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Flaunt the Curves with Amydus: Website Review and my Experience

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Breast Cancer Awareness - Symptoms, Causes and Risks

 The month of October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Unlike other kinds of cancers, breast cancer is mostly seen in women. In this 20s era also people don't have proper knowledge on this terrible disease, especially in rural areas. The government has taken so many pledges to explain breast cancer symptoms, causes, and risks. Everybody should be aware of the facts and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle to avoid this. 

Breast Cancer Awareness - Symptoms, Causes and Risk
Breast Cancer Awareness - Symptoms, Causes and Risk

Let me tell you a brief on Breast Cancer in my own words. Read thoroughly -

Why and When Breast Cancer Happens :

When cells in the breast grow rapidly than normal, it forms clumps inside the breast, eventually taking the form of a tumor and causing breast cancer. 

Breast Cancer can start in different parts of the breast. The breast has three main parts - lobules, ducts, and connective tissues. Lobules are milk-producing glands. Ducts are the carrier of milk to the nipple. The connective tissues cover and hold all these combined. Normally breast cancer happens in the ducts or lobules.

Symptoms -

The symptoms may be different for different people. And the annoying thing is some people don't face any symptoms or signs at all.

Some common signs of having breast cancer:

1- The most common sign is having/feeling a lump in the breast or armpit area. 

2- Sometimes, the breast or armpit or near collar bone area becomes swollen. 

3- The area surrounded by nipples called areola becomes flaky skin or dimpled skin. Slight irritation one can feel as well.

4 - The breast becomes sore and painful because of the tumor inside. Sometimes the prickling effect you can feel in your breast and nipples.

5- Inverted nipples are another sign. Itching and irritated nipples are very awkward. 

6 - There are random liquid discharges from nipples other than breast milk which includes blood as well.

7 - Size of both breasts change. 

8- The colour of the breast looks more orangish in colour or different from the natural colour.

Breast Cancer symptoms and signs
Image courtesy - HERE 

Not every time do these symptoms indicate cancer or tumor. Hence it is best to consult a doctor immediately if you feel any such signs in your breast. Self-check is very necessary for all. Once in a while, women should check their breasts in front of the mirror to find out if there are any such abnormalities like those mentioned above. Women need not feel shy to express their thoughts and experience on this serious matter. 

Causes - 

Breast Cancer is caused when breast cells grow abnormally and rapidly. Then these continue to accumulate and form a lump. Breast Cancer mostly begins with the cells in the milk-producing ducts and also often begins in the lobules. 

There is no particular cause till now noticed by which this cancer happens. Researchers said that hormonal changes, lifestyle, and environmental factors could increase the risk of having breast cancer. 

In some cases, it is hereditary as well. If there are breast cancer patients generation by generation in your family, then by the passing genes, there is a risk of having this terrible disease.

Risks -

Let's discuss the factors which increase the risk of getting breast cancer.

1- Being Female - Yes, females are more likely to develop breast cancer than males. 

(* Note - Breast cancer can also happen in men, but the possibilities are low)

2- With Growing Age - By the passing age, the risk of developing breast cancer increases.

3- Personal History of Breast Condition - If you had done a breast biopsy in the past and found Lobular Carcinoma in Situ (LCIS), then the risk of breast cancer is high.

4- Hereditary - As I mentioned earlier, there is a risk for you if there is any family history of breast cancer in your family. Sometimes it is hereditary and passed from parents to their kids and so on. 

5- Radiation Exposure - If you have done any radiation treatment near your chest area in the past, there is a possibility of developing breast cancer.

6- Obesity - Obesity or high weight gain is another reason for developing breast cancer.

7- Getting periods at a young age means before 11-12 years of age can be a reason for getting breast cancer.

8- If menopause happens at an older age, there is a risk of breast cancer.

9- Having the first child at an older age ( after 30yrs. of age) or never being pregnant. In both cases, there is a risk of breast cancer.

10- Hormonal Therapy - Hormonal medications like estrogen and progesterone to treat the sign of menopause can have the risk of breast cancer.

11- Drinking alcohol is another reason for breast cancer.

Prevention - 

Self-check of breast regularly, a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle can avoid breast cancer to some extent. Consulting a doctor at the beginning if you are experiencing any such abnormalities in your breast is a good decision. 

At last, I will say to stay positive and do your health checkup regularly to avoid such terrible circumstances. Spread awareness about Breast Cancer among people as much as possible. 

Breast Cancer Awareness - Symptoms, Causes and Risk
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  1. Very well written post. It is always better to be vigilant about whats happening with out body. And if we see anything unusual, discussing it with our doctor without shame is very important.

  2. Such an informative post . I really liked that infographic. it gives perfect info about signs of breast cancer. I agree self breast examination is most important way for early detection of this dreading disease and every woman should learn the proper way to perform it.

  3. It's important to share the symptoms and precautions we need to know and take care. Thanks for sharing this informative post. It is really helpful!!

  4. Very informative article. Breast cancer Is the commonly diagnosed cancer among women. The best hope of surviving breast cancer is diagnosed is via early detection. Girls should join forums or should discuss this.

  5. I think breasts cancer awareness is very important as if detected earlier it can be treated and cured fully. I was part of this few years back and met village women to make them understand how can they can test it themselves.

  6. This is such a useful post. Breast cancer awareness should be raised among females and they should know the reasons and symptoms of this dreaded disease early, so that they can prevent the cancer from rearing its ugly head

  7. Breast Cancer is a threat that looms large over women in general. It is so neccessary to create more and more awareness about this. Women need to ensure that they have regular checkups, and take precautons.

  8. Again a very informative and helpful post by you. This should be share by everyone. And we need to spread more awareness about it

  9. Awareness is indeed very important to cure breast cancer. If the symptoms and ways to self detection is known by women it will help in early detection and also treatment towards this deadly disease.

  10. Keeping self diagnosed and be aware matters the most when it comes to Breast Cancer. You have shared the key and right information for all to follow.

  11. This is such an informative post. There are some symptoms and causes I didn't know about. One must perform self test or go for medical advice in case of any doubt.

  12. Such an important post about Breast Cancer. It is so important to understand and take care before it is too late. Thanks for this post.

  13. This is a detailed pot bringing up more awareness on. How. To look out for the symptoms. Women must start taking this seriously and take care of their health

  14. I was not aware that getting periods at an early age can be a determinant of breast cancer. I myself had got my periods at 9. This post is very informative.

  15. Cancer has become a common term for this generation. Such articles should reach people that spread awareness about the deadly disease.


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