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How Mutual Fund helps Moms to overcome problems

 Moms are the finance manager of a house. They plan and manage almost all the financial issues and expenses of the house to run everything smoothly without any hustle. But not everydays are good. During the difficult time how Mutual fund helps moms to achieve their goals, is the matter of discussion of today's post.  There are children education, medical emergency and other requirements as well which can be managed properly with mutual fund investments.  Mutual funds allow the investor to plan their financial future smoothly.  For more details, you can visit the HSBC website . Also, readers are requested to fill in this form to help you understand better and have your queries answered by the brand. Disclaimer: This post is written as an informational part, please read all guidelines carefully before investing in financial transactions.

Benefits of Curd for Skin, Hair & Health During Summer

Benefits of Curd for Skin, Hair & Health During Summer

I count curd as a super food.  It has various health benefits and an ideal food during Summer. Curd has protein,  carbohydrate, fat, vitamin A, Vitamin B12, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and few other vitamins .Except that curd has significant quantity of water which keeps body hydrated and cool during the hot summer.

Let's discuss the benefits of having curd for our skin, hair and health..

Curd for Skin -

Sun rashes, tanning, pigmentation are very common during summer.  Sour chilled curd can be applied to sooth down the sunburn on skin. To make a smooth pack take 4-5 tsp. of chilled curd, 1tsp. of cucumber juice, 2tsp. of gram flour and mix well. Then apply on face and other tanned part of body . The lactic acid in curd  helps to lighten and exfoliate the tanned skin.  You can also apply curd on face and neck on regular basis to remove pigmentation and in this way skin become moisturised and clean thoroughly.  Curd has antioxidant properties which also acts as an remedy of premature anti-aging.

Curd for Hair -

Curd is the natural hair conditioner and really effective for hair.  Curd nourishes and add natural shine to hair. To make a easy and effective hair pack, take 2-3 tsp. of curd and add 1tsp. of honey and mix well. Then apply thoroughly on hair and wash after half an hour. The lactic acid in curd smoothens the cuticles and softens the hair.

Curd is also very effective in curing dandruff , ichy scalp issue. Apply a bowl full of sour curd on scalp thoroughly and wash with cold water. To add natural shine and volume to hair ,apply curd on regular basis. Curd has vitamin B12 which is very important for strengthening hair follicles and for hair growth.

Curd for Health -

Curd has probiotics which helps to clean guts and improve the digestive system. The calcium in curd regulates cortisol which prevents hypertension, obesity and cholesterol . It is advisable to drink curd and mint water during summer to balance weight and feel healthy from inside. During summer it is very important to have salad with curd to reduce the body heat and keep the stomach cool. You should drink 2-3 glass of curd water to keep body hydrated during summer . These days flavoured yogurts are also available in market which can have like this anytime any day..

The sun is on its notch, hence try to keep the body hydrated from inside by drinking sufficient water ... That's all for today..  😊

Hope you like this post.. See you in the next post , till then stay happy and blessed. 💜



  1. Curd has multiple benefits. Be it digestive system, skin and hair. Curd is my favourite

  2. I am a big fan of curd, I love useing curd for the face and how it cures everything

  3. I love using curd on my skin and hair during summers. It feels soothing, nourishing and a solution to a lot of hair and skin problems.

  4. I have been including curd or yoghurt in my daily diet on a regular basis. It is one of the most easily available and healthy food

  5. I love having curd in all the three ways you've mentioned. Totally agree it has some great benefits to overall body and health!

  6. I have been using curd on my skin since forever! Really helps a lot to remove the tan and add a glow when running out of face packs!

  7. Curd is a perfect conditioner for my hair , I used to use it as hair mask in my college days.

  8. Our food starts with curd and ends with buttermilk so u can understand how much we rely on curd

  9. I will try curd for face and hairs for sure.. Didnt know it had anti-pigmentation qualities.

  10. I include curd in my everyday diet although I never tried it on my hair and skin .. now I will definitely give it a try

  11. I swear by curd and am a big fan! You've mentioned some points that I didn't know

  12. Curd is indeed very beneficial for health. I love to eat curd everyday.

  13. Curd is definitely best for health and also has many beauty benefits

  14. I wasn’t really aware of so many benefits of such a simple and readily available ingredient... definitely going to try it on my skin and hair


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