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Flaunt the Curves with Amydus: Website Review and my Experience

 It is always a difficult task to find proper fit clothes for curvy bodies. If you search for plus size outfits on any popular e-commerce site, then there are only a few collections, and that too the basic ones only. My sister is a plus size girl and we always find difficulties in buying designer pieces for her. If we are opting for customization, then that creates a big hole in our pocket. A few days back I came across Amydus Website while browsing on Google. Amydus is a one-stop destination for all plus-size beauties. There are every kind of fashionable clothing items for sizes up to 9xl. Wow !! There are beautiful dresses to cord sets, tops, t-shirts, jeans, gowns, tummy shaper pants, and Kurtis available. You will find the latest trendy clothes there for plus sizes which is generally difficult to find. They have also a nice collection of blazers, palazzos, slips, lounge pants, leggings, high-waist pants, etc.  The website layout is perfect for a nice shopping experience. Also, ther

Tips to Make the Personal Finance Planning Smooth

 Managing and planning finance for the family is a huge task and responsibility as well. It should be a proper balance between earnings and savings including the needs, requirements, and hopes of everyone in the family. Planning a budget is one of the significant parts of finance. One has to be more practical while taking decisions regarding finance.

Budgeting is important and here I am sharing with you all some tips to make your finance planning smooth. These help me to serve my family in the best way by fulfilling their needs and desire, saving for future and emergencies.

Tips to Make the Personal Finance Planning Smooth
Tips to Make the Personal Finance Planning Smooth

Smart Budget Management:

Budget Rule :

There should be a proper ratio of spending money for different expenditures According to the famous book All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan, 50-30-20 should be the perfect budget plan. In detail, 50% of the income should go into living essentials, groceries, transport, etc., whereas 30% of income is for additional but not in priority expenditures like outings, dining, partying, etc. Rest 20% should be for future expenses.

Family Requirements :

Every family member is different and has needs as well. Plan your budget in a way that will cover each family member's preferences and expenditures. Good budget planning leads to a great family environment for the future. 

Emergency Fund :

Life is unpredictable and gill if surprises. We never know what to happen in the next minutes. It is always great to be prepared in advance for anything worse to happen. If all is going well, then nothing to worry but if circumstances make life upside down, then advance finance management can help you to overcome this crucial period. It is always ideal to keep 20% of your income as an emergency fund and plan accordingly. Understand this in detail at the financial knowledge center.

Use of Credit Cards Wisely :

Credit cards is playing a vital role in tracking expenditures. Though it seems like a debt trap and I will not suggest using credit cards more often. One can keep a check on credits by the bills in the given period. There are merits and demerits of using credit cards. By paying the bills on time you can enjoy a stress-free life. Individuals always choose credit-free payments as small purchases may trouble the long-term budgeting plan. Stay away from bad credit loans. 

Well, If one is struggling with bad credit, especially if you are a business and not an individual, then Short-term Financial Solutions are there.

Short-term financing means, one is taking out a loan to make a purchase, with a loan term of less than one-year duration. There are so many different types of short-term financing. The common ones are “Buy Now, Pay Later,” “Unsecured Personal Loans,” and “Payday Loans.”  One can get a certain loan amount in just 15-30 minutes instead of having a bad credit score. Check details on faxless bad credit borrowing options.

Savings for Retirement :

Everybody should adopt a wise approach to managing their finances after or retired from service. Hence life after retirement should be peaceful and tension free. One can invest funds to match particular goals precisely and effectively. With this life becomes secure after retirement. 

Tips to Make the Personal Finance Planning Smooth
Tips to Make the Personal Finance Planning Smooth

 Planning, Utilising, and Re-planning is the principles of smart budgeting. It is not an easy task but with time one will understand the needs and requirements and it becomes manageable.

Though we work hard to earn a good lifestyle for our family and loved ones there are times when nothing goes as per plans. Remember, there is no fixed method to manage our expenditure and savings. It depends on many factors. Each individual plans differently for their future according to the situation. The important thing is one should remember that the present should be on top priority but a little bit of budgeting makes life beautiful and peaceful in long run.

Disclaimer - This blog post is completely based on my thought and research. All the information mentioned here is my own words and I have shared it from my own experience. Everyone's skin type is different, hence the products work differently on each other's skin. Please don't try to be judgemental and don't try to copy my content without my permission.


  1. Finance education is so important and I feel the tips you shared are really doable and one should follow ...I also have always an emergency funds.

  2. Financial literacy is important and would always come handy when planning finances or budgeting. These are some great ideas to keep personal finance always in good condition.

  3. You have shared great tips to make personal finance planning in this post. I agree saving for emergency situation is must as life is so unpredictable. also, using credit card uses should be done wisely to avoid unnecessary expenses.

  4. These are some helpful tips one needs to know to create a personal financial plan. Your article will help people to tackle present situation and at the same time to control the future plans.

  5. To stay connected with those old memories and help preserve the planet Sweet Karam Coffee looks best choice with a collection of jute bags.

  6. You have shared great tips to make personal finance planning. I agree saving for emergency situation is must as life is so unpredictable.

  7. Financial planning helps us to be ready for emergencies while taking care of our regular expenses and luxury. Personally, I use credit cards minimally since one tends to overspend.

  8. financial literacy is utmost important. with the value of money decreasing over time, it make sense to invest, save for rainy days and build up corpus for retirement. I think finance should be taught in school from early age, so that everyone is well aware of the basics

  9. We should all take stock of our current situations and determine our future objectives. These are excellent guidelines for anyone looking to organize their own financial future.
    -Anjali (messymom)

  10. I used to be really bad with personal finance planning. But now I am seriously looking into the avenues that are profitable . Thanks for you post. It came to me at the right time

  11. Financial management is very much important so does planning. This post was very informative on aspects of learning to manage finance.

  12. You have shared some great tips to make personal finance planning. Saving for emergency situation is so important and very recently I saw how unpredictable life can be. One should try to use credit cards as minimum as possible or pay it on time.

  13. Financial planning is very essential and the pointers suggested in the post are relatable and doable. Saving for emergency is perfect way to remain calm in crisis.

  14. I agree finance literacy is important .These are some great ideas to keep personal finance always in good condition.


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