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Flaunt the Curves with Amydus: Website Review and my Experience

 It is always a difficult task to find proper fit clothes for curvy bodies. If you search for plus size outfits on any popular e-commerce site, then there are only a few collections, and that too the basic ones only. My sister is a plus size girl and we always find difficulties in buying designer pieces for her. If we are opting for customization, then that creates a big hole in our pocket. A few days back I came across Amydus Website while browsing on Google. Amydus is a one-stop destination for all plus-size beauties. There are every kind of fashionable clothing items for sizes up to 9xl. Wow !! There are beautiful dresses to cord sets, tops, t-shirts, jeans, gowns, tummy shaper pants, and Kurtis available. You will find the latest trendy clothes there for plus sizes which is generally difficult to find. They have also a nice collection of blazers, palazzos, slips, lounge pants, leggings, high-waist pants, etc.  The website layout is perfect for a nice shopping experience. Also, ther

Losing Your Belly without Losing Your Head

If you can carry out point 7, everything will go well.

That's it; it's already happened. Summer comes back another year and you with the damn complexes for not having gotten a flat belly. Well, although we do not like complexes, the truth is that it is normal to want to improve our anatomy and see the best version of ourselves when we look in the mirror.

That is why if you have proposed to lose belly in record time, we recommend following these eight tips to get a flat stomach healthily and definitively. As I read in the Venus factor, do not look for miracles, this will require a little commitment on your part ... Here we go!

1. Long Live Diuretics -

If you notice the swollen belly continuously, you are likely to suffer fluid retention. This also manifests itself in other areas of the body, such as the legs, but sometimes it is accentuated in the area of ​​the belly, where the discomfort and heaviness we feel is greater. To reduce fluid retention, food will be your great ally.

The key to having the greatest effect on your fluid retention is to eat it without too much additive or in very elaborate recipes. Finally, in the case of infusions, we recommend those of extract of birch, fennel, nettle or dandelion. Or green tea, that miraculous food.

2. Water, water, water -

Whatever it is, we claim the benefits of water to the full. But we do not say it for saying. It is proven that drinking a lot of water (about 2 liters per day) is not only beneficial to avoid fluid retention but also helps digestion, prevents constipation, contributes to its satiating effect to eat something less and, therefore, To lose weight ... That is if you want to eliminate the gut and get a flat stomach, do not forget the blessed water.

3. Chews the food a lot -

Another tip that will help you lose a little belly and notice your flat stomach is to chew the food well. Digestion begins in the mouth! Chew the food thoroughly until it is completely crushed and then swallow. If you're not used to it, try to eat with the TV turned off, so you can focus on your plate and count each time you chew. It may seem silly to you, but ingesting food helps your stomach do less work on digestion, which avoids heaviness, gas, and bloating. And, on the other hand, eating slowly helps you to be satiated earlier since you eat calmer and with less anxiety. Follow these healthy and safe eating tips that you start to notice the difference soon...

4. Moderate intake of sugar and salt-

We do not want you to eat all bland or sweet snacks, but moderating their consumption is a good way to have a flat stomach. Why? First, if we do not drink sugar, we will keep insulin levels low and glucagon high. Glucagon is the hormone responsible for transforming belly fats into energy, so keeping your blood sugar levels high (by limiting your sugar intake) will help you lose belly fat.

Regarding salt, this is often responsible for the retention of liquids and therefore to feel swollen. Its moderate consumption is beneficial not only to lower weight but also to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Our recommendation is to switch to aromatic herbs to flavor your meals and replace conventional salt with a natural salt low in sodium. Or for any of these recipes

5. Do not just do sit-ups -

One of the big mistakes when trying to eliminate the gut is to dedicate to doing sit-ups as the only and main exercise. Well, we warn you that, although the abdominals help strengthens (we'll talk about them in the next point), is not enough to get a flat stomach. The first thing must be to take care of the feeding and, later, to enhance the aerobic exercise, to culminate working the zone in concrete.

This means that to lose the belly is more effective to perform cardiovascular exercise, to help us lose weight in general, to combine it with strength exercises to strengthen the muscle and then move to the abdominals to train that area in a localized way. Among the recommended aerobic exercise, the bicycle, Swimming or running can be great options, being recommended to practice between three and five times a week. Motivate yourself with these exercises and start losing weight!

6. Abs, please -

Although other exercises have to be performed, it is clear: the abdominals are a great way to tone the abdomen. Do you know how to do them correctly? There are many ways to train your abs. You can try the typical trunk lift lying on your back or, lean with your back and hands back, stretching your legs. These are the two most typical and easy exercises for people who are not accustomed to doing too much exercise (seriously, it's easy to start, and more with this discount on sportswear!)

As for repetitions, you must increase progressively. It starts with three sets of 15 or 20 and increases little by little. Here the important thing is not that you do many, but that you do them well.

7. Be constant -

And this is the key to everything. At this time of the year, we are always in a hurry to look nice on the beach or in the pool, and we do some crazy to lose weight. If we want to feel good about ourselves, it is best to take care of ourselves continuously throughout the year and not the month before our holidays. That is why we practice sports on a regular basis, take fruit and vegetables every day or drink abundant water should not be made isolated in our life, they must be habits.

If you want a flat stomach and a body that you feel comfortable with and you look good, be consistent in these healthy recommendations and make them your customs. At first, it costs, but do not underestimate your willpower. In a few days will be your routines!

8. Watch out for the covers -

We'll tell you right away: it will not serve to kill you with your abs, exercise or chewing the food if you do not intend to take care of your food. To achieve results, we must take care of food. So if you want to reduce belly, not only will you eat more fruits and vegetables, you should also limit the consumption of sauces, batters, chips, bar top...

It seems complicated because sometimes gluttony wins the battle, But it is as easy as eating only when you are really hungry. That is, listen to your stomach, not your mind, and when you feel really hungry, eat. Do it in small plates and small quantities: thus you will be satisfied before. By taking care of your diet, you will achieve your ideal weight naturally. Sounds good, right? Say goodbye to the complexes once and get a flat stomach healthily and gradually! We end up with a few low-calorie foods to help you with your plan ... You can!

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  1. A well detailed post. A lot of times people think they can do selective weight loss and focus on doing just crunches. But there is no such thing. Cardiovascular activity couple with ab exercises will help a person shed that tummy.

  2. Great informative post. I always try to drink a lot water to keep my body hydrated and healthy. Your other ideas are superb

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂 kal se mera bhi fat to fit mission shuru hony wala hai, hopefully success rahy , plz wish me 😊😊

  4. Amazing tips! I always keep forgetting to drink enough water :(

  5. Awesome and simple tips!! Can be easily incorporated in day to day life. 🙂

  6. I try to follow all the steps.. but its really hard at times 😓

  7. Gosh I have been looking for ways to reduce this stubborn belly fat which isn't going. Will use these ideas and work on reducing.

  8. Awesome tips. Much needed for me right now. I'm really struggling with my belly fats, I think this post will help me.

  9. A good list! I didnt realise that chewing was so important - will definitely keep it in mind. also good point about exercise! I hope to lose some belly fat in the next month keeping in mind your tips!

  10. Well written as most people think only doing exercise can help in weight loss

  11. Oh! My tummy is ever-flabby after giving birth to my kids! My challenge is to be consistent. Thanks for awesome tips here


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