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Rain Drops On My Nails (3D Nailart) - Tutorial with Steps...

Woohhoo guys...  It is raining heavily and continuously since a week now in my city and there is only water and water everywhere.. It is really difficult to step out from home...  Rain is necessary to keep the balance of nature but sometimes heavy rainfall is dangerous too...  Well, leave all this boring lecture (what you might think)  and get into today's tutorial...

If you remember, last year I have shared a nailart with name 'rain drops on leave' which was a 3D nailart and was a disaster too...  Hence this time I have tried to put raindrops on my freshly painted nails and it is a 3D art too...  The nailart is super easy and everyone can draw...  This is a no tool nailart and only you need two polishes for this art.. A 70% dried, gooey transparent top coat polish is required for this art...  So let's move to the nailart tutorial..


1- Any colour nail polish, I have taken Nykaa matte nail polish Lavender Panna Cotta.

2- A half dried old transparent top coat

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1-First I have painted my nails with nykaa matte nail polish..  You can choose any glossy polish too..

2- After the base colour dried completely , take the dry top coat and put random dots carefully... The drops will resemble the rain drops...

3-  Now wait till the drops dried completely, and you can apply on extra layer of top coat to seal the design which is very optional... I haven't applied any extra top coat here...

Now Done...  Be ready to flaunt the drops on your nails...

Enjoy pictures ..

Hope you liked this easy to draw nailart tutorial (#monsoonmani)  ...will share another easy nailart very soon... Till then keep smiling and keep visiting my space...

Xoxo 😊😊

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  1. Just awesome.. i must say u are a nailart expert 😍

  2. Wow super easy and awsome nail art. 😍 I would surely try it

    1. Definitely try and share with me... Thank you..

  3. This look is perfect for mansoon parties. Looks so fabulous and beautiful.

  4. I love the colour lavendar. Very pretty nail shade.

    1. Thank you... Me too love the colour, so refreshing..

  5. They are actually looking like rain drops and this is so easy wow !

  6. They actually look like rain drops and so easy .. Wow !!

  7. It is really an easy peasy one. I think I can recreate it. If I, then share with you. And that lavender shade is just awesome.

  8. Oh my god. Your nail art looks so beautiful. 😍 Just gorgeous

  9. Totally in love with the nail art...Looks refreshing and beautiful

  10. I badly want to buy this nail colour now... Great effect ya...

  11. Super duper awesome!!! And this is so easy that I am definitely going to try it. 😍


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