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International Yoga Day 2021 - Yoga for Wellness

 Every year 21st June is celebrated as International Yoga Day. The idea for celebrating a Day of Yoga was first proposed by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in 2014. During his speech he referred to Yoga as an "invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition" and it said that through yoga, a beautiful harmony between human and nature established. Since then we are celebrating 21st June as International Yoga Day. This year's theme is "Yoga for Wellness".

International Yoga Day 2021 - Yoga for Wellness
International Yoga Day 2021 - Yoga for Wellness

Yoga should be an essential part of our daily routine. There are zillions of health and mental benefits of Yoga on the human body. Every year, people gather at one place and perform Yoga under the supervision of Yoga instructors in different cities. But because of covid, it's two consecutive years that Yoga day celebration is happening digitally. 

Let's discuss some health benefits of Yoga on this occasion of Yoga Day.

1- Sooth the Mind and give Mental Peace :

International Yoga Day 2021 - Yoga for Wellness
International Yoga Day 2021 - Yoga for Wellness

Mental health is on shake these days because of various reasons. Because of covid situation, people are losing their job, no work, no food, stuck in the home and all these issues have created a big troll in mental health directly. When someone is suffering from mental health issues, there are chances to fall under depression and other major health disorders. 

Hence mental peace is very important these days to balance a peaceful and healthy lifestyle. In this case, meditation comes like a boon. Meditation is a part of Yoga. Meditation helps connect your mind to the positive sources of the universe and helps to attract positive energies from surrounding. 

Expect meditation different simple Yogasanas can help you soothe down your disturbed mind. Half an hour in the morning with Yoga is sufficient to bring positivity to life throughout the day. Make sure you choose any open and well-ventilated space for your yoga activity.

2- Give Strength, Balance and Flexibility:

International Yoga Day 2021 - Yoga for Wellness
International Yoga Day 2021 - Yoga for Wellness

Regular Yoga practise strengthens body muscles and improves body posture too. Also, the body becomes more flexible. stronger muscles look good and great for overall health. Regular Yoga protects our body from back pain, arthritis, obesity issues and bone problems. 

A flexible body is the most visible effects of doing Yoga. Initially, you may find difficulties in doing yoga postures but with time and regular practice, it will become easier for you to catch even difficult postures. 

With regular Yoga practice, your body will become flexible, muscles become stronger and you will feel confident from within. It stimulates the inner detoxification process of the body which further acts as an anti-ageing for you. Regular Yoga practise helps you stay fit snd look young in the true sense. 

Yoga eventually teaches you to love yourself and self-love is important, right. Moreover, a fit body is a reason for a happy mind.

3- Improves blood circulation :

Yoga improves blood circulation in your body and gets more oxygen to different body cells. Inverted yoga poses as headstand, handstand, shoulder stand helps in encouraging venous blood circulation, especially from the legs and pelvis to flow back to the human heart. Twisting yoga postures helps to wring out venous blood from internal organs.

The blood pumps to the lungs is freshly oxygenated and this way, it helps keep the kidney healthy.

Yoga practice boosts haemoglobin levels in the blood and increases red blood cells which carry oxygen to the tissues. This eventually lowers the chances of strokes and heart attacks.

When you do stretchy yoga postures, it moves your organs around which increase the drainage of lymph that helps in fighting infection and virus attacks to the body. Yoga also helps to improve blood circulation to the brain.

4- Good for Bone Health 

The joint cartilage of our body is like a sponge. While doing yoga squeezes the areas of cartilage that usually less used. It gets proper nutrients when its fluid is squeezed out. You know our joints take a full range of motion during yoga practice.

Yoga helps in our back pain issue. Back problems usually happen because of the weakness of the back muscles and put extra pressure on the spine. There are specific Yoga poses that mainly focus on strengthening back muscles and helps in reducing back pain. When backbone and muscles are strong you count yourself in the fit human category.

Similarly, some yoga postures mainly focus on arms muscles. Yoga practice increases bone density in vertebrae. 

International Yoga Day 2021 - Yoga for Wellness
International Yoga Day 2021 - Yoga for Wellness

5- Single key to multiple problems:

Often people depend on medicines even for little reason but it is important to remember high consumption of medicine can attack your kidneys. 

With Yoga, you can cure so many kinds of diseases even in a better way than medicine. Regular yoga practice can cure migraine pain.

Yogasanas that increases oxygen levels is advisable for chronic bronchitis patients. Some allergy and nasal problems can be cured with deep breathing yoga practices like Anulombilom, Kapalabhati, etc.

The chanting "Omkar" done during Yoga is much powerful and it balances the parasympathetic nervous system. It's amazing when done in a group.

The perfect timing is early morning and before hitting the bed.

Conclusion -

Regular and systematic way of Yoga Practice is beneficial for us to a large extent. Yoga exercise boosts our body immunity and keeps our body fit from within. 

Human life is a blessing and we should take care of our body by practising Yoga exercises, doing mediation and a healthy diet. 

On this International Yoga Day, let's promise ourselves to include a good Yoga routine in our daily regime and make this world a beautiful and healthier one. 

Take care ..


* Image courtesy - Google


  1. Yes agree that Yoga offers great benefits for our health. best part it is good for our mental health and well being too. during recent days, we all need ways to reduce mental tension and anxiety.

  2. I have been wanting to start yoga and this post has made me realise its importance all the more. Wonderful

  3. Yoga is always good for health but I will also say that sometimes it becomes difficult to allot time because life turns so busy. Aside for people with disc problem its difficult to do yoga

  4. Yoga is one of the best exercises. In today days it is very important to do yoga daily to keep ourselves guy and healthy. I too have written about the benefits of yoga in my blog. Do give a read if you get time :-)

  5. This is very well written artice about International Yoga Day. The idea for celebrating a Day of Yoga was first proposed by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi . Yoga is very important and helpful healthy.

  6. YOGA is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. Happy International Yoga Day! Great thoughts.

  7. Yes, love your we all must celebrate this day and incorporate yoga in our daily life for better health..

  8. My mother is a certified Yoga instructor. I vouch by the benefits of yoga. You have brought the essence toatlly in the post

  9. Your tips about the timing is an information for me. I never really thought about it . Thanks for sharing


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