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Surprise Your Loved One 🎁 #2 (Wish Box)

So here we are at the second series of 'Surprise Your Loved One " .. and today's surprise gift is the Wish Box .. Everybody know what is wish box means actually.. So when the box which makes our wishes come true,we called as wish box .. And this wish box is some thing like that..

A mustard yellow colour triangular box which has sixteen portions inside it and each portion has a small paper within it.. Here you have to write your wishes or thoughts on that papers (wish papers) and give that to your loved ones or husband or boy friend or brother,etc.. from whom you can expect that they can fulfil  your wishes.. Isn't it a good idea... ?? I totally like this idea.. I will recommend this cute box to every girls,because the Rakhi festival is coming and do write your wishes and just hand over this wish box to your brother.. I am sure your brother will go mad after seeing sixteen wishes... Hahaha...

Well jokes apart, I must say this is an unique idea to just pamper yourself whether you are a boy or a girl.. In another way you can use it as your motivation .. Like, if you are a working person, you can write your aims on this wish papers and just to try fulfil all your dreams by your own.. Here you can take these wishes as a challenge . I love this idea truly..   You also can write your wonderful memories on this papers and store these like treasure inside the box.. I am going to use it as a memory box.. I will write the very special dates, beautiful memories ,etc on this small notes and will store this box with me forever .. Really this is an amazing creation by the team... I adore this..

The box itself is really cute,you can also gift this to anybody and i am sure you will get lots of appreciation ..You can check this cute yet innovative Wish Box  HERE ..

The Wish Box is priced for Rs199/- and comes with two different sizes i.e. small and large..

Hope you liked this post.. See you in the next series...

Love xoxo


  1. Snighda this is such a unique and interesting concept.I don't think I will give it to my husband or to my brother coz I am sure they won't even read all of them...Hahaha...I will like to keep it with me and write my secret wishes or aims in my life and work hard to fulfil them.Great post dear.

  2. Cute little wish box....serves as a nice gift!

  3. Really wonderful idea... I'm gonna give it my family with my wish list for my anniversary and birthday :D using it as a memory box is also good idea ..

  4. How beautiful! I love it! <3 <3

  5. Loved the idea :) :)

  6. Great idea, even m already on it.


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