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Cherish The Childhood Memories With PaperBoat Drink Chilli Guava ...

How are you all?? I am not well,down with cold and fever .. It is raining since three days now.. I can't step out ,so decided to write some pending blog posts.. Hence today's post is something different from my regular ones.. Recently I have received a beautiful goodies box from The Paperboat   .. I  personally love paperboat drinks and buy 2-3 drinks whenever I go for grocery shopping . Recently they have added some new flavours to their drinks and really kind enough to send me two packets of one of the new flavours.. The flavour I got is Chilli Guava ..

Before jump into the drinks description,I want to ask you some questions.. Don't you want to go back to your child days some times ?? Don't you feel like jump in the rain on the road ?? Don't you want to play with paper boats .?? My answer is yes .. and I know you too will agree with me.. I love my childhood time but the practical thing is we can't go back to those days but we can cherish  those childhood moments.. I do make paper boats now but not for me,i make that for my son.. I do tell him about my childhood memories but i know he is small to understand those things,but i do every time.. That makes me happy..

Well.., by taking all these thoughts in mind Paperboat  has been making such amazing drinks which can bring those beautiful childhood memories in front of you.. There are so many variants available like Aam Panna, Aam Ras , pomogranate ,kala katha , jaljira ,etc.. and now it's chilli guava  ..

 I love the taste.. It has the real guava taste with the hotness of chilli.. If you are upset and down , I am sure this drink will make your mood on.. The drink chilli guava reminds me those days when i used to eat half ripe guavas with a pinch of salt and chilli powder.. Oh my.. my mouth is watering now..

 The most important thing is ,these drinks has no preservative or synthetic colour added and contains all natural ingredients .. I love the natural taste of the drinks.. And the drink costs only Rs30/- for 200ml. 

The brand has send the drinks inside a cute ,pink tin box which I am gonna store forever.. I love such cute ,girly type boxes..

Thank you paperboat  for these amazing ,yummy drinks..

That's all for today..See you in my next post..

Love xoxo


  1. Aww the box is so cute <3 I wish I could get such cute boxes :( I love Paperboat drinks, sply aamras and aampanna :)

  2. The box is super cute...j love chilli guava so I'm definitely trying this paperboat drink..

  3. Loved the box :) The drink is good...I've tried it too :)

  4. I love this flavour. It's sweet with a mild spicy twist.

  5. Thats a cutest one! I really love the brightest colors used in packaging ! Beautiful!


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