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Doing exercises, yoga during pregnancy is very important to keep your body and the baby inside healthy . I have already shared the benefits of doing exercise in the previous post (read HERE).  So in today's post I am going to talk about few simple and easy exercises which you can do during pregnancy.

[ Note : Here I want to clear that, I am not an expert nor a doctor.. I am currently on my third trimester of second pregnancy and I am writing this as per my own experience with my first pregnancy and as per my gynecologist's advice.  You can consult your gynecologist  before doing any kind of activity during pregnancy to avoid any risk. ]

Easy Exercises to do during Pregnancy ...

You should avoid doing exercises during pregnancy if you have any complications like bleeding, Diabetis, heart issue,  asthma, etc.

So let's move towards the topic and find below few simple exercises which can make your pregnancy journey smoother and healthier.

1 : Walking - Walking is the one of the best exercise during pregnancy.  You can do this through out your all trimesters . But it is good to start walking around 6months onwards of pregnancy.  Always wear comfortable shoes and choose a plain surface to walk.  Don't walk till you become breathless.  If possible take a small break in between and relax a bit.  Carrying a water bottle is must. 20-25minutes  walk in  one session is sufficient .

Easy Exercises to do during Pregnancy ...

2 : Swimming - Swimming is another great way to exercise.  Walking in water is effortless and effective for body.  But for that you need an expert to guide.  If you are comfortable in swimming before conceiving then it is not difficult for you do this.  Before swimming, do make sure you have your meal at least one hour before .

Easy Exercises to do during Pregnancy ...

 3 : Prenatal Yoga - Doing meditation, breathing yoga, butterfly yoga is really beneficial during last trimester.  Meditation bring calmness in mind which helps you feel fresh and calm through out the day.  For breathing yoga you need to hold your breath for smaller span of time (around 1min. or so)  and leave that. You can also do Anulombilom.  This will help to hold breath during delivery.  In the same way butterfly yoga helps to relax the muscles around lower abdomen area and is beneficial to get a comfortable delivery.  Another thing is, you can stretch your legs and hands by sitting on the floor. This will relax your muscles and make you feel free .

4 - Low Impact Aerobics - This kind aerobics doesn't include jumping, fast running, high kicking, etc.  In this kind one foot always touches the  ground.  There are special aerobics institutions for pregnant women. For these kind of aerobics, you will need an expert's supervision.  Low impact aerobics is very much necessary during pregnancy and it relax the muscles around pelvic area..

Easy Exercises to do during Pregnancy ...

5 : Squatting and Pelvic tilt exercises - These exercises prepare your body for labor . Squatting helps to open up pelvic during labor easily.  Pelvic tilt exercise relax the lower abdominal muscles and reduce back pain.. You can do those exercises at per your convinent at any time of the day .

For squatting, you can start this when you are in your >36 weeks, that's what my gynac told me.  Take 5 mins.  throughout the day and do this several times.. This will also help the baby to come downward easily which helps you for a normal delivery.

For pelvic tilt, you can do that after entering your third trimester as per my gynac.  For this you can sleep on the bed (obviously a flat surface )or  any comfortable place and put your legs on the wall and try to move the foot upward direction like you are walking on the wall.  Hope that's making sense to you.  I am not so good in explaining things.. You can do this after taking your meals or anytime of the day. .

Before going for any kind of exercise or yoga, you need to remember that not to exhaust the body.  You need to know your limit to stop . It is so important to drink sufficient amount of water to keep body hydrated through out the day and eat healthy and nutritious to get a healthy baby.  

Happy Pregnancy ..❤

Hope you found this post helpful.  See you with more #PregnancyGuide posts very soon. Till then stay happy and healthy..

Xoxo.. 😄

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Doing exercises  regularly is good for body but it is more beneficial when you are pregnant. Doctors usually advice to do exercises during the whole pregnancy journey to get a normal and easy delivery.  But in some cases we do hesitate to do exercise in the fear of getting misscarriages or any complications, etc. .

How Important is doing Exercise During Pregnancy..!!

Eating healthy , relaxing properly is important during pregnancy but along with that doing simple exercises regularly is equally important.  If you are a fit person before conceiving, then it is more necessary to continue that even during the 9 months of time. Exercise or yoga during pregnancy keep our body and mind in peace and we feel more energetic than before. . Here I have listed down few benefits of doing exercise during pregnancy..

1 - Boost energy and make you feel active :

During pregnancy we often feel tired and non-enrgetic, but if you are doing exercise regularly for a certain period of time, then you will feel more active than before and it also helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and keep your mind in happy stage all day long.

How Important is doing Exercise During Pregnancy..!!

2 - Gives good sleep :

During pregnancy another issue happens which is sleeping discomfort.  But with regular exercise and yoga you will get a nice sleep too.  The muscles will relax and becomes flexible with regular exercise which tends to sleep you well.  In the same way if you sleep well, then your mind will be in peace which is very much necessary during pregnancy to avoid the mood swings

3 - Helps to get a natural and easy delivery :

Doctors usually advice to start doing exercise after the first trimester.  Initially you need to start with smaller sessions and then you can increase the session gradually with passing time.  Here we are not exercising to loose weight but to stay active and fit.  Regular exercise will make the lower abdomen muscles flexible and relax which will make the delivery period shorter and easier.  This is something I have experienced on my own during my first pregnancy to be very honest.  Regular exercise also decrease the fear of any last minute complications during pregnancy.

4 - Makes easy to get back in shape :

During pregnancy weight gain is very normal but if you are doing exercises regularly through out the 9months, then it will be easier for you to get back in shape after delivery.

5 - Along with all these, regular exercise helps to relax the muscles of body, reduce backache and body ache , constipation, stress, etc.

How Important is doing Exercise During Pregnancy..!!

Walking is the best exercise as per doctors or health advisers during pregnancy.  Along with that there are certain exercises and prenatal yogasanas which helps you and your body through out the 9 months of pregnancy.

Also one thing to remember that, never do exercise till you feel exhausted or never go breathless too ,this might cause serious issues in pregnancy.  Do make sure to know your limit and have high calorie food in between to get a happy and healthy pregnancy. 😊

Will share few must do exercises and yogasanas according to the trimesters of pregnancy in the next post ,so stay tuned...

*I am not an expert or doctor . I have shared this as per my own experience..  It is always good to take your doctor or health adviser's permission before doing anything during pregnancy.  

**image source - google 

Thursday, 14 February 2019

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Life is very much unpredictable and we have no control over it . Hence the wisest decision is to protect future by planning your finances in proper way. People normally buy life insurance policies to secure their future and their family's future. But are you sure that you are planning your finance in a right way or not ? Ask this question to yourself and you will gonna blank i am sure.

Planning Your Finances with Mason Finance

well. leave that.. just imagine ,when you will become financially weak and not able to cover the monthly premiums ,then.. This case happens mostly after age 60-65 when a person take retirement from his/her job. That time there is an option to sell your policies and to get a surrender value of your life insurance policy. Are you finding all these terms difficult to understand ?  Let me clear everything for you..

There are several reasons to sell the policy in the middle . Like i said earlier ,if one is unable to pay the premiums , then can sell their policy. Again if someone has a need of urgent money and has no cash near by ,then that person can sell his/her policy . Another reason is , if you have no one in immediate  relatives or closed ones who can claim your policy after your death ,then you can sell your policy to get the cash surrender value to full-fill your needs.

These are all the reasons to sell your insurance policy ,then you must be wondering on, what is cash surrender value. So let's talk about that.

Cash surrender value of life insurance policy is the amount of cash that you can withdraw  if you surrender your policy to your insurance company and allow it to lapse . When you surrender your policy ,you will no need to pay the further premiums. The cash value you are getting after surrendering  will vary according to variety of factors. When you pay any type of cash value life insurance policy such as universal life policy or whole life policy , some of the money of your premium goes to the death benefit protection of your policy. Some money goes under  different costs of your policy. And the rest amount is deposited into the cash value of the account. You will get more cash value if your policy is more older. Such as if your policy is 30 years old ,then you will get much more higher cash value that your 5years old policy.

If you are worrying about the taxation of your cash surrender value , then no need to worry ,because most of the time the cash surrender value comes under tax free . Isn't it great ?

Well, there are so many companies and agencies which can help you to plan your finances, to sell your policies and to get your cash surrender value ,etc. But you never know who are fraud or not and their charges also very high. In this case Mason Finance comes into limelight .

Planning Your Finances with Mason Finance

With Mason finance you can get a clear view of your estimation within minutes. Everything  is so transparent there and you will get all detailed information regarding your settlement and cash value without much effort. Hence you can consider Mason finance if you are interested in planning your finance or selling your policies,etc..

** Images - Pixabay and mason finance

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

If you have a new born  or small baby, then baby wipes come very handy for you..  On a typical day, you need to change the baby's wet diaper 3-4 times of more and each time baby wipes come handy to clean the poop and also to avoid dirty hands.  In that case of your wipes are not of good quality ,then your baby may end up having serious rashes on his delicate skin . Except that we often use wipes to clean baby's hand, face ,toys, etc..   Hence it is very important to choose good quality and natural baby wipes for your baby.

5 Best #SensitiveWipes Brand Available in India

While choosing baby wipes do consider these below points..

  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Soap-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Thickness 
  • pH balanced 
  • Material ,etc. 
There are few brands available in India which makes the best quality natural baby wipes. .So here I am going to listed down top 5 best sensitive baby wipes brands available in India.. 

1: Mother Sparsh Premium 99% water wipes -

5 Best #SensitiveWipes Brand Available in India

Mother Sparsh is a wellknown brand in baby wipes . Recently they have launched their premium range wipes which are 99% water wipes . These are made from plant fabric and has 99% water content in it which means these are as good as cotton and water.  The #Mothersparshwipes are fragrance-free and #superthick as compared to the other wipes available in market.  The material is #medicalgradecloth , hence very much suitable for baby's sensitive delicate skin even for new born's skin .  It is chemical free and enriched with vitamin E.  The material is biodegradable and pH balanced.  It is hypoallergenic and clinically proven. You can use these to wipe baby's bottom , hand ,face and skin also . What else we need !! 

These Mother Sparsh wipes are easily on firstcry, amazon and costed for Rs299/- for 72 wipes.
For further details you can visit their website HERE .

2: Bodyguard Premium Paraben-free Baby Wipes -

Th3 bodyguard baby wipes are best for cleaning baby's bottom.  There are 98% de-mineralized water content in it which makes it pure and gentle for baby's skin.  These wipes has buttermilk (skin moisturizer ,  Shea butter (soothes dry skin),  beeswax (lock moisture),  aloevera and coconut oil which helps to nurture sensitive skin of the  little one. Also it is enriched with vitamin E which blocks free radicals from body and keeps baby's skin rejuvenated all the time. These wipes are available easily online.  In one packet you are getting 72 wipes  and it costed for Rs199/- .

3 : MamaEarth Organic Bamboo Based wet Wipes -

MamaEarth is a renowned brand in babycare products . These wipes by Mamaearth are India's no 1  bamboo based organic wipes. These are free from polyester . As you know bamboo fabric is more breathable and softer than cotton fabric., hence these are so gentle on baby's sensitive skin. It is made with unbleached organic bamboo and also enriched with aloe vera, Shea butter, almond oil , lavender oil and vitamin E which soothes and nourished baby's delicate skin. 

You can clean hands, face,  toys,etc. anything related to baby.  It won't create any rashes on baby's skin.  These MamaEarth wipes are available online and priced at Rs99/- for 15wipes.

4 : Babyganics Face, Hand & Baby Wipes -

Babyganics wipes are very gentle on baby's skin as these are free from paraben, sulfates, artificial dyes and fragrance . These are made from natural plant based ingredients like Chamomilla Recutita flower extract and vegetable oil which makes it the best natural wipes for babies. Except these it contains a good mix of natural seed oils from tomato, sunflower, cranberry, black cumin seeds, red raspberry,etc. which gives skin an anti-oxidant protection. It is so gentle to clean baby's body, face, hand and bottom. It is pediatrician and dermatological tested . The price is on higher side .. You can buy online to get a good price.. These are Rs1097/- approx. for 40 wipes.

5 : Bee Bee 98% Water Wipes For Sensitive Skin -

 Bey Bee wipes has 98% water content in it. It has goodness of aloevera and vitamin E which keeps the moisture lock into baby's skin. These wipes are alcohol free, paraben free, soap free and pH balanced. These are specially made for new born babies and are perfect to clean their pees and poops. It is hypoallergenic and very gentle for sensitive skins. You can buy these online .. This costed for Rs477/- for 3 packs of wipes (240 pieces wipes) .

From the above list I personally love Mother Sparsh wipes because these are biodegradable , fragrance free and under budget too. I hope you have got a good view on natural sensitive wipes available in India. It is always insightful to choose the best for your little one . So now it's time to say NO to the polyester based wipes and to adopt natural wipes ..

Hope you found this post helpful . Share your thought in comments below. See you with another exciting post,till then stay happy..


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Hello pretty ladies.. how are you all doing ? Just tell me one thing very honestly that , do you love waxing or epilating during winter specially ? I don't like to do at all . I prefer either shaving or trimming my body. It's too cold and i just can't bear the pain any more.. In fact by the time i came to know that i am pregnant , I stopped waxing and epilating my skin as i believe that if i will hurt then my baby will feel the pain too. I don't know if it is true or not but that's completely my thinking.. Another reason is I don't get time to visit salon these days because of my naughty toddler at home . Hence I prefer trimming my skin at the end..

Maxel Professional Electric Body Trimmer Review  (Video Inside )

My last trimmer has broken ,so I bought another one from amazon . I had also un-boxing and reviewed that in my insta story and some of you asked me review this on blog.. So let's start to know more about this Maxel Professional Electric Body Trimmer..

Price - Rs1499/- but I got it on discounted price at Rs379/- from amazon.

Available on Amazon, Flipkart , Snapdeal

My Experience with Maxel Professional Electric Trimmer 

Maxel Professional Electric Body Trimmer Review  (Video Inside )

I always like to trim my body and very much afraid of waxing and epilating the skin. Those are really painful for me . Few months ago my previous trimmer was broken and then i searched for a good body trimmer online. There are so much options in body trimmer available and their price is also on higher side. Then i found this Maxel professional electric trimmer on amazon . I like the the trimmer's look and it was electric operated which attracts me more. The price was very affordable as compared to the other trimmer i had selected. Though the reviews were not that much great, I decided to try this out. I ordered it and after receiving it I am using this trimmer very frequently and it is working perfectly fine for me. 

Maxel Professional Electric Body Trimmer Review  (Video Inside )

The trimmer comes in a cardboard box . You will get a manual card, a cleaning brush and a cable to charge along with the trimmer inside the package . The trimmer is made up of plastic and tiny and very handy to hold while applying . There is two blade heads on both the sides of the trimmer head which helps to cut the hair as close as possible from skin. There is also a plastic cap which helps to store the trimmer safe and the blades away from dust. It carries power for 4-5 sessions easily which is really great. It is completely painless as we know ,in trimming the blade doesn't touch the skin but remove the hair very closely. You definitely not get the waxing like finish on skin but as a trimmer it does its work beautifully.

Maxel Professional Electric Body Trimmer Review  (Video Inside )

Maxel Professional Electric Body Trimmer Review  (Video Inside )

Maxel Professional Electric Body Trimmer Review  (Video Inside )

Maxel Professional Electric Body Trimmer Review  (Video Inside )

 I will definitely recommend this to everyone who is looking for a good body trimmer. It is affordable and of good quality and performance is well. 

Watch this review video on my channel and don't forget to like,share and subscribe..

Here I am penning down and I hope you found this post helpful.  See you in the next post, till then stay beautiful.  

Xoxo 😊

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Hi guys,

Today I am going to share my experience with Nelf USA colossal eyeliner in shade 'Blue Sapphire ' . I got this inside one of my fab bags last year and have not used it till now.  Few days ago while decultering my makeup stash, I found this one and started using .  So here is my experience with this eyeliner cum kajal pencil.

Nelf USA Colossal Eyeliner Blue Sapphire Review and Swatches

Price - Rs150/- for 1.1gms.
Shelf life - 3 years from mfg.

Availability - Not easily available..  Got it inside fab bag ,so do check out fabbag's website.

Packaging - 

Nelf USA Colossal Eyeliner Blue Sapphire Review and Swatches

The Nelf USA colossal eyeliner comes in a regular pencil form. Initially when I got it, I thought it is a retractable pencil but it's not actually . You have to sharpen it every time which i don't like to do. Another thing is the tip is quite bend kind in mine . i don't know if mine is a defective one or these are like this only. There is no sharpener with this liner which is again a down point. There is an outer cardboard box which has all the info regarding the product.

Nelf USA Colossal Eyeliner Blue Sapphire Review and Swatches

Shade , Texture , Pigmentation & Staying Ability :

The shade Blue Sapphire is a very pretty vibrant teal green shade . It has very fine shimmers in it which is not harsh on skin yet looking little shiny. I love the colour . The texture is so creamy and soft . It glides on eyelids like butter and doesn't tag or pull. As it is so soft ,you need to be careful while applying otherwise it will break . It gives so smooth and precise application.

Nelf USA Colossal Eyeliner Blue Sapphire Review and Swatches

Nelf USA Colossal Eyeliner Blue Sapphire Review and Swatches

The colour is decently pigmented . It looks more vibrant on hand swatch but not look that much brighter  on eyelids. Because of the creamy texture ,it doesn't stay more time on eyes. Means if you have oily eyelids then the staying time is less as compared to dry eye lids. It is not waterproof or smudge proof but also not remove away easily .


1- Beautiful bright teal green shade
2- Creamy ,soft texture
3- Glides smoothly on eyelids
4- Decently pigmented
5- Affordable


1- Not available easily
2- Have to sharpen each time
3- No sharpener provided along with
4- Not waterproof or smudge-proof .

Rating - 2/5 

Final Verdict - I like the shade but not the packaging . And also we can have better options at this price from other brands too. I won't recommend anyone to try out this range .. 

Hope you found this review helpful. See you in the next post with another exciting topic,till then stay blessed..


Saturday, 2 February 2019

Hi girls,  hope you are doing good.  I am super excited today because ,after a really long gap I am going to review a lip product.  As you all know I am a lipstick addict person . I do buy lipsticks, lip creams,  lip liners very often but these days I have controled the shopaholic inside me and stopped buying things randomly.  Well,  during the New Year sale I guess I bought few makeup stuffs from nykaa and other websites.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Cannes' Review & Swatches

So that time I got this NYX soft matte lip cream in shade Cannes  and along with this I got another lipstick from NYX of same price as free.. Isn't it cool ? I love NYX soft matte lip cream range. I have already three shades from this range, hence I was quite sure about the quality and grab this nudish shade this time..  Do read below to find out whether it was a smart purchase by me or not .

Price - Rs600/-

Available on

Packaging -

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Cannes' Review & Swatches

The NYX soft matte lip cream has the regular liquid lipstick packaging. As these are colour coded hence easy to choose the shade. The cap is matte velvety black colour which makes it look classy. The applicator is the regular one but applies perfectly in lips. Few information is on the tube itself.  The shade name is written at the bottom of lip cream.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Cannes' Review & Swatches

Shade & Texture -

The shade Cannes is a really pretty nudish pink shade with warm undertones.  It is a regular wear kind shade, not very overwhelming which I like the most.  You can carry to work without any hesitation.  On the tube itself looks more brown-ish kind but in real it has pink tone in it.  I love how natural it looks on my lips. It has very sweet vanilla fragrance which I like .

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Cannes' Review & Swatches

 Like the name said ,it has creamy texture and mousse consistency. It feels like butter on lips.  It glides very smoothly on lips without tugging or pulling.  It settles into a powdery matte finish look. This is really light weight on lips and doesn't feel dry either. But if you have dry lips like mine, I would suggest to prep your lips before hand to get that fuller plumy lips and also lipstick stays longer in moisturised lips.

Pigmentation & Staying Ability -

The shade is quite pigmented. You need two swipes to bring the full opacity.  After settle down it stays for around 6-7 hours without any heavy meals in between. The shade is not fully transfer-proof but stay intact for longer time.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Cannes' Review & Swatches

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Cannes' Review & Swatches

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Cannes' Review & Swatches

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Cannes' Review & Swatches

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Cannes' Review & Swatches

Overall I love this shade.  I can wear it all day long and these days I am wearing it non-stop.  Very pretty nude shade I have came across so far..  Do get one for yourself without any hesitation.

Rating - 4.7/5 😊

Hope you found this review helpful.  See you in the next post with another exciting topic. Till then stay beautiful ..

Xoxo.. 😄

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Wishlist at

Heya girlzzz..  Hope you all are doing good.  The new year is being so kind to me till now as I am shopping a lot these days.  Well,  recently I came across a site named and totally loving their collection . If you are so much into fashion and trendy stuffs then this site is for you..  As the site name saying, you are going to get all of the latest trend and most into fashion cloths and accessories  here.  I am completely overwhelmed after seeing the collection and added few stuffs into my cart.  So today I will share my wishlist from the site with you in this post. Also I have ordered few cloths from Fashionmia which I will share in another post..

Wishlist at

FashionMia is an international shopping website which believe in providing high quality ,latest trend, fashionable dresses for women. They specially curated every outfit and never compromise on quality.  You will find all kinds of women's wear along with accessories there.  They also stock cloths for plus size woman which is amazing.  The website layout is so easy to access and shopping is completely hazard-less there.

Let's see what I have selected for myself..

1. Round Neck Patchwork Lace Plain Maxi Dress :

Wishlist at

This is a beautiful burgundy colour Maxi dress with lace and patch work on the upper half.  The material is polyester . I love such flowy gowns these days.  Such long flowy maxi dresses are perfect to hide your flaws if you have any, even great to hide heavy tummy or thigh area.  I love the detailing of the lace work.  It is priced around 21$ which is quite affordable and per the quality and design.

2. Surplice Plain Maxi Dress :

Wishlist at

I love such solid pattern maxi dresses as these look simple yet classy.  Black is my colour, hence I choose this one.  I love the finishing and fall of this dress.  One thing I want to mention here that, you will get everything tiny detail on the site only with pictures and you can know the quality of the material from the pictures only.  There are three colours available but I choose black colour as this is looking more feminine.  This is priced for 23$.

3. Summer Vintage V-Neck Floral Printed Skater Dress :

Wishlist at

This is a very pretty floral skater dress in navy blue colour.  I love the print over it . It will look so beautiful I am sure and giving a nice summer feeling.  The neck is v neck and the material seems thick and of good quality. . This is for around 20$.

4. Summer V-Neck Floral Printed Chiffon Maxi Dress :

Wishlist at

This is a perfect dress for summer, isn't it?  Floral chiffon dresses are my fav during summer specially an these feel so light weight on skin.  The print is so beautiful and I love the design at the neck .. There are also 4 colours available but I choose the yellow one as I love bright vibrant colours for summer.  

5. Crew Neck Fashion Printed Shift Dress :

Wishlist at

After selecting so many long maxi dresses ,finally choose one short dress too.  This the crew neck printed shift dress . The print and the flowy-ness is perfect for summer wear.  I will get it for my vacations specially..  This is of good quality and comfortable..

That's all in my wishlist and I have ordered two from these already. . Currently there are some sales also going on which can give you a discount on your selected product. So don't miss out the chance and put an order right now.. And tell me which one you like the most from my wishlist..?

Hope you found this post helpful.. See you in another exciting post, till then stay beautiful..


Friday, 25 January 2019

Hey everyone. . Today I am so excited to said that, I am finally back in track of making nailarts. . I don't know for how long it will continue but I am so happy that finally I take out few time from my as usual hectic schedule and able to draw a beautiful NailArt.

Flower Stamping Nailart Using Beautybigbang Rectangular Flower Theme Stamping Plate.. (video inside)

Today I drew this NailArt using beautybigbang flower theme stamping plate (watch my beautybigbang haul video HERE).  Recently I got some stamping polishes from an online store and was very excited to try those out..  Hence I used this beautybigbang stamping plate.

About the Rectangular Flower Stamping Plate :

Price - 2.99$
Buy from HERE

Flower Stamping Nailart Using Beautybigbang Rectangular Flower Theme Stamping Plate.. (video inside)

I personally love the stamping plates collection at beautybigbang.. They have huge variety in different patterns . This rectangular stamping plate has around 16-18 designs and again you can mix match the patterns to create your own new designs. The quality is beyond amazing .  I love all the detailing and the designs of each picture. I will definitely recommend you to try out beautybigbang's stamping plates of you are into nailarts.

Flower Stamping Nailart Using Beautybigbang Rectangular Flower Theme Stamping Plate.. (video inside)

 Well,  I have also used the stamper amd scraper from beautybigbang too.  You should check out the site, they have amazing collection in makeup and nails.  In beautybigbang you can pay through PayPal and they do ship free worldwide .

*Use my coupon code SNIG10 to avail extra 10%  off across the site.

So here I have used the nail displays to show some of the patterns through stamping (see the below pics ) .

Flower Stamping Nailart Using Beautybigbang Rectangular Flower Theme Stamping Plate.. (video inside)

Flower Stamping Nailart Using Beautybigbang Rectangular Flower Theme Stamping Plate.. (video inside)

And few more pics from my nailart...

Flower Stamping Nailart Using Beautybigbang Rectangular Flower Theme Stamping Plate.. (video inside)

Flower Stamping Nailart Using Beautybigbang Rectangular Flower Theme Stamping Plate.. (video inside)

Watch the nailart tutorial on my channel...

Hope you enjoyed this post. See you in the next one,till then stay happy ..

Heya everyone,  so today I am here again with another beauty product's review from beautybigbang and that is the glitter gel eyeshadow cream/pigment . This product was also a part of my recent beautybigbang haul (watch video HERE) . So let's move to the review .

Beautybigbang Glitter Gel Eyeshadow Cream Review

Price - 4.99$

Available on beautybigbang website HERE.

Packaging -

Beautybigbang Glitter Gel Eyeshadow Cream Review

Beautybigbang Glitter Gel Eyeshadow Cream Review

The glitter gel eyeshadow comes in a cute little pot with a golden screw open cap.  Along with the pot ,you are also getting a plastic applicator which will help you to apply the gel pigment on skin without messing.  Though the pot packaging seems awkward but pigments are comes like this only.  Well the pot is sturdy enough and of plastic obviously.  Overall good packaging.

Shade, Texture,  Pigmentation and Staying Ability -

Beautybigbang Glitter Gel Eyeshadow Cream Review

There are 10 shades available including black, pink, blue, silver, golden, etc..  I got the golden shade because I think I can use this on multiple ways.  But I was wrong .  It can only used as an eyeshadow or also you can use to enhance the eyeshadow a bit by dabbing this glitter over any eyeshadow .

Texture wise it is the creamy and gel kind as the name suggest.  It has very fine golden glitters which are not harsh on skin at all. The glitters are blended with fine golden cream. There are so much glitters in it, hence one should apply very tiny quantity initially otherwise you will end up looking like a disco ball.  Please have a look at the picture to get a closure view.  It has thick yet soft  gel consistency . It spreads and looks even when applied using the applicator.

Beautybigbang Glitter Gel Eyeshadow Cream Review

The golden pigment has good pigmentation.  With a single swipe you are getting a good quantity glitter on skin.  takes a while to dry on eyes, then only you can overlayer it if you want. The staying capacity is good . But after 4-5hours it started cracking a bit. It can be remove by wiping only with wet wipes, else you can use a remover to wipe out easily.  You don't need any extra effort to remove like we usually face with glitter eyeshadows.

Beautybigbang Glitter Gel Eyeshadow Cream Review

About Beautybigbang :

If you are new here ,then let me tell you beautybigbang is an international shopping website where you can shop amazing makeup and nail products at affordable price.  They do ship worldwide and are giving free shipping too.  You can pay using PayPal . The shipping takes 2-4 weeks as per your location.  To get an additional 10% off across the site you can use my coupon code SNIG10 .

Pros.. -

1- 10 shade range to choose from.
2- There are fine golden glitter which adds nice glow to eyes.
3 - Spreads evenly when applied using the Ed applicator given by the brand.
4 - Good texture and decently pigmented.
5 - Affordable

Cons.. -

1 - Staying power is 4-5 hours and after that it starts cracking.
2 - Availiabilty .. Only available on beautybigbang

Rating - 3.8/5

Overall I like the product.  It is something different which I haven't tried yet..  The golden shade is beautiful and I would love to try out few more shades from the range.

Hope you found this post helpful. See you in the next one, till then stay blessed.

Xoxo.. 😊

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