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This is how I maintain my curly hair with Anveya Curls haircare combo

 While the curly hair looks beautiful but it’s not easy to manage them. Even my hair is curly to wavy in quality and ask me how difficult it gets for me to maintain them. Long, straight, silky and sanity hair always attract me a lot and to get such hair it is not possible to straighten my hair all the time. Excessive use of heating tools makes hair dry and fizzy. When the nature of curly hair is already dry and fizzy, I can't take more chances to make my hair worse. 

Anveya Curl Hair Combo
This is how I maintain my curly hair with Anveya Curls haircare combo

While the hair care is huge task and having tried many products from varied brand, I never felt satisfied. The outcome never seemed to make my hair soft and bouncy. Recently while looking up something on amazon, I came across Anveya Curls haircare combo. To my pleasant surprise they had an entire range for curly haired people like me. After checking on the reviews and feedback I decided to go with the range and see how it can help me maintain my hair. 

There is a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair mist in this Anveya Curls haircare combo. As per the brand claims all the products in this range are made of natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals, keeps away dryness and frizziness from hair. I have been using this combo for two weeks now. Keep reading to know my experience with this Anveya Curls haircare combo.

About the Brand Anveya:

Anveya was established back in 2018. The brand had the aim to curate skincare and haircare products with the goodness of mother nature for Indian consumers. Over these 3 years, Anveya has come up with over 35 products in skin and hair care. This premium brand formulates its beauty and personal care products with deep nature technology. All the Anveya products are full of natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

Recently the brand has launched the Curls Hair Care Combo. The brand claims that it maintains the frizzy and unmanageable curls and makes them gorgeous and luscious. These strengthen the hair and restore the shine into it. 

Anveya Curl Shampoo -

Anveya Curl Hair Shampoo
This is how I maintain my curly hair with Anveya Curls haircare combo

 The shampoo has some amazing ingredients which make it the best for curls. It has Wheat Amino Acids in it that promotes elasticity of hair and improves the texture of hair follicles and strengthens as well. Soy Amino Acid revives damaged hair by providing deep nutrition. Arginine complex repairs the damaged hair and reduces hair breakage. It has coconut oil in it which makes sure to lock the moisture into the hair while cleaning and soothes the scalp too. It helps to make the hair smooth and frizz-free. 

A balanced mixture of Ferment oils that includes argan oil, green tea seed oil, camellia seed oil, almond oil, and sunflower seed oil is present in the curl shampoo. It nourishes hair by protecting it from everyday damage and pollution.

The shampoo is free of sulphate and other harsh chemicals; hence it doesn't lather much but make sure to wipe away all dirt and impurities from hair and scalp. It has a mild soothing fragrance in it. The consistency is a bit runny but works great on my curly hair. Packaging is good, not so fancy. I must say it works great when used with a conditioner of the same range.

Anveya Curl Conditioner - 

Anveya Curl Hair Conditioner
This is how I maintain my curly hair with Anveya Curls haircare combo

The conditioner also has Wheat amino acid, Soy Amino acid, Arginine complex in it that make sure to provide proper nutrition to the hair. Along with these, it has Shea butter in it which provides the right hydration to the dry curls. The conditioner has a lightweight formula that doesn't weigh down the hair after washing. It detangles hair strands and makes it frizz-free effectively. Makes hair soft and smooth and also locks the curls to their place. 

Curly hair always needs deep conditioning to balance the moisture in it and to look youthful. I like the conditioner along with the shampoo. There is also a hair mist in this combo which is again cherry on top.

Anveya Curl Hair Mist -

Anveya Curl Hair Mist
This is how I maintain my curly hair with Anveya Curls haircare combo

The Curl Hair Mist is specifically designed to get rid of the dullness of curly hair. Usually, curly hair ends up looking dull and lifeless. This curl mist makes the hair look shinier, stronger and full of vitality. The hair mist is a leave-in formula that revives hair, bringing back the shine and silky texture. It also protects hair from heat and chemicals.

The curl hair mist has Pink Himalayan Salt that helps to improve the texture of the curls. It also adds volume to the hair. 

The hair mist comes in spray packaging which makes the application easier. It is a multitasking product. You can use it anytime to just add more shine to your curls. 

I have been using this combo for a couple of days now and I can see a dramatic change in my hair texture. I have a dry and curly hair type. This combo has made my curls shiny and smooth. I am loving my new hair texture. There is less dryness, almost no fizzy-ness and bouncy curls. You can get the products individually too according to the requirement.

Anveya Curl Hair Mist
This is how I maintain my curly hair with Anveya Curls haircare combo

Price - Rs 1895/- for the Combo

Availability - Available on Anveya website, Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and Purplle.

Final Verdict - I will definitely recommend this hair care combo by Anveya to all curly beauties. This combo will take care of your beautiful curls without making those dry, frizzy and lifeless. Do try out and you will never regret your decision.



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