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Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin

The name UBTAN is extremely familiar to all of us, isn't it !! There is a ritual to apply ubtan to the bridegroom before D-Day. Ubtan helps to revive the natural glow of the skin and works best to remove sun tanning from the skin. Also, we apply ubtan to newborn babies for months. It clarifies skin and brightens up further.  Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin Being encircled by chemical-loaded skincare products, it is quite tough to accomplish glowing and healthy skin. Our skin deserves a gentle yet effective solution that belongs to the essence of tradition and nature. And here comes natural, herbal, and organic skincare products. It is a challenge to get organic and natural skincare products as the market is flooded with zillions of brands. To maintain that age-old tradition of applying ubtan for glowing skin, I have narrowed down some of the best ubtan products for you to choose from. What is Ubtan -  Ubtan is an age-old natural solution discovered by our grannies. It is an he

Simple Teal Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial...

It's the first time I am going to share any makeup tutorial, I am super nervous and at the same time excited... I have tried something like this for the first time as well...  I always watch such makeup tutorials on YouTube but always afraid to do on me..  I am really new to makeup and all..  You can say I am only an eyeliner and lipstick person but now I have put a step ahead and tried something different which is very new to me...  And trust me I enjoyed a lot while doing this makeup and this is inspiring me now to do more such tutorials... The idea of creating this eyemakeup came to my mind by seeing a pic on Pinterest..  But the problem was I don't have much eyeshadow palettes ,then I thought to create using eyeliners...  I know, the look is not perfect or the way I wanted but I loveed it...  Because practice makes man perfect and now I am planning to buy few makeup brushes and eyeshadow palettes. Okk,  let's get into the tutorial.. The blush is missing

6 Best Sunscreens Available In India (Say Bye to Sunburn and Tanning)

Applying Sunscreen is one of the most important step in our daily skincare regimen... One should never miss applying a good SPF sunscreen on regular basis just to avoid the harsh sun ray . There is a myth which settles in our mind that sunscreen is only requires during summer season which is absolutely wrong...  We have to apply sunscreen throughout the year even in rainy season as well. Sunscreens has SPF (Sun Protection Factor) which helps to protect our skin from harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays...  For Indian climate SPF30-40 is sufficient...  Higher SPF won't work properly...  And it has recommended that never go over SPF 75..  UV ray is actually of three types i.e. UVA, UVB and UVC.  UVA causes premature ageing, skin wrinkles, photosensitivity, skin cancer, pigmentation, etc.. While UVB is responsible for discoloration, tanning, etc...  And UVC get absorbed by the ozone layer and don't reach to earth's surface.  Hence we never skip applying a good suns

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Protein Hair Conditioner Review

Hello girls...  Today I am going to share my experience with Patanjali Kesh Kanti Protein Hair Conditioner .. Recently I have added this to my hair care routine...  I have very dry, curly, fizzy and rough kind hair which is very difficult to manage...  After trying so many hair products I am now kinda fed up...  And my hair fall issue is another big problem...  Now I am badly missing my good hair days (when I was in school)... Hence I stopped using high chemical based hair products and have completely switched to herbal and natural hair products...  I too have following a very easy DIY hair mask as well, will share the detail in some other posts for sure...  Well.. for shampoo and conditioner, I am using the patanjali ones now...  After finishing the ritha shampoo (Reviewed HERE ), this time I thought to try the protein shampoo along with the same conditioner...  Will review the shampoo after few more uses and today it's time for the protein conditioner... There are 3-

Oriflame The ONE High Impact Eye Pencils Review & Swatches

These days I am in love with eye pencils and liners...  I don't use makeup on everyday basis, only on any special ocassion I prefer to open my makeup vanity... But love applying eye liner, lipstick and mascara whenever I step out. I have a little collection of eye pencils from different brands, I will show you all someday... Recently I have added few more eye pencils into my kitty which are from Oriflame...  These are named as Oriflame The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil and I have all the four shades of the range...  Let's talk about these in detail.. ABOUT ORIFLAME THE ONE HIGH IMPACT EYE PENCILS - Confident eye lining in a single stroke. Intense colour glides on smoothly and lasts all day without fading, slipping or smudging. Retractable tip never needs sharpening. Shades - Omny Black,  Amazon Green, Deep Plum  & Midnight Blue PRICE - Rs429/- each MY EXPERIENCE ON ORIFLAME THE ONE HIGH IMPACT EYE PENCILS - The Oriflame high impact eye pencils comes in

Lotus Herbals YOUTHRx Youth Activating Serum + Crème - Review

I am back after a short leave...  These days I am not feeling like blogging because of few personal issues...  Actually my energy level is very down these days.  Well.. leave all that and come back to today's post...  Ever since I have started using Lotus herbals youthrx range,  I am in love with every single  product...  I have already reviewed two products of the range and today it is time for   Lotus Herbals YOUTHRx Youth Activating Serum + Crème ... I am using this since three months now and ready to share my opinion... Brand claims - Price - Rs 795/- for 30ml. Ingredients - *Find review of Lotus herbals youthrx full range HERE  * Packaging - The serum has the typical youthrx packaging which is so beautiful in real... It has a pump dispenser which makes it convenient to use...  It has a transparent plastic cap over it which is not sturdy enough, mine got cracked within few uses only...  The 30ml. bottle is very handy to carry while traveling...  The ou