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❤Akmasq Pimple Care Complexion Mask By Ethicare Remedies ❤ - Review 👇

Hello everyone.. How are you all?? Hope all are doing well..and me too..

Another Ethicare product review is on.. I am too impressed by the quality of the Ethicare products.. I have reviewed two more products before..( Do check HERE & HERE ) . In the Acmed gentle pimple care facewash review I had mentioned that I had one pimple on my forehead 😕 and I applied that facewash and some pimple care products and that pimple vanished away without leaving any mark.. Can you remember this line 🙋.. Well this pimple care mask was also included in that pimple care products.. I normally don't get pimples or acne as I have normal to dry skin type,hence I don't store any pimple care stuff in my skincare stash.. But sometimes due to weather change,I get one two tiny pimples.. Last time when I saw a little big size pimple on my forehead ,I searched for a pimple cure product online and then realise that i already have couple of pimple caring products in my stash which was sent by brand Ethicare.. Hence I started using and the result is quite clear and fair ..

❤Akmasq Pimple Care Complexion Mask By Ethicare Remedies ❤ - Review 

So I have been using this Akmasq pimple care complexion mask since three four weeks ( because i have this only face pack in my stash now..😜😜) and ready to review for all of you.. So head over to the below lines to read my experience..😎

Price: Rs199/- for 75gm.. ( quite reasonably priced )
Shelf Life : 3 years from mfg.

What the Brand Claims.. & Ingredients:
Refer to the below picture..

❤Akmasq Pimple Care Complexion Mask By Ethicare Remedies ❤ - Review 


❤Akmasq Pimple Care Complexion Mask By Ethicare Remedies ❤ - Review 

The face mask comes in tube packaging.. I personally love tube packaging in face packs,as i don't prefer to dip fingers inside a tub each time and it is also not hygienic .  It has a tight flip open cap which is very sturdy.. The tube again comes inside a cardboard box which has all necessary information regarding the product.. 

My Opinion:

I do use it once in a week but you can use twice or thrice .. The texture of the mask is very smooth and creamy .. It spreads easily without any hassle . I normally apply this on damp face and spread evenly ,then do wait for 10-12 minutes to dry completely. Now rinse off with lukewarm water  .. It gives a nice smooth and healthy looking skin after each use.. It control the extra oil production and makes face squeaky clean.. I have normal skin type now and I don't need any extra moisturiser immediately but do apply after few minutes.. I think dry skin people need extra moisturiser after it because it controls the extra oil secretion and dry skin may feel the dryness after applying it.. It is a boon for oily acne prone skins.. It helped in removing the one and only pimple on my forehead.. Ohh yaa .. It smells like heaven.. I love the smell.. It resembles the smell of  sandal and trust me, very refreshing.. 
❤Akmasq Pimple Care Complexion Mask By Ethicare Remedies ❤ - Review 

It has tea tree oil, chandan, turmeric  ,etc which are well known for curing blemishes ,acne ,etc.. It is mentioned on the box that you can feel slight tingling effect after applying it due to turmeric in the ingredients,but honestly i don't feel any tingling effect.. The mask is very friendly on my skin,I don't feel any itching or burning sensation as well.. It is also mentioned that ,it will add glow to your complexion but I haven't noticed any yet..   


  • Very gentle on skin and really effective on pimples
  • Affordable
  • Gives nice smooth and healthy looking skin
  • Has such good ingredients like turmeric,chandan,tea tree,etc.
  • Good for oily problematic skins
  • Controls the extra oil production
  • Smells amazingly

  • Doesn't provide any glow as it claims 

Rating: 4.8/5


I will definitely recommend this to specially the oily and acne prone skin people.. It works like charm on curing pimples and their marks.. So go ahead and buy one for you.. 

P.S- Product was sent by brand but my opinion is honest and unbiased..


  1. Ah! I have super oily skin.. Such products are life saver :)

  2. Akmasq products are getting good review...I nt to try out the facewash and this one...loved review

  3. I should give this a try as the ingredient list is impressive and the cost is amazing!

  4. I should give this a try as the ingredient list is impressive and the cost is amazing!

  5. My roomie has terrible pimple problem. Shall suggest her this. Thank for sharing..

  6. Thats a lovely review ! I know its an amazing product!


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