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Sweet Karam Coffee - Your One Stop Home Food Store | My Shopping Experience

 Now we can have everything from everywhere at our doorstep in this digital era. Imagine you are staying miles away from your hometown and craving to have some yummy food from your native place. What to do ?? No worry, there is a solution for everything, right?  Sweet Karam Coffee is a place where you can get your desired homemade food at your doorstep without any hassle.  Sweet Karam Coffee - Your One Stop Home Food Store | My Shopping Experience  I am a big food freak and always crave something or other. When I found this site while browsing online, I was very happy. Then I checked the site and was super excited by seeing their varieties of food and all are home food. I ordered a bunch of products for myself which I will share later in this post. First, let me tell you more about the brand Sweet Karam Coffee in brief. Sweet Karam Coffee - Your One Stop Home Food Store | My Shopping Experience  Sweet Karam Coffee is a brand known for its purity and perfection. It is a one-stop portal

5 ways to get toned and firmer booty

Firmer and well shaped lower body (specially butts) can make a girl look sexy and can just enhance the body structure more. There are particular exercises which can help you to get the well shaped butts but who has time to spend hours on gym just to focus one part of the body. In normal exercise you will get a slimmer body but not a well toned booty .

5 ways to get toned and firmer booty
 5 ways to get toned and firmer booty

If you are thinking of supplements, then honestly I never support to have different kinds of supplements unnecessarily. Sometimes in long run, supplements can cause other health issues. Except these, there are also several lifestyle hacks which can help you to toned down your lower body without much efforts. Here in this post I am going to discuss about 5 awesome and easy lifestyle hacks.

  1. Right body posture :

Right body posture is very important and one of the easiest way to lift up the lower back area and give a toned shape to the booty .

While standing always follow a straight posture and while sitting don’t put all the pressure on your butt and sit straight by pushing your butt a little back. In this way, the back of the body will get more support which eventually will give your booty a nice shape and hold. In this way also the hip muscles will become stronger and firmer.

You must have noticed the celebrities follow the same postures during any public appearances. With regular practice of this posture game, your booty will definitely lift up to hold a toned shape.

  1. Supportive underwear :

 5 ways to get toned and firmer booty

Wearing right fitting undergarments is very necessary. Avoid wearing the saggy underwears at all. Well fitted full coverage spandex underwears are really nice option under office outfits. Spandex really hold the booty properly, gives a nice shape and make it feel more soft.

While wearing a tight fitted underwear, always notice whether you are feeling comfortable or not. Because it is necessary to allow the blood circulation properly near the lower body part at the booty

area. Always pay attention to the fitting of the underwear and ofcourse quality. With regular use of supportive underwear your booty will hold a nice firm shape automatically.

  1. Exfoliation and Massage :

It is also important to tone up and revitalize the butt area with increasing the blood flow. For that proper skin massage and exfoliation is necessary. In this way the butt will look beautiful and healthy too.

You can simply dry brushing that area to stimulate maximum blood flow and to exfoliate well. Also, you can use DIY scrub by using coffee powder, sugar and essential oils. This will exfoliate properly and make the skin smooth and firm at the same time. Caffeine in coffee helps in tightening skin. With regular massage and weeking scrubing habit you will get a nice well shaped booty in few days without any exercise.

  1. Bum enhance cream :

Namyaa Brazilian Bum Cream
 5 ways to get toned and firmer booty

There are also lotions and creams available to shape the bum area. ‘Namyaa Brazilian bum cream’ is one

those. Namyaa is a renowned women wellness brand. Let me tell you about this bum cream in detail.

It’s a body lotion that helps in skin tightening, butt lifting, and firming. It is suitable for all skin type. This is also effective in removing stretch marks (the post pregnancy ones also) on body. This bum cream is free of harmful chemicals, artificial fragrance and color. It has Nutmeg, Chamomile, Macadamia seed oil, Glycerine in it. This bum cream also moisturises skin really well.

For application, take required quantity of the Namyaa Bum cream on your palm and massage it on your butt area very gently for few minutes until it gets absorbed into skin. Repeat this process twice daily, once in the morning and onec at night before heading to bed. Continue this for six weeks to see the visible results.

You can buy this online from Amazon or Flipkart and also can get this from their official website .

Price- Rs599/- for 100gm.

  1. Healthy diet :

At last healthy diet is the key. For a well shaped booty we need to increase the booty muscles and for that protein rich food should be in your regular diet. Protein helps to strengthen the body muscles.

That’s all for today’s post, I hope you will find this helpful for you. See you in another exciting post.

Take care.


  1. Informative post , right body posture is something I need to focus now :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. a very good post.. right body ppsture does 50 percent of the work .. but there were some great points you made I guess I need to incorporate to get that firm booty

  3. Bum cream??? Are you serious? I didn't know there was such a product. My husband will surely buy it for me due to my flatness hahaha. Let him see this.

  4. Hey than you for sharing informative post fixing ourselves in proper body posture is really important .

  5. Who doesnt want a good looking booty. These are helpful pointers u have mentioned.

  6. Wow never knew there is such thing as a bum cream! Also thanks for some good tips for maintaining posture

  7. Woah, there is actually a product like that, I had no clue. I agree, wearing comfortable clothing including right fit of inner garments is essential too.

  8. Oh, I never knew that there is a bum enhance cream! All I knew was a good exercise and a right posture for a toned body.

  9. Bum enhance cream is a new info for me. Thanks for sharing. I have been having this bum issue for a long time🙈 since I lost weight it becAme all the more weird.

  10. I believe , a toned and firmer body is combination of multiple factors ranging from healthy diet to exercise and correct posture. it is really great that Namyaa has launched bum enhance cream. I did not know about it. thanks for sharing your honest input dear.

  11. I know that posture is a huge game changer when it comes to over all posture. however, the booty does need that extra attention and help. this post is helpful with ideas to try out.

  12. Thanks for sharing these and yes body posture is something which really matters, but about this bum cream I never heard.

  13. As much as menial it seems. Having an unshapely bum can affect the confidence like obesity does. Thanks for the recommendation. I never knew about the cream and undergarments.

  14. I always thought that exercise helped in getting a firmer butt! Didn't know about a bum cream that would make that job much easier. Will check out this product.

  15. I always thought that exercise helped in getting a firmer butt! Didn't know about a bum cream that would make that job much easier. Will check out this product.

  16. I like eating healthy and balanced diet and do some squats. It helps to shape lower body and tone muscles as well. Great information shared.

  17. I believe that the right fit and size of dinnerware makes all the difference in shaping the body. Even exercise is a great way to shape the body n keep it firm and in shape


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