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What is the expected life of shapewear with regular use?

 As shapewear keeps getting popular and has become a must-have for many to achieve a sleek figure and a boost in their confidence… Many wonder about the expected life of their shapewear if they give them regular use. Because of its lifespan, shapewear will eventually need to be replaced.  To be able to determine the lifespan of your wholesale waist trainers and shapewear it’s necessary to consider some factors like how frequently you used them, the material quality, and how you maintain your piece as well as its type.  The quality of the materials  This is one of the most important factors to help determine the lifespan of a garment, alongside its construction. Brands will use high-quality materials to manufacture their shapewear because they have the ability to compress and stretch.  The use of high-quality materials will significantly prolong the life of your shapewear piece. Some brands will use a superior blend of fabrics and construction techniques that enhance durability.  The f

Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin

The name UBTAN is extremely familiar to all of us, isn't it !! There is a ritual to apply ubtan to the bridegroom before D-Day. Ubtan helps to revive the natural glow of the skin and works best to remove sun tanning from the skin. Also, we apply ubtan to newborn babies for months. It clarifies skin and brightens up further. 

Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin
Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin

Being encircled by chemical-loaded skincare products, it is quite tough to accomplish glowing and healthy skin. Our skin deserves a gentle yet effective solution that belongs to the essence of tradition and nature. And here comes natural, herbal, and organic skincare products. It is a challenge to get organic and natural skincare products as the market is flooded with zillions of brands. To maintain that age-old tradition of applying ubtan for glowing skin, I have narrowed down some of the best ubtan products for you to choose from.

What is Ubtan - 

Ubtan is an age-old natural solution discovered by our grannies. It is an herbal powder mixture of lentils, herbs, flowers, and grains that help in purifying, exfoliating, and enhancing skin texture. Mix the powder with water, milk, curd or rose water to make a paste and apply it on the skin to boost the glow on the skin.

5 Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin

1- Mother Sparsh Rose & Beetroot Face Ubtan Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser 

The combination of rose and beetroot is magical for skin. Mother Sparsh Rose & Beetroot Face Ubtan gives radiant skin & improved skin texture. This works best for normal to dry skin types. 

Mother Sparsh Rose & Beetroot Face Ubtan Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin

This Mother Sparsh face ubtan is enriched with Rose Petals, Beetroot, Mosambi, Kesar, Coconut, sandalwood, Almond, Cashews, & many more natural ingredients. It's a powerhouse of antioxidants that not only refreshes dull skin but also boosts the natural glow of skin.

  • Rose petal extracts help to improve the skin texture and add glow to the face.
  • Beetroot has detoxifying power that soothes dull and uneven skin tone.
  • Also, this removes the outer tanning layer of skin and adds a healthy glow to the face.
  • With all these other natural ingredients, this ubtan is best for adding a youthful glow to the face with regular usage.
  • There are no harmful chemicals, dyes, artificial fragrances, and preservatives.
  • This Face Ubtan is perfect for sensitive skin types as well.

Mother Sparsh Rose & Beetroot Face Ubtan Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin

How I apply:

  • The ubtan is dark pinkish in colour because of the beetroot present in it.
  • Mix a scoop full of ubtan powder with milk or water and make a paste and apply on the face and neck.
  • As it is an exfoliating cleanser, it works best when you massage your face and keep for 5 more minutes.
  • Then rinse it off and feel refreshed instantly. Skin feels squeaky clean.
  • Apply this ubtan twice a week.


Price - 599/- for 75gm. ( Also 40gm. size available that costs 399/-

Availability - Amazon , Mother Sparsh website 

2- Satyaa Veda Natural UBTAN Powder

This Ubtan powder is of multipurpose use. It can be used as a face mask, face cleanser, and face scrub. Also, it can be used for all skin types. 

Satyaa Veda Natural UBTAN Powder
Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin

  • For oily skin, mix ubtan powder with rose water or normal water. 
  • For dry skin, mix ubtan powder with yogurt milk, almond oil, or coconut oil.
  • For normal skin, mix ubtan powder with water or milk.

This Ubtan powder has saffron, turmeric, almond, sandalwood, and gram flour. It is vegan and there are no harsh chemicals or preservatives in it. With regular usage, it evens out skin tone and adds a nice healthy glow to it. It heals dry patches and provides nourishment.

Price - 474/- for 200gm.

Availability - Amazon 

3- Lotus Herbals Ubtan Face Cream

Lotus Herbals Ubtan Face Cream
Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin

This Lotus herbals ubtan face cream is enriched with the goodness of turmeric, sandalwood, and rose water.

Turmeric works as an antioxidant and helps to heal any spots or pigmentation marks on the skin and also reduces dark spots. Sandalwood is best for removing tan while rose water helps brighten up the skin. It is so hydrated on the skin and suits all skin types. It is paraben-free and vegan. There is SPF 20 and PA+++ which is best for sun protection. This ubtan face cream leaves the face soft and supple even in winter. 

Price - 316/- for 50gm.

Availability - Amazon, Nykaa 

4- Mother Sparsh Rose & Beetroot Ubtan Face Mask

Mother Sparsh Rose & Beetroot Ubtan Face Mask
Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin

Unlike the Mother Sparsh ubtan face cleanser, the Rose and Beetroot face mask is my other favorite. It has the goodness of rose, beetroot, honey, coconut, and lemon. 

  • Rose refreshes dull skin and adds a radiant glow to the face.
  • Beetroot detoxifies and nourishes skin.
  • Honey gives intense moisturization to the skin.
  • Coconut soothes and improves skin texture. 
  • It is best for dull skin and uneven skin.
  • There are no harsh chemicals or natural ingredients.
  • It boosts natural glow, and nourishes and hydrates skin with regular application.

Price - 399/- for 50gm.

Availability - Amazon, Mother Sparsh website 

5- Mamaearth Ubtan Body Lotion

Mamaearth Ubtan Body Lotion
Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin

The MamaEarth ubtan lotion is enriched with Kokum Butter, Shea Butter & Olive Oil. These natural ingredients help in improving skin texture and enhancing its suppleness by keeping skin hydrated for long hours. 

  • Kokum butter is best known for its moisturizing properties. It heals dry and cracked skin and also works on wrinkles and loose skin. 
  • It has the goodness of olive oil which moisturizes, nourishes, and protects skin. It has vitamin E that provides adequate nourishment while repairing the skin's damages due to dryness.
  •  Shea butter has anti-inflammatory and healing properties and is full of fatty acids that keep skin hydrated.
  • Turmeric is an antioxidant that adds an instant glow to the skin and reduces signs of aging. It protects the skin from sun damage and brightens up.
  • It is paraben and silicon-free.

Price - 394/- for 400 ml.

Availability - Amazon, Nykaa

These are some of my favorite Ubtan skincare products that work best for my skin. Now elevate your skincare game with these ubtan ranges to achieve glowing skin.








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