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Loreal Paris Age 20+ Skin Perfect Pimple Reduction + Whitening Facial Foam - Review & Price

Recently Loreal  has launched their new Skin Perfect Skincare range  (after launching the gorgeous red lipsticks ) which are categorised by different group of ages of women like 20+,30+ and 40+. That is really a good concept. In that range both face creams and face washes are available.  Being in my mid twenties I went ahead with the age 20+ range . I am using the face wash since two weeks now and here is the review ..

Brand Claims: 

Price: Rs105/- for 50gm.
Shelf Life: 36 months
Availability: Easily available both online and offline


My Experience: The face wash is pearly white in colour with thick consistency.  The packaging is like other face washes ,a squeeze plastic tube with flip open cap which is sturdy and easy to use. All informations regarding the product are available on the tube.

 I do need a very small quantity of product for my each use and massage gently on my damp face. It spreads really well and lathers perfectly. It has a sweet mild fragrance which lasts for a short time period. It deeply cleanses my face and leaves it squeaky clean. It removes all dirts,clogged pores ,extra oils and left over makeup  and gives a bright glow to my face which is temporary. It  is very easy to rinse off . My skin behaves normal type in this weather and this face wash makes it a little drier after wash. I do need my moisturiser after each use. Hence I think it isn't for dry skin beauties. But oily to combination skin girls can use it all season.

I do agree with the skin brightening claim of it but it is only for one hour maximum.. I don't think it will work on existing pimples and blackheads as it says ,but it may control the new breakouts of face which is enough for a face wash.  I don't feel any skin irritation or other breakouts after using it.



  1. Sturdy and easy to use packaging
  2. Very mild fragrance
  3. Leaves skin squeaky clean and removes all dirts
  4. Gives a nice glow to face which is temporary
  5. Good option for oily to combination skin girls
  6. Easily available both online and offline


  1. Makes my skin drier after wash, not for dry skin girls
  2. Doesn't effective on reducing the pimples and blackheads
  3. According to performance and quantity,I think it is pricey

Rating: 3.5/5

The Loreal Paris Age 20+ Skin Perfect Pimple Reduction + Whitening Facial Foam is perfect for oily to combination skin girls. It cleanses skin deeply and adds a nice glow to face. It doesn't cause any skin breakouts .. Go and give it a try..



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