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Skincare Haul from Lotus Botanicals

  Skincare Haul from Lotus Botanicals I am using Lotus Botanicals skincare products for years now and always love how my skin feels with these premium skincare ranges. Lotus Botanicals represents 100% organic, botanically certified, and skin-safe skin and hair care products. Recently during the sale time, I grabbed a few of their best-selling skincare products for myself. Stay tuned to know more about these products.  Lotus Botanicals Vitamin C skin brightening Matte Fluid Sunscreen  Skincare Haul from Lotus Botanicals We all know the importance of applying good sunscreen by now. The lotus Botanicals Vitamin C sunscreen has SPF 50. It is loaded with vitamin C which helps to rejuvenate skin. There is grapefruit as well which is a brilliant source of vitamin C. The sunscreen is lightweight and non-greasy, hence oily skin people can also apply it. It doesn't leave a white cast on the skin as some other sunscreens do. It reduces dark spots, prevents skin tanning, and repairs skin wel

50pc. Nailart Tip Sticks Review | Ft. Beautybigbang

Heya pretty ladies,  Hope you all are doing good. Recently I have got an interesting product from beautybigbang and that is obviously a nail product.  I got these 50pc. nail tips stick which is definitely a life saver for any nailart lover. So in this post I am going share my quick view on these babies. If you are not aware of what are those, then let me tell you, these fake nail tips are really helpful if you are into nailarts or if you have nail salon or if you have so many nail polishes.  These are actually nail colour displays.  If you have so many shades and you want to keep a track on your nail polish collection, then simply paint these nail tips one by one with the shades you own and you are pretty much sorted.  If you own a nail salon ,then these can be use as nail colour display.  I personally got these to practice new designs .. Each time I can't paint my own nails to practice and these are the best option to make everything handy.  Let's disciabout these

Mothersparsh Water Wipes - The purest form of babycare

Every mother wants to give the best to her baby. When I became a mom, I was very particular in choosing products for my little boy.  I only choose brands for him on which I can trust completely . Skinrashes is a very common problem in new born babies as well as in growing babies.  Baby's skin is 10times more delicate and sensitive than we adult's skin, hence it needs special care such time. As per pediatricians, baby's skin should be washed with cotton and water to avoid rashes.  But everytime it is not possible to wash with cotton and water , hence another option is to use wet wipes to clean baby's skin during those odd times.  There are so many brands available but these days I am completely happy with the mothersparsh baby wipes because it is as good as cotton and pure water. Mothersparsh wet wipes have 98% water and very gentle on both baby and mom's skin.  These are hypoallergenic and have goodness of aloevera and vitamin E which maintains the na

5 Tips for Art Deco Style Decorating

The 1920s were stylish not only when it comes to fashion. Interior design during this era was heavily influenced by the Art Deco design elements and featured luxurious details that are still considered incredibly beautiful today. These 5 style elements can easily bring this classic sense of style into your modern home, making it an impeccable space you can be proud to show off. A Beautiful Dressing Table There is nothing more beautiful that an intricately styled dressing table. A mirrored vanity table paired with an oversized mirror perfectly evokes vintage elegance while still creating a sleek and stylish look. Pair your dressing table with a plush chair or stool to create a cozy contrast. For an even more vintage-inspired look, add a decorative tray with vintage perfume bottles as a fun and playful accent. A Stylish Bar Cart While prohibition reigned during the 1920s, it didn’t stop people from having a good time. The bar cart rose to popularity towards the end of