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How Mutual Fund helps Moms to overcome problems

 Moms are the finance manager of a house. They plan and manage almost all the financial issues and expenses of the house to run everything smoothly without any hustle. But not everydays are good. During the difficult time how Mutual fund helps moms to achieve their goals, is the matter of discussion of today's post.  There are children education, medical emergency and other requirements as well which can be managed properly with mutual fund investments.  Mutual funds allow the investor to plan their financial future smoothly.  For more details, you can visit the HSBC website . Also, readers are requested to fill in this form to help you understand better and have your queries answered by the brand. Disclaimer: This post is written as an informational part, please read all guidelines carefully before investing in financial transactions.

πŸŽ€ Shopping Haul From Dresslink.Com πŸŽ€ - Website Review πŸ‘‡

Hello peeps. Nowadays online shopping is a trend and we all enjoy to shop online because of the discounts, offers they provide...  recently I have discovered another online site where you can find products at wholesale price..  Isn't  it good??  I am talking about ..  Dresslink is a Hongkong  based online shopping site...  Recently I have made a haul from the same...  Can you remember ,before I have shared my wish list from dresslink (do check here ) and when I got a chance to shop I was very happy and excited...  I have got a couple of stuffs for me and here I am going to show you all my haul.. I choose China postage as shipping option which was the cheapest medium there ,otherwise the shipping would cost a bomb to India...  The parcel took nearly one month to reach me which is quite ok with international shipping...  Well now see what all I got for me.. 1- Casual Long Lace Sleeve T-shirt: I have got this t-shirt for me which has white lace

❤ PAC Cosmetics Liquid Liner Pen ❤ - Review and Swatches πŸ‘‡

Holla beauties... Today I am here with another PAC product review and it's the liquid liner pen...  Recently last month I have bought some PAC products, hence you can expect some more PAC  product reviews in the near future... I feel more comfortable with pen liners than the other varieties available  in market...  After finishing my Maybelline colossal pen liner, I was searching for a good eyeliner and came to know regarding this beauty...  I love matte finish eye liners and the colossal one gives slightly glossy finish,  hence I wanted to try a matte one and bought this one as it claims to give a nice matte  finish look...  PAC products are dirt cheep and of very good quality which attracts me to buy more and more but unfortunately these are not easily available  in India...  I have bought mine from Flipkart,  you can check Amazon as well...  Before writing regarding my opinion,  let's  know what is the brand claiming about this liquid liner pen... Brand Clai

Surprise Your Loved One 🎁 #3 (Photo Frames)

Today I am going to write the third series of ' surprise your loved one '  and today's gift is photo frame ...  A photo frame is a medium to showcase our wonderful moments...  if you are thinking that,  why I  am writing about a photo frame??,  what can be innovative in a photo frame???  Then don't  worry,  read below you will get the answer...  Surprise Your Loved One 🎁 #3 (Photo Frames) There are so many handicraft  unique designs photo frames available  at the site surprise someone ...  But I am going tell you about the two designs I got for myself...  the first one is a simple colourful fabric frame and another one is a frame inside a gift bag with an envelope...  First unique thing is these are made up of handmade papers and colourful fabrics ...  I am sure everyone gonna love these...  I have already put the fabric design frame one on my study table with my son's  pic and i am planning to gift the other one to my sister-in-law...  these are a per

❤Akmasq Pimple Care Complexion Mask By Ethicare Remedies ❤ - Review πŸ‘‡

Hello everyone.. How are you all?? Hope all are doing well..and me too.. Another Ethicare product review is on.. I am too impressed by the quality of the Ethicare products.. I have reviewed two more products before..( Do check HERE & HERE ) . In the Acmed gentle pimple care facewash review I had mentioned that I had one pimple on my forehead πŸ˜• and I applied that facewash and some pimple care products and that pimple vanished away without leaving any mark.. Can you remember this line πŸ™‹.. Well this pimple care mask was also included in that pimple care products.. I normally don't get pimples or acne as I have normal to dry skin type,hence I don't store any pimple care stuff in my skincare stash.. But sometimes due to weather change,I get one two tiny pimples.. Last time when I saw a little big size pimple on my forehead ,I searched for a pimple cure product online and then realise that i already have couple of pimple caring products in my stash which was sent by b

πŸ’—Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick With SPF30 πŸ’— - Review and Swatches πŸ‘‡

Hello girls... Recently while cleaning my makeup stash, I found this beauty which I had bought 6-7 months before I guess and never used...  I had bought this Colorbar full cover makeup stick to conceal my under eye area,  but don't know why I hadn't  use  this.  Well now I have  applied this a couple of times and ready to share my view on it...  This one is not a new launch of colorbar but a very popular product  i must say..  This makeup stick is a multi-tasking   makeup stick which can fulfil almost all makeup desires. You can use is at a foundation,  a concealer,  a highlighter and a contour...  are you wondering??  Wait I will clear your confusions in the below lines,  do read... Brand Claims- A lightweight ,creamy concealer plus foundation that provides smooth and natural finish . This emollient base makeup stick is so concentrated that a tiny amount can provide complete coverage. Features:  Concealer plus foundation, Non-oily ,long lasting , Gives medium

Surprise Your Loved One 🎁 #2 (Wish Box)

So here we are at the second series of ' Surprise Your Loved One " .. and today's surprise gift is the Wish Box ..  Everybody know what is wish box means actually.. So when the box which makes our wishes come true,we called as wish box .. And this wish box is some thing like that.. A mustard yellow colour triangular box which has sixteen portions inside it and each portion has a small paper within it.. Here you have to write your wishes or thoughts on that papers (wish papers) and give that to your loved ones or husband or boy friend or brother,etc.. from whom you can expect that they can fulfil  your wishes.. Isn't it a good idea... ?? I totally like this idea.. I will recommend this cute box to every girls,because the Rakhi festival is coming and do write your wishes and just hand over this wish box to your brother.. I am sure your brother will go mad after seeing sixteen wishes... Hahaha... Well jokes apart, I must say this is an unique idea to just

"It's Raining.... " - NailArt Inspired By Rainy Season..

Hello... It is raining since 5 days now in my city and finally today the weather is quite good..  So how can I forget to draw a nailart inspiring rainy season.. Hahaha. ...  So here is my first rain inspired art for all of you.. Actually I have planned some more designs for this watery buttery rainy season.. Enjoy the first one ,I will bring some creatives in my coming posts.. Products Needed : 1-   A dark blue nail paint, a light grey nail paint, an orange and a yellow nail paint 2- A clear coat polish 3- A toothpick or a small dotting tool Tutorial: As it is a free hand nailart, i haven't take pictures of the steps.. Here I have taken blue and grey as a combination,but you can mix match any shade as per your choice.. I have taken orange and yellow colour t make the umbrella , you can take any vibrant colour for that.. I have drawn the art through a small dotting tool,you can create through a toothpick as well.. I think toothpick will bring a nice texture th

Cherish The Childhood Memories With PaperBoat Drink Chilli Guava ...

How are you all?? I am not well,down with cold and fever .. It is raining since three days now.. I can't step out ,so decided to write some pending blog posts.. Hence today's post is something different from my regular ones.. Recently I have received a beautiful goodies box from The Paperboat    .. I  personally love paperboat drinks and buy 2-3 drinks whenever I go for grocery shopping . Recently they have added some new flavours to their drinks and really kind enough to send me two packets of one of the new flavours.. The flavour I got is Chilli Guava .. Before jump into the drinks description,I want to ask you some questions.. Don't you want to go back to your child days some times ?? Don't you feel like jump in the rain on the road ?? Don't you want to play with paper boats .?? My answer is yes .. and I know you too will agree with me.. I love my childhood time but the practical thing is we can't go back to those days but we can cherish  those chil

#Catchup Lost Growth Of Your Kid With Horlicks Growth Plus

Image Source- It is really important to have a proper growth in physically and mentally for every kid,  but in this 20th century  every mother has the same problem that their kid has not proper height and weight according to their age ...  and once your child will loose physical growth,  then his/her mental growth will stop slowly and you can't  notice that immediately..  Being a mother of a three years old toddler,  I can totally related to this topic.. Even my son does so much tantrums when it comes to eat food...  Normally growth lost has occurred due to low intake of food.  And  some times  our kids do eat properly, hence don't  get right weight according to the age..  In that case the problem is, not taking healthy and nutritious food...  Yes..  it is important to give proper nutrition to your kid for proper growth.. Now kids don't  prefer to eat vegetables and do like junk foods,  chocolates,etc. which only satisfies their

SurpriseYour Loved One 🎁 #1 (Love Notes)

Some days before, last month I have introduced a new site here named as  ,can you remember (check HERE ) ?? At that post I had given a brief description regarding the site and their motto.. I also shared some awesome stuffs sent by the website as a token of surprise.. So it's time to analyse the products one by one and their uses actually.. So I am going to start a series of posts in which I will share each products that i got.. Hence here is the first series and today  I am introducing one of the product among the huge which is called as Love Notes  . Is it sounding some romantic type ?? Well , this is a triangular shape box with two colourful sheets tied with red ribbons.. According to the site you can write your feelings on one of the sheet and give it to your loved one and on the another sheet ,your loved person can write some heart touching words for you.. Wow.. such a cute and lovely idea to express love.. I am going to utilise  this id

PAC Cosmetics Auto Lip Liner 'Watermelon' - Review ...

Hello teddies.. Today I am going to share another makeup product from PAC cosmetics .. I have shared my view on the PAC beauty blender some days ago,if you have not read that,then visit HERE  .. After getting a good experience on the beauty blender,I decided to invest some more bucks on PAC and bought few more makeup stuffs recently.. I have shared my recent PAC haul picture on my Instagram .. Anyway today's topic is on PAC auto lip liner.. There are eight ( i guess) beautiful auto lip liners available in PAC and all shades are super gorgeous ,trust me.. I have picked two shades from those and today I will review one of these.. The shade name is Watermelon , isn't it sounding juicy type .. I am going to mad.. Well jokes apart .. The shade is very pretty .. Here I want to tell you that all the auto lip liners are belonging to mostly red and pink family. I wish they could add some purples,plums and neutral shades as well.. Okk now move to the detailed review.. Pric