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Get Your Hair Spring Ready

Spring is around the corner – a few more days and the cold weather will turn warm, which means longer days, more sun, and change in hair and skin care. Oh! And fewer layers of clothes, of course! How can we forget that!

Yes! We are ready for spring but is our hair ready? Definitely not!

Get Your Hair Spring Ready
Get Your Hair Spring Ready

Winter and cold weather have a damaging effect on hair, and it needs a change of shampoo and other products.

Here are 8 ways to get your hair spring ready.

1. Get Your Hair Trimmed

This is the right time to get rid of those split ends. Whatever hairstyle you decide to keep, it is good to clean up your hair and then opt for a change in appearance. When you get a trim, those split ends are gone and then you can go on to change your hairstyle. Whether you braid it, leave it loose or tie it up – it is entirely up to you.

2. Get Some Highlights

Spring means new beginnings. Of course, there is nothing new about it. But, what is new is the season – it is time for a new look. Add colour to your hair – just a splash. If you are dark-haired, lighten it up with a few streaks. Or maybe you want to get frosted highlights if you are light-haired.

Get Your Hair Spring Ready
Get Your Hair Spring Ready

3. Get Protein Treatment For Hair

When you head to the salon to get a trim or highlights, think about getting a protein treatment. It will strengthen your hair. When the locks are well moisturized and contain extra protein, they will look their best.

4. Change Your Products

You change your skincare products every season, and you need to do the same for hair too. Step back from those jars of butter and heavy creams and bring in light oils such as jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, or almond oil. Lock the moisture in your hair with these oils. Try light moisturizers that contain glycerine. Try some DIY recipes for your hair at home. Check DIY Hair Serum for Glossy and Smooth Hair to learn about some amazing homemade hair care recipes.

5. Let Your Hair Down

You keep your hair braided or in buns during winter. Set it free now and wear it long, as much as you can. After the trim, protein treatment, and highlights, your hair is more than ready to be set free. Hair experts stress the need to give hair downtime after buns and braids. These hairstyles damage hair, causing hair breakage and hair loss because of too much tension. So, give your hair some rest and amp up the conditioning. Give it deep conditioning.

6. Protect Your Hair From the Sun

We all have been waiting for spring. It brings respite from cold, but with warm sunny days comes the need to protect hair from the harmful UV rays. There are plenty of products to protect your hair. Or you can simply wear a hat. That works best. Use hair masks that are known to prevent damage and, in some cases, reverse it too. You will need to shampoo more often than you did in winters but not too much. Create a balance between 'not enough and too much' shampooing. Find out how less is not enough and how often is too much - you are the best judge of how much shampooing your hair needs.

A wide-brimmed hat, not a cap, is what you need to cover your head, your face, and neck. The American Cancer Society says that tightly woven hats offer more protection than straw hats.

Get Your Hair Spring Ready
Get Your Hair Spring Ready

7. Cut Back on Heat Appliances

Cut back on curling irons and blow dryers. They style your hair but also cause irreparable damage. Try out hairstyles that won't have you reaching for your curling iron as often. Try leaving your hair down instead of tying it up.

8. Styling

As the weather turns warm, humidity increases, and it gets difficult to maintain styles. Hair becomes frizzy. You can use styling gels to minimize the frizz or try out some protective styles. Just remember to rest your hair if you are braiding it.

In Conclusion

Keep in mindKeep in mind that healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. We tend to ignore conditions such as thinning or brittle hair till it becomes serious and hair loss is obvious. Pay attention to scalp health and listen to what it is telling you. Be regular with your hair trims and hair care. If you don't have the time for DIY hair massages, fix an appointment at the salon but don't skip it. Drink plenty of water – keep yourself hydrated. Keep your locs moisturized, use good quality products – clean products are the in thing. Protect your hair from the heat – both heat appliances and the sun – they both can cause damage. Use hair masks – DIY masks or store-bought – but do use them.

Spring is the right time to rejuvenate your locks. Start making the changes before the weather turns hot.

Author's Bio

Swati Sharma is a beauty and skincare enthusiast. She loves to create content around it and presently is a blogger at, a beauty and skincare blog dedicated to keeping you gorgeous, always. When not writing, you would often find her sipping a cuppa and reading non-fiction books.


  1. these are great tips.. and of them I guess I have been doing offlate is heat on my hair.. but as you mentioned wish to do some protein treatment

  2. Oh it's good to know that these things are necessary. I don't use anything as a routine. Just once a while for a fun day with my daughter.

  3. Wonderful hair tips even I am planning to change my hair style and even try some new products definitely going to do it... Thank you for sharing your informative post.

  4. These are some great pointers the writer have mentioned to maintain the hair during spring. Would keep in mind

  5. Enjoyed reading your blog. I have never had highlights, but your blog excited me enough to want to try it! And yes, agree with you on scalp care. I think that's very important.

  6. Well, it is a reminder for me to go for that hair cut that I have been delaying all due to my lazyness. Surely, going to check a few DIY hair masks too :)

  7. Thanks for sharing these great tips. I'm looking at getting the highlights done really soon, along with a nice cut.

  8. Your headings are all really cool. Keep your hair down left me in splits. On a serious note, all your tips are indeed helpful

  9. Yes I agree that we should make changes in our daily routine and other lifestyle habits when season change. your tips are so apt for upcoming spring season. I really do not know that we should trim our hair during this season.

  10. I am reading your advice just in time, as the weather in my state is changing, and my hair is busy have a bad day! definitely going to take these tips and apply them.

  11. I think I really need these tips as nowadays I have such awful hair and want to make it ready for spring season. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  12. I so wish to do highlights. After reading your post, I i need to look after my hair no matter what.💖

  13. Haircare gets tricky with changing seasons and I'm glad you wrote about trimming and protein treatments for healthy hair. Some good tips here!

  14. These are some good tips, I always start preparing for next season beforehand and take extra care of hair to beat the humidity and next coming hot weather.

  15. Wonderful tips and ideas. I too have been planning to change the look of my hair and add some color to it too .


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