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10 Things to Consider before Buying a New Car

Buying a car is one of the milestones of life. For some people, owning a car might not be a luxury, but for a middle-class person, owning a vehicle is not less than an achievement. Before investing such an enormous amount in a car, one needs to look after a few things. It's better to do good research before getting your dream car; else, you might regret it afterward.  10 Things to Consider before Buying a New Car We recently got our new car and are thrilled to announce that it's our first car. We had planned things, did good research, and budgeted properly before getting our car. Always remember to invest your hard-earned money in the best things. Hence in today's post, I will share the tips we followed before getting our dream car. I hope you will find this helpful for you.  10 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Car 1: Research -   The first and essential thing is doing your research. Take your time researching different cars, features, and further maintenance; budget

3 Midwestern Cities with Incredible Culinary Scenes

If you are a foodie looking for the next best restaurant, you may think you need to check out certain big cities like New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago. However, if you want to plan a trip or a move to a city with an amazing food scene, you can expand your horizons beyond those big cities.

3 Midwestern Cities with Incredible Culinary Scenes
 3 Midwestern Cities with Incredible Culinary Scenes

If you haven’t thought of any midwestern cities as you consider some great foodie destinations, you should think again. There are many cities in the midwest that deserve recognition when it comes to the culinary scene. Consider these incredible picks as you search for a great foodie city:


When you think of food cities, even in the Midwest specifically, Minneapolis might fly under the radar, and maybe for good reason. You may expect some typical midwestern food from a visit to Minneapolis, like a casserole or some meat and potatoes. However, Minneapolis has a whole lot going for it as a foodie town and is worth a visit if you are looking for a good bite.

Minneapolis is home to several James Beard Award-winning chefs and semifinalists, including Ann Kim, owner of Pizzeria Lola. Minneapolis chef Sean Sherman, who founded The Sioux Chef, won a James Beard Award for Leadership. 

3 Midwestern Cities with Incredible Culinary Scenes
 3 Midwestern Cities with Incredible Culinary Scenes

Minneapolis is also home to the “Juicy Lucy,” a cheese-stuffed burger. If you are interested in expanding your culinary horizons, you will also find Korean, Thai, Somali, and so many more restaurants in Minneapolis. You will need many meals in Minneapolis to fully appreciate the local food scene.


Omaha might also not be the first city you think of when you think of a culinary city, but, in fact, Omaha is widely believed to be the origin city of the Reuben sandwich. The hotel where the sandwich is believed to have been invented is back after a hiatus, and you can now order a Reuben there again.

But don’t think you are limited to just sandwiches in this city. Omaha’s culinary epicenter is called “The Blackstone District'' (after the original hotel where the Reuben was invented), and you can sample Venezuelan food, Nepalese food, craft brews, and freshly made ice cream. 

3 Midwestern Cities with Incredible Culinary Scenes
 3 Midwestern Cities with Incredible Culinary Scenes

Outside this district, there are even more amazing restaurants to try, including Modern Love, which serves vegan comfort food. If you find yourself drawn to this city and its culinary scene, there are plenty of Omaha apartments for rent which put you right in the middle of the foodie action.


While Indianapolis is a midwestern city known for its food, it is also becoming known for its baked goods. You can sample some amazing pastries and breads at the following: Amelia’s Bread, Gallery Pastry Bar, and Bluebeard.

You can also find some outstanding drinks in Indianapolis, including coffee, beer, wine, and spirits. To round out your foodie trip to Indianapolis, there are some fantastic restaurants, and even several food halls to check out, including The AMP and The Garage Food Hall.

3 Midwestern Cities with Incredible Culinary Scenes
 3 Midwestern Cities with Incredible Culinary Scenes

While the Midwest may not be the first region of the country you think of when you are looking for amazing food, you should definitely give these cities a try. Minneapolis, Omaha, and Indianapolis will have you covered from drinks to dinner to dessert and everything in between.



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