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Nivea Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant - A new Generation Of Deodorants

Widest range of deodorants are available in Indian market and Nivea is one of the top most leading brand amongst all. Recently Nivea has launched the new Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant and here I am to review this for all of you..

Brand Claims: The biggest dissonance with talc is that it collects in the folds of the skin and looks unsightly. This becomes a confidence drainer when women wear sleeveless, and does not allow them to be confident & comfortable in their skin. NIVEA Whitening Talc Touch deodorant will be the real enabler because it is the first ever deodorant with MICRO POWDER which spreads evenly without collecting.

It also contains licorice extracts which works from within to even tone the underarm skin.
It‘s pleasant fragrance combines Rose & Lily of the Valley to deliver the perfect balance of protection & confidence and a sense of freshness & care.

“Two thirds of all female deo users in India are dual users of deodorant & talc. Therefore, the concept of a caring deodorant which gives additional benefits of talc is extremely relevant for our consumers“ says Mr. Rakshit Hargave, Managing Director, NIVEA India Pvt. Ltd.

Price: Rs 199/- for 150ml.
Shelf Life: 30 months from mfg.

Ingredients: Butane , Isobuten , Propane , Aluminium Chlorohydrate , Cyclomethicone , Parfum , Isopropyl Palmitate , Kaolin, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract, Persea Gratissima Oil, Octyldodecanol, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Dimethicone, Propyle Carbonate, Dimethiconol

Packaging: The packaging is very similar to the whitening sensitive deodorant of Nivea . You can easily become confuse while purchasing. All informations are written on the bottle. It is very handy and sturdy. The only thing is , it's cap is very soft ( I am afraid that I may break it ).

My Experience:  I like the formula, very innovative and unique thought really. We always hesitate wearing sleeveless dresses due to the excess sweating of our underarms. We do spray deodorants to control the smell but what about the sweat. So again we apply talc powder to control that sweat. No more girls..why we do waste our precious time to apply different different things to control that sweat..So here is the new talc + deodorant in one..isn't it a great invention..I am appreciating ..

I am using this since 5-6 days now.. Before that I have used their whitening sensitive deodorant and was very happy. They look like quite similar but the performance and feeling is totally different. To see how it is actually I sprayed on my hand first and after that when I touched that place I found some powder like particles like the brand says. It doesn't feel like watery on skin like other deodorants look. I feel like I have applied some very refreshed talc with awesome fragrance on my body. I like it so much.

It has Micro Powders in it which doesn't gather at one place and spread equally and evenly.  It also contains Licorice extracts which is effective to whiten the under arms. I don't have  dark underarms actually but I am sure after continuous uses you can see the difference. The whitening deodorant of Nivea also has the same ingredient (Licorice) and it does the brightening thing perfectly with mine.  One more good thing is ,it doesn't have alcohol within it,so no more itching / tingling after application. The fragrance is very very heart smoothing  and lasts for 3 hours easily on skin. Each time I spray ,i feel very refreshed..A very good product from Nivea again.

Photos :


  • A unique combination of talc and deodorant
  • Very mild and soothing fragrance
  • Make me refreshed each time
  • Free from alcohol
  • Has micro powder which spreads evenly on skin
  • Doesn't irritate skin


  • The cap of the deodorant should have been more strong..( It is not a right cons. i know)

Rating: 4.9/5
Every single day I am using it and totally love and adore the new thought of Nivea...I will recommend this to everyone to try atleast once.. I am sure you will love it..  

Note: The review of Nivea Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant is appeared first on Beauty Obsessions Blog..

Disclaimer: Product sent by PR for review but my opinion is honest and unbiased.



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