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What Does A Gemologist Actually Do?
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Behind every exquisite piece of jewellery are exceptional jewellery and gem experts that are called gemologists. These experts prove to be invaluable when it comes to finding, evaluating and inspecting jewellery lines.
But, What Does a Gemologist Actually Do?

So, what do gemoligists really do, you may be wondering? To put it simply, gemology is a science. It involves in-depth academic study of gemstones, pearls, previous metals and diamonds for that gorgeous fancy light yellow green piece on the ring that has caught your fancy.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) was established all the way back in 1931 and is today considered one of the leading authorities in the world for standards, information, and education for jewellery, gemstones and diamonds. In fact, the Graduate Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America is one of the most recognised credentials in our jewellery industry.

What Happens After Graduation?

Once a gemologist has graduated, they are qualified for, among others:
  • Jewellery photographer
  • Jewellery design
  • Diamond and gemstone merchandising and buying
  • Appraisals
  • Lab research and grading
  • Museum or auction house specialist
  • Jewellery blogger
  • Educator
  • Lapidary artist

However, most gemologists’ passion lies in gemstones and jewellery, and they often choose a lifetime of continued learning and curiosity. Each and every gemstone, like those used in jewellery from is unique which means gemology truly is an endless source of inspiration.

What Does the GIA Teach Gemologists?

The GIA has built a solid reputation on making sure that the public trust their jewellery and gemstone standards, and that goes hand in hand with most retailer’s industry-leading standards for the highest possible quality.

Every reliable and genuine loose gem and diamond is typically accompanied by a GIA grading report. What’s more, jewellers and gemologists usually inspect each individual gem and diamond by hand, making use of microscopes and a range of grading instruments to make sure you always get the most accurately graded and best quality gemstones and diamonds.

Yet, it goes much further than just gems and diamonds. From the time a piece of jewellery is sourced to the moment it reaches the wearer’s hand, the gemologists have put it through numerous vigorous inspections. After all, gemologists serve as the front line of defence, and their expertise and sheer passion show in each and every piece of jewellery.

What Goes On In a Gemologist’s Workplace?

Once a gemologist has graduated, he or she can work as a gemstone and diamond buyer and merchandiser, jewellery designer, lab researcher and grader, auction house specialist or even a jewellery blogger.

Should the gemologist find themselves working behind a jewellery counter, they are most likely to put their skills to use selling merchandise. On the other hand, a gemologist working in a museum may use their skills to value potential purchases and donations. Gemologists based in auction houses can suggest reserve amounts for jewellery. In their very own shop, gemologists will write up professional estimates for the purpose of ensuring your beautiful piece of jewellery.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Saree Etiquette: Style tips to put you at ease with a saree!

Of all things, wearing a saree shouldn’t be a pet peeve. Choosing a favourite saree from the stock of hundreds could be, but wearing and flaunting it, shouldn’t be! Here, we bring you a few expert style tips that will help you to hone the saree draping skills and be an ethnic chic you have always wanted to be!

Saree Etiquette: Style tips to put you at ease with a saree!

Common sense rocks

You can’t really go wrong with a saree if you are aware of the basic fashion styling. For instance, you aren’t supposed to wear horizontal stripes in a saree if you are on a heavy side. Similarly, stay away from big prints, heavy jewellery and rife abstract and embossed prints. A Kanjivaram pattu silk saree is usually too heavy with lots of zari work going on the border to the length of the drape, hence, it is better to pair it up with a simple cotton blouse.

Some roads are travelled less for a reason

This quote by the very famous comedian, Jerry Seinfeld holds true in the case of a saree as well. The cotton inner wear keeps you relaxed and comfortable. Cotton is a skin-friendly fabric and lets your skin breathe. So, while you are all decked up in the heavy jewellery and zari-adorned Banarasis, the cotton blouse and petticoats make you feel at ease. The polyester-spandex petticoats go well with cotton and georgette sarees. These sarees are light, so you feel at ease in them while getting the desired silhouette. On the contrary, wearing heavy textures like desi raw silk saree with spandex petticoats will leave you all sweaty and uncomfortable.

Saree Etiquette: Style tips to put you at ease with a saree!

Dial it down when needed

Accessories can make or break your style game. If you want to ace at it, take a step back and think about what would work with your saree? It is always better to do this a day before. This will give you plenty of options to think about, work on and finalise. If you are wearing a saree to work, steer clear of sheer fabrics. The rule is to be comfortable and stylish. You are spending almost nine hours at the work and if you spend it taking care of the pallu, pleats, hiding your waist or worrying about putting too much skin on the show, you would not get any work done, let alone be trendy and at ease.

Get flirty, sexy and quirky! 

Because that’s what you do with a saree! A saree should embody your personality and you, not the other way around. Unlike a bikini or a shift dress, you don’t need to be on a liquid diet to fit into it! It is versatile and gives you the immense flexibility to try and score! So, don’t hesitate to ditch the blouse and sport a crop top, a denim jacket, a kurta or even a palazzo with a saree! Try Maharashtrian nauvari in a Punjabi wedding and wear a Banarasi to a South India function! Your saree has to be you.

That's all for today. Hope you enjoyed the post. See you with another exciting topic ,till then take care ๐Ÿ˜Š .

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Must Follow Monsoon Skincare Tips for Healthy Looking Skin

Monsoon brings happiness in life along with various health and skin issues.  During monsoon the excess humidity of atmosphere makes skin more oily and acne prone and sometimes dry. We have to take proper care of our skin and hair especially during monsoon, else  these will look doll and lifeless.  Here I have shared few skincare tips which helps to bring back the glow on skin. I will share about the haircare tips in some other post. Now come to track,  cleansing, toning and moisturising is must throughout the year and everyone know this but during monsoon you should add / skip few ingredients in your skincare products and you should have to introduce few extra habits to make the skincare ritual more appropriate. So let's read more...

1 - Cleansing : During monsoon, always try to use natural ingredients skincare products .  Proper cleansing helps to clean the pores and allow the skin to breath. For cleaning skin you can use coconut oil,  tea tree oil,  aloevera, honey, lemon, apple cider vinegar, etc.

2 - Toning :  It will be better if you will avoid chemical loaded toners, always try to use things available at home which is pure and organic in some way.  For toning you can opt green tea,  lemon juice, cucumber water,  rose water, etc.  Sometimes a chilled cucumber slice also do charm on skin.

Must Follow Monsoon Skincare Tips for Healthy Looking Skin

3 - Moisturising : After toning skin need extra moisturizer to feel hydrated . You can use moisturiser according to your skin type.  Moisturisers with ingredients like cucumber,  organic coconut oil,  hemp seeds oils, olive oil will work great.

4 - Sunscreen :  It's monsoon which doesn't mean that there are no harm UV rays on air.  We shouldn't skin sunscreen throughout the year.  After moisturising skin, don't forget to add poly a good layer of sunscreen to all the exposed part of body . If you are at home or outside, never skip sunscreen. It is ideal to use sunscreen with SPF 30 or more.

Must Follow Monsoon Skincare Tips for Healthy Looking Skin

5 - Exfoliate :  Exfoliation is really necessary in regular basis like 2-3times a week.  Exfoliation removes the dead skincells and unclog pores and helps to grow new skincells . For scrubbing you can use coffee, sugar, baking soda, oat meal, papaya, etc.  These are great exfoliator.

Must Follow Monsoon Skincare Tips for Healthy Looking Skin

6 - Face Pack :  Along with all these skincare regimens ,applying face pack once or twice a week is really important. You can use charcoal face pack to clean the skin thoroughly.  Except that you can use some homemade face packs like gramflour, turmeric and yogurt face pack.  For this mix all the three and apply on face and  neck. You can also add honey to it too.

7 - Drink Water :  During monsoon it is important to keep skin and body hydrated to get a glowing skin.  Drinking lots of water is the key of glowing and healthy looking skin.

8 - During monsoon avoid using makeup specially when going out.  Also try to avoid bleaching skin.

These are some simple yet awesome tips to get good and healthy looking skin during monsoon. Hope you found these helpful.

Must Follow Monsoon Skincare Tips for Healthy Looking Skin

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

6 Reasons to Choose Mothersparsh Wet Wipes Over Regular Wipes

Choosing proper baby products is definitely a challenge. These days we can't believe on anything like this. We have to be extreamly  careful while choosing anything for our baby, be it a toy or a dress or a simple wipe.  Baby's skin is very delicate and it is very easy to prone infections, allergies, etc. Today I am going share something about baby wipes specially.  There are so many brands available in market but are the wipes good for our baby's sensitive skin? Are we thinking about the material as ND quality of the wipes while purchasing from market ? Mosr of you will say No because sometimes we trust some renowned brand or might be some other reason too. Recently I came across a brand Mother sparsh which claims that their wipes are water based. This claim forced me to do a research on different wet wipes. And here in this post I am going to share 6 most important reasons to buy mother sparsh wipes over regular wipes.

6 Reasons to Choose Mothersparsh Wet Wipes Over Regular Wipes

1 - The regular wipes are made up of polyester which is not good for skin, where as mothersparsh wipes are made up of 100% viscose  fabric which is very gentle even on sensitive skin. If you don't know what is viscose then let me tell you viscose is a fibre  which derived from wood pulp and it's all natural ,hence very much appropriate for baby's delicate sensitive skin.

2 - The mothersparsh wipes are as good as cotton and water.  There are 98% water content in these wipes, hence it doesn't cause any skin allergies or irritations.

6 Reasons to Choose Mothersparsh Wet Wipes Over Regular Wipes

3 - The mother sparsh wipes has goodness of aloevera, jojoba oil and vitamin E which gives extra moisture to baby's skin.

4 - These mother sparsh wipes are alcohol free, hypoallergenic and pH balanced. These are skin-friendly and doesn't cause rashes . There is no artificial perfume and it's completely organic.

5 - These are biodegradable wipes and clinically proven which assures that with regular uses of these wipes out baby's bum will not affect by any bacterial infection.. It is completely safe.

6 - And last but not the least, mother sparsh wipes are under budget and easily available on Amazon.

Price - Rs175/-  for 80wipes

Hope you found this post helpful. See you in the next post, till then take care.

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My Baby Is Smiling Now - I Have A Solution For His Blocked Nose

Being a mother is a blessing but not an easy task. Before getting pregnant we (me and my husband) both were mentally prepared to have a baby and we were very sure that we can bring up the new life in a perfect way.  Hence, time flew and the delivery date came nearer and one night I gave birth to our little bundle of joy. When I held him in my arms for the first time, I promised my little soul to protect him from all evil eyes and problems. When a new life comes to this world, it isn't a smooth journey for him/her at all. It has been a couple of years and my son is a toddler now, but still I feel the same protectiveness for him.
Due to drastic weather changes, kids and babies often fall sick. Fever, cold, cough is very common during these days because of high pollution. When the baby is sick and cranky, a mother can't sit calm. Cold and cough always bring nasal congestion along and it is really irritating for my baby and me!

Blocked nose creates difficulties in breathing, since babies are obligatory nose breathers. This makes them irritated. Babies become cranky and keep crying without any reason. They also can't sleep peacefully because of the blocked nose. They don't want to eat food and sometimes throw up. Because of nasal congestion babies stay disturbed the whole day and night, which has a bad effect on their body and overall growth.  My son also faces the same things whenever he is attacked by a cold and cough. Being a mom, I feel very restless seeing my baby in pain. But now I have found a solution and i.e. Nasivion nose drops. This is an awesome solution to unblock my baby's blocked nose. I just instill 1-2 drops and my baby finally gets some much-needed relief. Wait, let me tell you about the range of nasal drops by Nasivion in detail.

Nasivion has nasal drops for different age groups of kids. Nasivion mini 0.01% nasal drops for babies from newborn to 1 year and Nasivion pediatric 0.025% nose drops for kids from 1-6 years of age.
Nasivion mini 0.01% nasal drops has 0.01mg of oxymetazolin hudrochloride USP (active ingredient) in buffered aqueous solution.  Now the dosages are like this: for babies up to 4 weeks old, you can instill 1 drop of the solution into each nostrils 2-3 times a day. And for babies from 5 weeks to 1 year, instill 1-2 drops in each nostril 2-3 times a day.
Nasivion pediatric 0.25% nasal drop has 0.25mg oxymetazolin hudrochloride USP (active ingredient) in buffered aqueous solution. For kids of age group 1-6 years  instill 1-2 drops 2-3 times a day or as per the physician.
As the nasal drop has oxymetazolin hudrochloride, you shouldn't use it longer than 10 consecutive days. Additionally, always consult your pediatrician before. There is a dropper with the bottle; hence, it is easy to instill.  Once you instill and the baby will be able to breathe properly for 12 hours, which is appreciable.
** Nasivion Nasal Saline Solution is considered the first line of treatment, as it is safe and can be used by anyone. If the problem is aggravated then, after consulting the doctor, one can opt for Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops depending on the age of the child.

For more information regarding Nasivion nasal drops, please refer to the below sites.

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Learning About Colour Gemstones: Green Diamonds Insight
Image by sweetlouise via pixabay

Natural Beauty

Most married people will agree with the notion that although marrying the love of our life is a very special and momentous occasion, some of the decision making leading up to the ceremony can be a bit of a headache. Of course, guys soon to be wed who have been charged with choosing a type of diamond for the wedding bands will not always have a clear idea as to which kind of rock for the rings to purchase. However, fiancรฉs who have made up their mind to purchase green diamonds to be used in the design of their wedding rings have got plenty of websites they could visit to learn more about these unique gemstones. Referring to relevant websites online is definitely worth doing if we wish to find out more about why these fancy colour stones are so admired around the world.

Indeed, visiting such sites will enable us to learn about how these rocks have ended up with varying shades of green as well as getting more insight into the kinds of cuts most commonly found on these gems. With this in mind, fellas who are not completely sure whether their wife-to-be will be impressed with a wedding ring with a green diamond as part of its design would be wise to spend some time researching these precious stones.

Solitaire Rings

Even though there are many designs of engagement rings to choose from after getting in touch with a reputable broker of precious stones, it is not always easy to choose a particular design for such a huge commitment. One thing is for sure though, the solitaire diamond engagement ring, which is most commonly handcrafted with the round brilliant diamond cut incorporating either a four-prong or six-prong setting, is among the finest available today.

By looking at what Sydney engagement rings Certified Diamond Network is offering, couples planning to buy such beautiful pieces should feel spoilt for choice. Of course, courting couples who are going to take the next step in their relationship will want to consider the different options in rocks to be used in the design of their items of jewellery. One way of learning a lot about what makes green diamonds so special would be to scour the net for articles written by people with plenty of knowledge regarding these fantastic looking gems.

Shades of Green

As there are tons of websites featuring well-researched blogs on why so many people choose to purchase green diamonds for their engagement or wedding rings, it shouldn’t take too long to gain more insight into the attractions of these rocks. In fact, there are stacks of things we could learn about these fancy colour diamonds including the following:

◼ The colour in green diamonds is caused by radiation exposure
◼ They are amongst the rarest in colour diamonds
◼ There are eight different colour grades to pure green diamonds
◼ They can contain one or two secondary hues
◼ It is sometimes difficult to determine whether a green diamond is natural or treated

Purchasers of green diamonds for bespoke wedding rings handcrafted by experts may want to consider the many different colour intensity grades of the pure green colour diamond. Apart from the ever popular fancy deep variation -- faint green, light green and fancy vivid are well sought-after shades of the pure green diamond. If we are lucky enough to be dealing with one of the leading providers of a diamond brokerage service with bespoke designs of jewellery, we should be able to have an elegant pair of engagement or wedding rings created to our exact specific .

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Awesome ways to Reuse Expired Makeup and Beauty  Products

When any of the makeup product looks weird or smells weird or performs weird , then that stuff definitely has reached to its expiry date . It is really heartbreaking to throw the expensive makeup stuff like this. But it is not advisable to put expired makeup on skin, it might cause skin issues. Then what can we do?  Wait... Don't panic, I have few awesome ideas to reuse the expired makeup and beauty stuffs in different ways but not on skin.  So let's discuss..

Awesome ways to Reuse Expired Makeup and Beauty  Products

1 - Lipstick : Lipstick is one of most loved and used makeup product and we all love to store more and more lipsticks without any reason. At time passed, the lipstick comes to its expiry line and we can't use that anymore.  But we can use the lipsticks as marker.  Lipsticks are generally made up of wax and works great in terms of marker.

Awesome ways to Reuse Expired Makeup and Beauty  Products

2 - Mascara : Mascara has a very short time period of only 3-6 months but after that we can use in other ways. Just wash the wand properly and use it to comb your eyebrows.. It will work as a good eyebrow brush.

Awesome ways to Reuse Expired Makeup and Beauty  Products

3 - Baby Powder :  Sometimes we buy big bottles of baby talcum powder and before using the full bottle, it comes to its expiry date. And we can't apply this on baby's skin anymore . But you can put them on your old books or rack and even inside your heels to smell those fresh all the time.

Awesome ways to Reuse Expired Makeup and Beauty  Products

4 - Skin Toner : Toner can't be use after got expired . As toner has good amount of alcohol, hence it can be use to clean mobile cover,  led screen or any other glass surface.

Awesome ways to Reuse Expired Makeup and Beauty  Products

5 - Nail Polish : It's also not advisable to use any nail polish for longer duration. Normally there is no expiry date on nail polishes but we shouldn't use very old polishes on  nails . We can use nail polish to mark things and also can decorate the mobile covers. I have also designed this old cover of my mobile through nail polishes to give a new look.

Awesome ways to Reuse Expired Makeup and Beauty  Products

6 - Makeup Brushes : If you are planning to replace your old makeup brushes on if your brushes have lost their shape after few washes, then don't throw them away . You can use the old makeup brushes to clean the corners of window or shelf ,etc.

Aren't these ideas cool enough to try.  I am loving using my expired products in various other ways... Do share your thought in comments below... And see you in the next post. .take care ๐Ÿ˜Š ..

Xoxo ๐Ÿ˜„..

Awesome ways to Reuse Expired Makeup and Beauty  Products

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Heya girlzzz,  how are you all doing ? I am MIA these days, so sorry for that.  These days I am not feeling good, hence not able to sit and write properly. But today I decided to excuse my laziness and ready to write an interesting post for all of you... In today's post I will introduce a new skincare brand Bliss Botanical which make high quality handmade soaps but the price is not on the higher side.. Read the post below to know more in detail..

Bliss Botanical Handmade Soaps - Review

Bliss Botanical is a brand which makes all natural, chemicals free handmade soaps.  As this is a new brand, they have only few variations of soaps till now.  All the soaps are made up of natural ingredients and SLS/SLES free.  These are also paraben free, mineral oil free and there is artificial colour and fragrance . All the soaps are completely handmade and not tested on animals and purely vegan. Aren't these seems great for our skin. Currently there are four variants available.

Bliss Botanical Handmade Soaps - Review

๐Ÿ”ธActivated Charcoal handmade soap with Frankincense Essential oil
๐Ÿ”ธTea Tree and Peppermint soap with Kokum Butter
๐Ÿ”ธRose Geranium and Bergamot soap with Kokum Butter
๐Ÿ”ธOrange and Cedarwood soap with Kokum Butter

Let's review all the soaps in detail ..

Available on Amazon.

Activated Charcoal handmade soap with Frankincense Essential oil

Bliss Botanical Handmade Soaps - Review

Price - Rs125/-

Charcoal is great for skin as it cleanses skin deeply. And frankincense oil is a natural antiseptic and it also improves skin texture. All and all this soap helps to detoxify skin properly. It has goodness of coconut oil, castor oil and other essential oils which moisturise skin very gently and doesn't let skin feel dry . It also has cane sugar, activated charcoal, vitamin E ,etc.   This is suitable for all skin type . 

Tea Tree and Peppermint soap with Kokum Butter

Bliss Botanical Handmade Soaps - Review

Price - Rs99/-

This soap has goodness of coconut oil, castor oil, rose water, cane sugar, corn oil extract, kokum butter, dehydrated basil leaves, vitamin E,  tea tree oil and peppermint oil. Coconut oil and castor oil cleanses the skin gently and kokum butter keeps skin moisturised. This soap is suitable for normal to dry skin and sensitive skin too. 

Rose Geranium and Bergamot soap with Kokum Butter

Bliss Botanical Handmade Soaps - Review

Price - Rs99/-

This soap has goodness of coconut oil and castor oil which cleanses skin deeply and Kokum butter works as a great moisturiser.  It also has rose geranium oil which aromatic floral fragrance promotes healthy glowing skin.  Bergamot oil helps to calm down the nerves and makes you distress. All and all this soap is a nice blend of essential oils.  This soap can be used by men, women and even kids. It is suitable for normal to dry skin type and also for sensitive skin. 

Orange and Cedarwood soap with Kokum Butter

Bliss Botanical Handmade Soaps - Review

Price - Rs99/-

This soap moisturises skin as well as exfoliates . The soap base is made of coconut oil and castor oil which cleanses skin properly and Kokum butter moisturises well.  Cedarwood oil's mild woody fragrance helps to control skin dryness while orange oil's sweet aroma helps to uplift the senses. This soap is ideal for men . It is suitable for normal to dry skin and also for sensitive skin .

My experience - 

Bliss Botanical Handmade Soaps - Review

I am not a fan of soaps since years but I love trying out handmade soaps in between.  Normal soaps are very drying on my skin and has loads of chemicals too. But I feel handmade soaps are very gentle on skin and also hydrated on skin.  Since couple of days I am trying out these soaps by Bliss Botanical and trust me I am loving these to the core. My skin feels so soft and moisturised after every bath.  I love the sweet, mild fragrance of each soap.  These are all natural and handmade, hence so much optable for skin.  Me and my husband both love these soaps. My personal favorite is the charcoal soap and the rose geranium & bergamot soap .. I wish they have some more variations..  I am completely in love with these bars ..will definitely recommend you guys to check out these soaps on Amazon.

Hope you found this post helpful. See you in the next one, till then take care.

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5 Friendship Day Celebration Ideas

Friends are like pillars of life .There might be so many friends in life but good friends are very rare to find in this cruel world. Friends are precious and we should celebrate our friendship just to make the bond more stronger. As friendship day is knocking at the door, I thought to share few awesome ideas to cheer up the existence of friends in our life.

5 Friendship Day Celebration Ideas

There are several ways to celebrate when friends meet together, but to make the moment more special we should do some more effort , right.. So let's jump over the ideas..

1- Plan a pool party / beach party / pajama party :

To celebrate the friendship day in a fun way, pool party or beach party is a great idea. beach party can only happen if you and your friends are staying near any beach area, otherwise pool party a good option. For this book a pool side restaurant before hand and make a list of your all friends . Then deciding budget is very important. Now for the party choose a theme dress code and enjoy the party with music and delicious food. Another good option is pajama party . For this you don't need to go out and can enjoy at home . This is also under budget idea. You have to just call all your friends at home and arrange snacks, chips , cold drinks and rocking music obviously. aren't these some of the cool ideas.

5 Friendship Day Celebration Ideas

2- Outing to any hill station / adventurous place :

  If you all have good budget ,then planning a trip to any hill station or adventurous place is a great idea. Most of the young generation are fond of adventurous activities and planning a trip to such place is super fun. For this you guys have to done a proper discussion with parents or elders in house. A proper planning will bring all the happiness .

3- Gifting ( cards / friendship bands / personalised gifts ) :

5 Friendship Day Celebration Ideas

More over gifting or surprising is one of the best idea to make anyone happy and to make the bond stronger. you can gift any of the favourite things which your friend loves and make her/his surprise . You can also gift personalised gifts like coffee mugs,cushion covers, wall hangings ,etc. Another good option is gifting handmade photo collage . Just search for some funny yet beautiful old photographs of you and your friend and make a collage out of those and gift that with a handwritten note or poem. Again if your friend is living far away from you ,then a surprise visit can create the charm.

4- Movie out with gang of friends :

A movie plan is another great idea to celebrate friendship-hood . This can be an instant plan as well. Watching movie with gang of friends is actually super fun. I quite like this idea..

5- Long drive followed by food at dhaba :

After the movie date ,a long drive is really relaxing . And when the drive will follow by a dhaba food dinner ,then the happiness is over the top .what say ? I can imagine the scene now .. It is really fun trust me.

So these are the 5 ideas (which now came to my mind) of celebrating friendship day in a very fun way .. Hope you enjoyed these. If you have any more ideas ,then don't forget to share in the comments below . See you in the next post,till then enjoy..

Happy Friendship Day .. 

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Heya girls... I am apologizing first for not being so active here. There is a good reason for that and that is my channel. I am learning about making videos, handling YouTube, etc. these days because I am very new to YouTube . Please subscribe to my channel just to encourage me.. Well, let's talk about today's topic.  Actually I have already uploaded the review and swatches video of these Ny Bae liquid lipsticks in my channel but again thought to share here as well.

NY Bae Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches (Video Inside)

Recently I have done a lipstick haul from and that's from the brand NY Bae.  NY Bae is a brand which makes New York inspired affordable makeup products. There are wide range of makeup products like lipsticks, eye pencils, concealers ,nail polishes, etc. and the price tag is also under budget. This time I only picked up liquid lipsticks. There are 12shades available in this range but I got  5 from them, because some of the shades were out of stock and some were not my kind of colours, hence I skipped.

Price - Rs 175/-

Shades I got -

NY Bae Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches (Video Inside)

◼ It's Velvety Under the Ground - peach shade with pink undertone 
◼ Sitcom Special - Fuschia pink shade
◼ Cosy in the Subway Car - Neon-ish pink shade
◼ Parade Ready - Purple-ish pink with fine shimmers in it 
◼ Big Apple Babe - Orange-ish red shade

Packaging -

NY Bae Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches (Video Inside)

The packaging is really simple like the normal lip glosses. There is no ingredients list or other information regarding the product on the tube which I found little awkward.  The applicator is long, sleek and easy to apply . The tubes are transparent, hence you can choose the shade easily.

Texture, Pigmentation and Staying Ability -

The texture is creamy and light weight on lips. The lighter shades are a bit patchy but the darker ones are great in texture.  These doesn't dry out my lips nor tug of pull but I do prefer to apply a layer of lip balm before these just to get a perfect finish. And in this my dry lips stay hydrated all day long. The shades are smudge-proof, transferproof and doesn't settle into fine lines. All the shades stays all day long . You need a good makeup remover to remove completely the shades.

Swatches -

NY Bae Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches (Video Inside)

Watch the video :

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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Heya pretty ladies,  Hope you all are doing good. Recently I have got an interesting product from beautybigbang and that is obviously a nail product.  I got these 50pc. nail tips stick which is definitely a life saver for any nailart lover. So in this post I am going share my quick view on these babies.

50pc. Nailart Tip Sticks Review | Ft. Beautybigbang

If you are not aware of what are those, then let me tell you, these fake nail tips are really helpful if you are into nailarts or if you have nail salon or if you have so many nail polishes.  These are actually nail colour displays.  If you have so many shades and you want to keep a track on your nail polish collection, then simply paint these nail tips one by one with the shades you own and you are pretty much sorted.  If you own a nail salon ,then these can be use as nail colour display.  I personally got these to practice new designs .. Each time I can't paint my own nails to practice and these are the best option to make everything handy.  Let's disciabout these quality and other features..

Price - 4.99$
 Available HERE .

50pc. Nailart Tip Sticks Review | Ft. Beautybigbang

These nail tips are made up of plastic and these are very lightweight and thin.  If you will put more pressure, then these might break.  There is a ring provided with these tips. You have to put all the tips into that ring to make it convenient to use. There were two types available on beautybigbang i.e. transparent and white and I choose the white shade.

50pc. Nailart Tip Sticks Review | Ft. Beautybigbang

50pc. Nailart Tip Sticks Review | Ft. Beautybigbang

50pc. Nailart Tip Sticks Review | Ft. Beautybigbang

These nail tips are going to be helpful for me while doing swatch videos.  I am super happy by getting these. By the way beautybigbang has awesome collection of makeup and nail products, you should definitely check out. They do accept paypal payment and you are going to get your parcel within 2-4 weeks.  The great part is everything is on free shipping and they do ship worldwide. Use my coupon code SNIG10 to avail extra 10% off across  the site.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Mothersparsh Water Wipes - The purest form of babycare

Every mother wants to give the best to her baby. When I became a mom, I was very particular in choosing products for my little boy.  I only choose brands for him on which I can trust completely . Skinrashes is a very common problem in new born babies as well as in growing babies.  Baby's skin is 10times more delicate and sensitive than we adult's skin, hence it needs special care such time. As per pediatricians, baby's skin should be washed with cotton and water to avoid rashes.  But everytime it is not possible to wash with cotton and water , hence another option is to use wet wipes to clean baby's skin during those odd times.  There are so many brands available but these days I am completely happy with the mothersparsh baby wipes because it is as good as cotton and pure water.

Mothersparsh Water Wipes - The purest form of babycare

Mothersparsh wet wipes have 98% water and very gentle on both baby and mom's skin.  These are hypoallergenic and have goodness of aloevera and vitamin E which maintains the natural pH balance of baby's delicate skin. It keeps baby's skin away from rashes, redness and any allergies. It is completely safe and as good as cotton and water.

These mothersparsh wipes are priced for Rs175/-  and available easily on Amazon.

Mothersparsh Water Wipes - The purest form of babycare

After a lots of researches on internet, I came to know that every wipes are not suitable for baby's sensitive skin as those have chemicals , polyester and plastic which can harm skin in long run. But mothersparsh wet wipes are concerned for baby's health and hygiene . These wipes are made up of 100% viscos. Viscos is a fibre derived from woodpulp. It is plastic-free and gentle for baby's sensitive skin. These water wipes has gripe water without sodium bicarbonate and sucrose for the colic relief in babies. Isn't it an unique concept ? These wipes also has aloevera , vitamin E which gives extra moisture to baby's delicate skin each time . I use these wipes to clean his face, neck and hands as well. Even I do wipe my face and hand with these wipes while in hurry.  There is no perfume and these are completely organic.

Mothersparsh Water Wipes - The purest form of babycare

Things which made Mothersparsh Baby Wipes unique :

1) These mothersparsh wipes have 98% water which is so suitable for even New born's delicate skin.

2) It is enriched with aloevera, jojoba oil and vitamin E which gives extra moisturizer and maintains the pH balance of skin.

3)It is hypo-allergenic and safe for baby's delicate skin.

4) These are paraben and alcohol free and the most organic way to babycare .

5) These protects baby skin from redness, allergies and any irritation.

6) The mothersparsh wipes are made up of viscos material and is completely polyester-free and plastic-free.

7) There is no artificial fragrance and has very mild and refreshing fragrance.

Mothersparsh Water Wipes - The purest form of babycare

Overall these Mothersparsh water wipes  are best of babies and mom and the purest form of babycare.

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Friday, 6 July 2018

5 Tips for Art Deco Style Decorating

The 1920s were stylish not only when it comes to fashion. Interior design during this era was heavily influenced by the Art Deco design elements and featured luxurious details that are still considered incredibly beautiful today. These 5 style elements can easily bring this classic sense of style into your modern home, making it an impeccable space you can be proud to show off.

5 Tips for Art Deco Style Decorating

A Beautiful Dressing Table

There is nothing more beautiful that an intricately styled dressing table. A mirrored vanity table paired with an oversized mirror perfectly evokes vintage elegance while still creating a sleek and stylish look. Pair your dressing table with a plush chair or stool to create a cozy contrast. For an even more vintage-inspired look, add a decorative tray with vintage perfume bottles as a fun and playful accent.

A Stylish Bar Cart

While prohibition reigned during the 1920s, it didn’t stop people from having a good time. The bar cart rose to popularity towards the end of the Twenties, and has once again become a staple in modern home decor. Create a bar cart stocked with vintage elements, such as stylish vintage glassware or beautiful, ornate decanters to completely polish the look.

5 Tips for Art Deco Style Decorating

A Bold Wall Pattern 

While Art Deco style is known for its graphic lines and sharp edges, it also included an explosion of fun and playful colors and patterns. Create this look within your home by adding statement wallpaper to your interiors and create a colorful contrast with the rest of your furniture or decor. A cheerful floral print or leaf pattern can create a bold and exciting interior in any room. Or, a highly stylized print in a traditional Art Deco pattern adds sophistication.

A Stylish Animal Print

Animal prints were first being utilized in interior design during the 1920s. Natural patterns that mimic or are inspired by the look of animal hide can be a fun way to mix patterns within your home. For more elevated interiors, find accents that mimic animal prints in muted neutral colors, which creates a stylish monochromatic look.

5 Tips for Art Deco Style Decorating

A Sunburst Accent

Certain patterns and shapes are iconic emblems that rose to popularity in the Art Deco era. Specifically, sunbursts can be incorporated in your interiors in a variety of ways. Wall hangings and mirrors sometimes mimic this incredibly graphic, symmetrical shape. Or, find sconces that emanate light in a similar pattern.

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