we do in FIFA soccer series games). Instead, you own the control of a virtual sporting team. You recruit virtual players, but their performance depends on the real-life players’ match statistics.In fan…
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How to Pack Wisely for a Trip !!

Travelling is always fun and creates happy memories. Travelling to different places, explore the new place, food, culture always excites me. Packing wisely for any trip is the key and smart packing can make your trip more convenient and comfortable. It is always good to travel with the right size luggage than lugging around multiple bags. For wise packing, you need to work on techniques like proper planning, choosing the right luggage, etc. 
For a wise and light packing the first thing you should follow is to pen down all the kinds of stuff you want to carry for your trip. Then rank the stuff on the basis of their priority and remove the extra stuff from the list. As you are going to pack light, always choose products which you can use in multiple ways. Choosing the right size bag is also important for packing wisely.Here I am going to share a few tips which can make your packing light and smart. 
Clothes :
Always pack clothes according to the weather of your travel destination. Carry c…

6 Must-Have Makeup Products for Beginners

Makeup transformations look magical to people who are not proficient with makeup application. From knowing how to blend your foundation perfectly to getting that nose contour just right, the complexities of makeup application can be confusing for a beginner. The best way to get your skills finessed is through constant practice and by knowing that your basics are on par with professionals. So which products do you need to ensure that your future makeup looks are MUA approved? Read on to know more.
Primer The base of any good makeup look is smooth and even. This is what the primer does. Once your skincare prep is done, the primer smooths over your pores and takes care of any minor texture on your skin. This ensures that your foundation goes on without any issues. Different kinds of primers fulfill different needs. Some people who like their pores to look smaller go for a silicone-based primer. For people with dry and patched skin, a hydrating primer with beneficial ingredients like Hya…

Everteen Bikini Hair Removal Cream - Review

The Bikini hair removal process is always a nightmare for me. The area is extremely delicate and sensitive. Waxing is an option for removing bikini hair but the pain is another level of torture. I seriously can't bear such pain, hence I have never gone for bikini hair waxing. I prefer the second option which is shaving. It's painless but the aftereffect is not smooth and clear at all.  Despite clean shaving, there are still very tiny hairs. And the regrowth is also fast. There is a third option also which is again painless and that's applying hair removal cream. But we can't apply any hair removal cream at the bikini area because the skin is very sensitive there.

There are so many hair removal creams available, then why should I buy a specific bikini hair removal cream? Answer to this question is very simple. The normal hair removal creams are meant for hands and legs and also those are loaded with chemicals. As the bikini area skin is very sensitive we need specially d…

Deyga Bridal Kit Review

Healthy and glowing skin is what everyone wants to have. But the highly polluted atmosphere and unhealthy lifestyle take away the charm from the skin and make it look dull and lifeless. Ageing, wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, all these are signs of unhealthy skin. There are tons of skincare products and brands available in the market but all these are chemical loaded which will affect skin afterwards for a long run. There are also few herbal and organic brands available, on which we all should rely on. 
Recently I came across a herbal, organic beauty brand Deyga through my friend. She is using their products and recommended that I try them out. I checked the website and was amazed by seeing their varieties of beauty and hair care products. Then I got a Deyga Bridal Kit

Deyga Bridal Kit has a total of 9 products.Deyga Rose and Mulethi face maskDeyga Beautifying face serumDeyga RosewaterDeyga Beetroot lip balmDeyga Foot ButterDeyga Aloe Vera gelDeyga Hair Growth OilDeyga Rejuvenating Mass…

The Modern Churails on ZEE5 - Review of a new Web series

Everyone has ups and downs in life but it is important to lash back and to take revenge also. We always talk about Women Empowerment but sometimes it is needed to stand with it also. And this aspect has been portrayed in a very interesting way in the latest series on ZEE5,  Churail . Churail is a Zindagi Original web series exclusively on ZEE5. I am always so excited for any new web series on ZEE5 because all shows on ZEE5 are so unique in terms of a storyline, cast and full-on entertainment. The show Churail has 10 episodes in total. I started watching this new series on the first day of its launch. So here I am going to share my opinion on this series and a brief review for all of you. 

Show: Churails
Genre: Thriller
Cast: Sarwat Gilani, Mehar Bano, Nimra Bucha and Yasra Rizvi
Director: Asim Abbasi

Plot :