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What is the expected life of shapewear with regular use?

 As shapewear keeps getting popular and has become a must-have for many to achieve a sleek figure and a boost in their confidence… Many wonder about the expected life of their shapewear if they give them regular use. Because of its lifespan, shapewear will eventually need to be replaced.  To be able to determine the lifespan of your wholesale waist trainers and shapewear it’s necessary to consider some factors like how frequently you used them, the material quality, and how you maintain your piece as well as its type.  The quality of the materials  This is one of the most important factors to help determine the lifespan of a garment, alongside its construction. Brands will use high-quality materials to manufacture their shapewear because they have the ability to compress and stretch.  The use of high-quality materials will significantly prolong the life of your shapewear piece. Some brands will use a superior blend of fabrics and construction techniques that enhance durability.  The f

Palmolive Aroma Absolute Relax Shower Gel with Ylang Ylang Essential Oil & Iris Extracts - Review and Price

Hello.. How are you all doing.. It is so hot here in Indore and I am like to sit inside a water tank for the whole day.. But unfortunately I can't do that in practical,but can take a relaxing bath for sure. Yes for this I purchased the Palmolive Aroma Absolute Relax Shower Gel. I have really good experience with the shower gels from Palmolive. They have so many variants of shower gels  and I have used the  Palmolive Aroma Sensual Shower Gel with Moroccan Rose Essensial Oil & Ginseng Extract   before..  Let's see my experience with this purple beauty..

Iraya Reviving Face Tonic With Pomegranate & Mint - Review and Price

Hello lovelies.. Today I will write on  Iraya Reviving Face Tonic With Pomegranate & Mint which is meant for normal to oily skins. The brand is very new here at BOB , but very popular among herbal/ayurvedic brands. Their products are awesome in quality.. Let see this yellow boom how did work on my skin.. For your reference :  I have dry skin type ,but in summer it behaves like normal skin.. I don't have any skin breakouts, acne ,etc. Let's move to know in details..

Bow NailArt... #1

Heya girls.. Today I will show you a very pretty and easy BOW nail art.. Infact I am doing a series of Bow nail arts,that's why naming the heading with "#1 " mark.. In this series I will try to make some really pretty and easy-pisy Bow nail arts. So here is the first one for you.. If you are a follower of my instagram account,then must be aware of that,recently I have purchased some nail art tools.. Today I have done this art by using some of them (one dotting tool and one pointed brush). Let's see the steps one by one..

Blog Sale... :)

Hello ... Here is a blog sale for Indian residence only.. I want to clear my stash and that's a quick blog sale. All the products have been used/swatched unless mentioned new. The rules are simple. Please email me : on what products you want to buy or you can comment below as well. I will send in my bank details. Please transfer the money within 48 hours after confirmation through email. I will send the products as soon as I get the payment. Sale is open till the stock lasts !! Shipping charges : depends upon the amount of product and your location. I will be using Indian Post and I will give the tracking number to the buyer.  Please don't try to bargain ..the price is final. 1- Oriflame Primer (80% left) - Rs 100/- ,Oriflame foundation (80% left) - Rs120/- 2- LA Color Eyeshadow pallet (used once only two shades)- 130/- 3- Maybelline Makeup remover (New)- 180/- 4- Lakme Insta liner - 60/- 5- Maybelline Hyper shar

Tips to Choose Right Ballerina Shoes to Flaunt to the World

Hello lovelies. How are you all.. I am feeling like roasted veggie. OMG it’s too hot in Indore. Anyway, thanks to God that I can do my work from home.. Today I am super excited to share with you all a new love of mine. I love collecting new design shoes and from different varieties. After my pregnancy I  prefer to wear heels only for special occasions/functions. In my daily life I love wearing flat shoes . Now-a-days I have developed my love towards  Ballerinas   and these are so comfortable to carry . I give first priority to comfort in terms of choosing any foot wear. If there is no comfort ,then that foot wear is useless. Whenever I move out,I have to carry my baby as well and with heels /wedges it is really difficult to manage, that’s the main reason ,now I have switched to the comfortable yet stylish ballerina foot wears.  Ballerina shoes are very light weight and heel-less, hence you can wear them for longer hours without hurting your back. These shoes covers maximum p

Biotique Bio Quince Seed Nourishing Face Massage Cream (for normal to dry skin) - Review,Price & Availability in India

Hello lovely ladies.. I am too lazy to write any reviews or anything now a days due to my little one. He is becoming more naughty day by day.. Oh my GOD how people able to manage 5-6 and more children before (like our 2-3 generations before). I am going to be mad one day for sure.. Anyway I am not getting so much time these days to pamper my skin . But I never forget to follow my CTM routine. Yes that's very important.. Since a long time I was searching for a good massage cream as my skin is looking dull after my pregnancy and specially from past 5-6 months. One day I found one review on Biotique Bio Quince Massage Cream    and there was some really good points ,hence I immediately decided to buy this and I am using this from past one and half month i guess,so here is the review for you all..

My Airtel App - One Smart Touch Experience..!!

The whole world is running through smart phones now-a-days. A smart phone is not only considered  as smart due to its look but also its wonderful features/functions and apps. Now smart phones are the best friends of every age group and more popular for its smart applications. We can operate each and everything and explore the world through the apps present in smart phones. We have to just download that specific app and all set to go.One of such wonderful app is My Airtel App which helps us in numerous way like recharging bills,tracking account usages, buying products and many more such things which we do in our daily basis. Isn't it  interesting..??? By the way there is no need to introduce the company Airtel. Airtel is a very well-known mobile network brand which provides great facilities to their users. And now this smart Airtel App has made life more convenient through its smart features.. I like three features to the most and these are as follows.. Image Source

The Precious Memories Of Motherhood...!!

Being Mom is such an amazing / out of the world experience which brings a huge change in your life/lifestyle with loads of beautiful memories. The person who feels that motherhood taste can only say how charming it is.. I am so so lucky to get this wonderful experience in my life. I can say it's the Yummy Mummy Experience.  Image Source- Google

Add Colours with The Maybelline Colossal Kohl "Jewelled Jade" ..!!

Hey girlzz.. I am here again with another Maybelline product review. If you are following my blog from a long time,then you must have an idea about how much I love the brand Maybelline. Most of the stuffs in my stash are from Maybelline. This one is the only drug store brand on which I can believe undoubtedly. They have such amazing quality stuffs with affordable price tag which attracts my eyes each time to shop more and more. They have always comes with some exciting new launches and in my previous post I have reviewed on the new launch Colossal Liner which is in a pen form  and has scored 5/5 , to read that review CLICK HERE  .   Besides that they have also launched three beautiful shades of kohls  and today I will review one of these which is named as Jewelled Jade ..

Be Fashionable With Bacca Bucci Shoes..

Hello peeps.. Have you remembered the nursery rhyme “ There was an old man who lived in a shoe  ” ?? The rhyme is about a story of an old man who lived in a shoe-shaped house with lots of his children. And how could I forget about the legendry story of  Cinderella and her gorgeous shoe . There are so many stories and rhymes about shoes and they are very interesting as well. A shoe plays an important role to create a fashion statement . We can’t ignore that, hence obviously it is more than just a simple footwear.

Draw your eyes with New Maybelline Colossal Liner Black...

Hello Peeps... Who doesn't like to flaunt their precious eyes with a pop of colour. Me too love applying kajals/ liners on my eyes everyday. I love how they make my eyes look bigger and well-shaped. I like liquid eyeliners more than the pencil and gel ones. I am a learner (to draw perfect eye line) now and a liquid liner help me on that way very much. I always end up lining two different shape lines on my both eyes, wish someday I will draw a perfect line like others... Liquid eyeliners are normally comes in two packaging i.e, bottole packaging and Pen form. The pen form liners are very easy to apply especially if you are learner. Hence today's review is on the New Maybelline Colossal Liner Black which is in a pen form and a boon for eye makeup lovers.

Good Hotels In Bangalore For Enthusiastic Travellers

Bangalore is the capital of sourthen state Karnataka . It is also called as the  Garden City  of India. Bangalore is counted among the metro cities of India and is the center of Software Industry. Bangalore is India’s leading Information Technology (IT) exporter and for that it is also known as  Silicon Valley of India  . Bangalore is the second fastest growing metropolises of India . Besides that this city has blessed with  so many historical places,gardens,natural lakes and parks, best resturants/hotels, amazing tourist places,etc. Officially the city Bangalore is known as  Bengaluru  which is the transliteration of Bendakalooru (the town of boiled beans). If you are planning to visit this charming place for the first time, then this post will help you in terms of your accommodation. So here I will share  good hotels in Bangalore  as per your convenience.. So let’s get into the topic.. 1- Hotel Museum Inn  :  Address-  Museum  Road , Bangalore

Be Stylish With Fastrack Watch and Eyewear

In this modern era everyone wants to look stylish and elegant and it is necessary that you must have good dressing sense. If you are travelling a lot (that may be to new places or any event  function in your city) ,then you have noticed that , now fashion factor is not only limited to our attire but it defines what  we have worn from top to toe may be that is a simple hair accessory or a watch or anything else. I think two accessories are very important to add extra X factor to your personality except dress/shoes and that is a good quality branded  watch and eyewear .   To find Why, read the below lines..

Jabong and Amazon Store at ..

Now-a-days online shopping has become a trend among us. I personally prefer to shop online as the shopping sites give extra discounts on MRP all the time . In Indian market so many online shopping sites are available , so you have more choices to choose. But if you get discounts on discounted price,then tell me your happiness. That's the thing which we can get through . It provides discounts and great deals across so many shopping sites.. I have already write about two shopping site stores at that is freecharge and flipkart (check the post HERE) . And today I will write about two more shopping stores of 27coupons and that is the Jabong and the Amazon store . But before that two line about this amazing coupon site..

Deepika Padukone's Beauty and Fitness Secrets...!!!

Sometimes luck plays an imperative role in our life but we can't ignore hard work as well. One such gorgeous actress of Bollywood  who is counted among the best actresses of world and that is the beautiful Deepika Padukone. She started her glamorous journey through Lakme Fashion Week and later she won the Model of the year award by Kingfisher Airlines fashion award . Then she did her debut to Bollywood industry through Farah Khan's film Om Shanti Om in the opposite of King Khan Sahrukh Khan. She also awarded by Filmfare Award for this film as Best Debut Actress Female. After that she never looked back and has continued her successful journey till now . She has worked with some of the best actors of Bollywood and recently her film PIKU is about to release and here she has worked withthe great Amitabh Bachan. Indian youth is just going crazy about her beauty and fitness and me too.. Hence today in this post I will share the heartthrob Deepika Padukone's beauty,fitne