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What is the expected life of shapewear with regular use?

 As shapewear keeps getting popular and has become a must-have for many to achieve a sleek figure and a boost in their confidence… Many wonder about the expected life of their shapewear if they give them regular use. Because of its lifespan, shapewear will eventually need to be replaced.  To be able to determine the lifespan of your wholesale waist trainers and shapewear it’s necessary to consider some factors like how frequently you used them, the material quality, and how you maintain your piece as well as its type.  The quality of the materials  This is one of the most important factors to help determine the lifespan of a garment, alongside its construction. Brands will use high-quality materials to manufacture their shapewear because they have the ability to compress and stretch.  The use of high-quality materials will significantly prolong the life of your shapewear piece. Some brands will use a superior blend of fabrics and construction techniques that enhance durability.  The f

Oriflame The ONE Matte Lipsticks " Pink Raspberry " & " Wild Rose " - Review,Swatches & LOTDs

M atte finish lipstick with creamy texture and great pigmentations ,that's what I need for my dry lips. Oriflame has recently launched the new ONE range which includes lipsticks ,blushes,nail paints, foundation,concealer,etc. I love Oriflame lipsticks very much for their quality and colour pay off. I have total four lipsticks from their matte collection and today I will review two very beautiful shades named as  Wild Rose & Pink Raspberry.  Price: Rs 449/- for 4.2gm. Shelf Life: 3 years from mfg.

Loreal Paris Age 20+ Skin Perfect Pimple Reduction + Whitening Facial Foam - Review & Price

R ecently Loreal  has launched their new Skin Perfect Skincare range  (after launching the gorgeous red lipsticks ) which are categorised by different group of ages of women like 20+,30+ and 40+. That is really a good concept. In that range both face creams and face washes are available.  Being in my mid twenties I went ahead with the age 20+ range . I am using the face wash since two weeks now and here is the review .. Brand Claims: 

Nivea Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant - A new Generation Of Deodorants

W idest range of deodorants are available in Indian market and Nivea is one of the top most leading brand amongst all. Recently Nivea has launched the new Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant and here I am to review this for all of you.. Brand Claims: T he biggest dissonance with talc is that it collects in the folds of the skin and looks unsightly. This becomes a confidence drainer when women wear sleeveless, and does not allow them to be confident & comfortable in their skin. NIVEA Whitening Talc Touch deodorant will be the real enabler because it is the first ever deodorant with MICRO POWDER which spreads evenly without collecting.

Nivea Soft Light Moisturiser - A Good Option For Summer ..

Hello  pretties.. Winter is officially over now and Spring has started. But in India Spring season is like Summer season . Luckily my dry skin behaves normal type during this season and I do need some very light weight and non-greasy stuffs for my daily skin care routine. And here is the Nivea Soft Light Moisturiser   which i have been using since two weeks now. I am quite happy with this face moisturiser and ready to share my experience with you all. Let's move to know in details.. Brand Claims :  Price: Rs80/- for 50ml. Shelf Life: 30 months from mfg. Ingredients: My Experience: I have good experiences  with Nivea products till now (whatever i have used). I started using it after finishing my Olay one ( Review  HERE ) . It has been two weeks now and i am using it as my morning cream and night cream . As the brand said, the cream is really light weight on skin and doesn't feel sticky or greasy like some other moisturisers do. I love the soft and cr

Bobbi Brown Mini Lip Gloss Rosy - Review & Swatches

Hello girlzz... How are you and how is the weather in your city..??? In my city it is raining like rainy season .. I am wondering that where is the hottie Summer season.. Itz yack... All around only cloudy ,cloudy and cloudy.. Anyway it's better to sit at home and have some ginger tea and write a blog post... So today's post is on Bobbi Brown Mini Lip Gloss "Rosy". I am so happy to have this gloss because this one is my first high end brand gloss... ;p .. Let's move to know more about this pretty rosy gloss.. Brand Claims:  A lip gloss with a sheer, non-sticky shine with a hint of color.  Lip gloss is formulated with soothing botanical extracts including Avocado, Jojoba and Chamomile Oils, and Aloe Extract to keep lips soft and supple; plus the new tapered applicator lets you apply it like a pro. Scented with a hint of vanilla. Price: US $24 for 7ml. and Rs1200/- (approx.) for the mini version which i have 4.2ml. (but i bought it from a blogsale for 3

Himalaya Herbals Fairness Kesar Face Pack Review

Hello peeps... How are you all doing..??? Today I am going to write on the  Himalaya Herbals Fairness Kesar Face Pack which is my current favourite face pack and one of the best product from Himalaya. If you are searching for any face pack to remove your sun tanning and getting that glowing face back ,then this is for you.. We normally apply the home made pack which is a paste of gram flour and turmeric to get rid of tanning and this mask has the same turmeric ,so why not to give a try to this one.  But before that let's have a look on their product details and my personal experience.. Brand Claims: Price: Rs70/- for 50gm. Shelf Life: 3years from mfg. Ingredients:  Packaging & Texture: The Himalaya herbal kesar face pack comes in a tube packaging with a very sturdy flip open cap. All informations regarding the product are written on the tube . Over all it is very handy and sturdy to carry in purse during travelling. The pack is pale white in color with

Garnier Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub Review

A re you searching for a good face scrub which will work on your blackheads ,then this post may help you... are listening right.. So today's post is on Garnier Pure active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub . After having a very good experience with the  Garnier pure active real neem face wash  I decided to try the scrub of this range. I have not any  visible blackheads on my face till now,but to avoid the tiny ones (if there is any) I am using this since a month now. Let's move to the full review.. Brand Claims:  Price: Rs150/- for 100gm. Shelf Life: 36months from mfg. Ingredients:  Water, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Palmitic Acid, Steareth-12, Polyethylene, Salicyclic Acid, Coco-Betaine, Aammonium Polyacryldimethyltauramide,/Ammonium Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurate, Capryloyl Salicyclic Acid, CI 42090/Blue 1 Lake, CI 77007/ Ultramarines, Copper PCA, Menthol, Pentasodium Ethylenediamine Tetramethylene

Enjoy Pastel Shades with Maybelline ColorShow Nail Paint "Constant Candy" & "Blueberry Ice"

S ome times when we are like nothing to do and feeling lazy , a pretty nail paint brings that cheer in our face and that should be a pastel shade. isn't it..?? So today I am going to show you two very beautiful pastel shade nail paints from Maybelline ColorShow range. One is  Constant Candy  and another one is  Blueberry Ice.  Price: Rs75/- for 6ml. Packaging: Packaging is cylindrical in shape and very sturdy and easy to carry. The applicator is of good quality and picks right amount colour each time. As the cap is round cylindrical in shape, it is easy to hold during application. The shade name is written on the top of the cap to identify easily.. I have reviewed some more shades from maybelline colorshow range ..Do check  HERE Let's see two shades individually.. 1- Constant Candy : This is a very pretty pale pastel pink shade  which looks very beautiful on nail. The shade is very opaque. In two swipes it brings the perfect finish.. The staying capacity is ma

A Lipstick - 5 Interesting Jobs...!!!

Picture source: Google T hat heading is sounding quite confused.. isn't it? It actually indicates that ,how you can apply a single lipstick in five different ways. Suppose you are travelling and you forgot to carry some makeup stuffs and in that case your lipstick will help you to get perfect look. Read below to know how.. 1- As an eyeshadow: If you forgot to carry your eyeshow,then don't worry ,your lipstick can do that job very beautifully. A nude lipstick can be used as an eyeshadow base. Just rub the lipstick on your finger tip and dab the colour over your eye lid and blend well. That's all ..Then if you want to add some colour to your eyes,then follow the same method with a red or pink lipstick. Only one thing you have to keep in mind that ,don't take excess amount of colour,otherwise you will look horrible. Only take very tiny amount. 2- To cover the under eye dark circles : An orange lipstick works great to hide the under eye dark circles. Just pic