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A Lipstick - 5 Interesting Jobs...!!!

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That heading is sounding quite confused.. isn't it? It actually indicates that ,how you can apply a single lipstick in five different ways. Suppose you are travelling and you forgot to carry some makeup stuffs and in that case your lipstick will help you to get perfect look. Read below to know how..

1- As an eyeshadow: If you forgot to carry your eyeshow,then don't worry ,your lipstick can do that job very beautifully. A nude lipstick can be used as an eyeshadow base. Just rub the lipstick on your finger tip and dab the colour over your eye lid and blend well. That's all ..Then if you want to add some colour to your eyes,then follow the same method with a red or pink lipstick. Only one thing you have to keep in mind that ,don't take excess amount of colour,otherwise you will look horrible. Only take very tiny amount.

2- To cover the under eye dark circles : An orange lipstick works great to hide the under eye dark circles. Just pick a little colour on your finger tip and gently dab that under the eye area in a triangular shape like we do with the orange corrector. Then blend it smoothly using the ring finger. Then apply your favourite foundation or compact and that's all.

3- As a blush: A lipstick is a best replacement in-case you don't have your blush. You can use any light shade lipstick as blush . Just bring some colour using your finger tip and dab on your ample of cheeks and blend like we do with the cream blushes. After blending it will look very perfect . In this case you can use lipglosses (with non-sticky formula) as well .

4- To contour  face: Any dark brownish / nude lipstick can be used to contour face . For this you have to bring a little colour using the finger tips and dab on the places where you want to contour and blend properly. It looks as pretty as a contour cream /powder does.

5- Used as sindoor : Sometimes we forget to carry the sindoor stick with us during travelling and that time a red lipstick can do that job properly.

Hope you liked this post.. See you in another post... 



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