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What is the expected life of shapewear with regular use?

 As shapewear keeps getting popular and has become a must-have for many to achieve a sleek figure and a boost in their confidence… Many wonder about the expected life of their shapewear if they give them regular use. Because of its lifespan, shapewear will eventually need to be replaced.  To be able to determine the lifespan of your wholesale waist trainers and shapewear it’s necessary to consider some factors like how frequently you used them, the material quality, and how you maintain your piece as well as its type.  The quality of the materials  This is one of the most important factors to help determine the lifespan of a garment, alongside its construction. Brands will use high-quality materials to manufacture their shapewear because they have the ability to compress and stretch.  The use of high-quality materials will significantly prolong the life of your shapewear piece. Some brands will use a superior blend of fabrics and construction techniques that enhance durability.  The f

Top 5 Baby Body Wash Brands Available in India

A newborn baby comes with a lot of new responsibilities for the family. The most important thing to keep the baby's health good is by maintaining good hygiene.  For this, it is necessary to give the baby a proper bath every day. Sometimes it is challenging to give the little soul bath for the new parents but practice can make this process perfect. Forgiving baths you need good quality soap or baby wash. These should be free from chemicals and gentle enough to give proper nourishment to the baby's delicate and fragile skin. Natural baby wash is best for baby's delicate skin

Top 5 Baby Body Wash Brands Available in India
Top 5 Baby Body Wash Brands Available in India

There are a few things you need to consider while choosing a good baby wash for the baby and also during giving bath to the baby about which I am going to share at the end of the post. Now let's talk about the top 5 baby body wash brands available in India. All these products mentioned below are easily available online and offline along with not heavy on pocket. Moreover, all the products are of good quality and suitable for baby's skin.

1.  Mother Sparsh Plant Power Baby Wash :

Mothersparsh baby body wash review
Top 5 Baby Body Wash Brands Available in India

I am very fond of the brand MotherSparsh. I am currently using almost all baby products from the brand. I personally love the Mother Sparsh Plant Power baby wash. It is a botanical blend of organic herbs, plant extracts and essential oils. There is the goodness of chamomile extracts, olive, coconut which gives extra nourishment to the baby's skin. There are no harmful chemicals like silicon, paraben, SLS and SLES, dyes and formaldehyde. There is no artificial fragrance in it. In fact, the fragrance is very mild and pleasant. There are essential oils like avocado oil, grapeseed oil, chamomile oil and calendula oil in it. The baby wash is very mild on the skin and doesn't cause any irritation or allergies on my son's skin after applying. It has all-natural ingredients and tear-free formula makes the bathing experience even more pleasant. It lathers really well when applied through a loofa and rinsed out easily also. A small quantity is required for each use.  After washing this leaves the baby's skin squeaky clean. This makes skin nourished and supple after every wash. I use this as a shampoo also for my son. This can be used for the newborns as well as the elder ones. 

Price - rs 385/- for 200ml.

Availability - Available on Amazon, Nykaa, Firstcry, Hopscotch and the official website of Mother Sparsh

Pros. - 

  • Filled with natural ingredients and essential oils.

  • Have goodness of coconut, olive, chamomile extracts, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, etc.

  • Free from harsh chemicals like silicon, paraben, SLS and SLES

  • Very mild and pleasant fragrance

  • No allergies or irritation after using

  • Gentle on baby's delicate skin

  • Budget-friendly 

Cons. -

  • Can't find any. Totally loved it for my baby 

Rating - 4.8/5

2. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturising Bath : 

Aveeno baby body wash review
Top 5 Baby Body Wash Brands Available in India

Aveeno has luxurious skincare products for babies. They have different varieties of body washes in their range but I love this particular moisturising baby wash. Like the name, it also moisturises the baby's skin properly after a bath. This body wash has the goodness of oats which provides great nourishment to skin and lathers beautifully.  This body wash is again free from harsh chemicals, paraben, artificial fragrance and dyes. It has a very mild and pleasant fragrance which instantly makes the baby happy. It has a no-tear formula. Though the price is a bit on the higher side you require a tiny quantity for each time use which makes it worth buying. This body wash is suitable for newborn babies to older ones also. 

Price: rs 799/- for 354ml.

Availability: Available on Nykaa 

Pros. :

  • Very mild and moisturising on baby's skin

  • Has no chemicals, paraben, dyes and artificial fragrance

  • Doesn't irritate the skin

  • Lathers really well and rinsed out properly

  • Good for newborn's also

Cons. : 

  • A bit pricey than the others.

Rating: 4.6/5

3. Himalaya Gentle Baby Wash :

Himalaya baby wash review
Top 5 Baby Body Wash Brands Available in India

Himalaya is a well-known herbal brand. I have tried their baby range during my elder son. All the products are made up of herbal ingredients and gentle on the baby's skin. The baby wash has all-natural ingredients with a fusion of Chickpeas, Fenugreek and green gram which gives proper nourishment to the new born's skin. Chickpeas have antioxidants which are great for baby's skin. Fenugreek and green gram has ayurvedic properties which give extra nourishment to the baby's skin and makes it smooth and supple. It has no harsh chemicals, dyes and paraben. This is very mild on the skin and doesn't cause any kind of skin issues further. 

Price - rs 80/- for 100ml.

Availability - Available on Amazon, Nykaa 

Pros -

  • Very gentle on baby's skin

  • Has goodness of Chickpea, Fenugreek and green gram

  • Gives extra nourishment to the skin

  • Free from chemicals, dyes and paraben

  • Affordable

Cons. -

  • A little runny texture hence doesn't lather much.

Rating: 4.2/5

4. Chicco Gentle Body Wash and Shampoo :

Chicco baby wash and shampoo review
Top 5 Baby Body Wash Brands Available in India

Chicco has an awesome baby care range which is extremely mild for even a newborn's sensitive skin. Chicco gentle body wash and shampoo are 2 in 1. This is free from alcohol, paraben, SLS and SLES, artificial dyes and fragrance. The body wash is very much gentle on the baby's skin.  It has no tear formula which gives the bathing experience great. It is pH balanced, hence ideal for newborn babies too. I too use this for my son. It lathers well and rinses out all dirt easily. It gives good nourishment to the baby's skin.

Price - rs 229/- for 200ml.

Availability - Available on Amazon, Nykaa

Pros. :

  • Free from alcohol, paraben, artificial dyes

  • Free from SLS and SLES

  • No-tear formula

  • pH balanced formula, hence  good for newborn's skin also 

  • Lathers well and cleanses the body properly 

Cons. :

  • Need a little more quantity for each use.

Rating: 4/5

5. Mamaearth Deep Nourishing Body Wash for Baby :

Mamaearth baby wash review
Top 5 Baby Body Wash Brands Available in India

Mamaearth body wash can be used as a shampoo also. It has the goodness of aloe vera, orange, jojoba oil and coconut extracts. There are no harsh chemicals and paraben. It is transparent in colour as there are no artificial dyes in it. It is hypoallergenic and clinically proven. It doesn't irritate eyes and other parts of skin also. 

Price: rs 199/- for 200ml.

Availability: Available on Amazon, Nykaa

Pros. - 

  • Gentle on baby's skin.

  • Has goodness  of aloe vera, orange, jojoba oil and coconut extracts

  • No artificial fragrance and dyes.

  • Free of chemicals and paraben

  • Cleanses skin well 

Cons. - 

  • Very runny texture. 

  • Not very fond of the fragrance. 

Rating: 4/5

Factors you should look into while buying a baby wash (or any baby product) :

  • The first and most important thing is to look into the ingredients list. Always choose baby products with natural and herbal ingredients. There should be no harsh chemicals like silicon, SLS, SLES, paraben, dyes. 

  • Buy products with no fragrance in it. Baby products should be fragrance-free. Mild fragrance is also fine. 

  • Thoroughly check the manufacturer date and expire date.

  • Check if the product is moisturising enough to provide good hydration to the baby's skin.

  • Always check the price of the product according to the quantity given. Remember, a higher price tag doesn't define the quality of the product. 

  • Do good research before buying any baby product. There are so many brands available and before considering any particular brand/product, read their reviews on the internet. 

Safety tips to follow during giving the bath a baby :

  • Keep all the baby bath related products like a bath towel, baby wash, shampoo, bath toy, diaper, clothes, etc. near your reaching area.

  • Water for the bath should be lukewarm (not hot or cold). To check the water deep your elbow or small finger inside the water to get the accurate temperature.

  • Use a small bathtub for bathing the baby.

  • For applying a baby wash, always use a loofah or sponge. And apply smoothly on the baby.

  • Don't leave the baby alone inside water. 

  • Put some bath toys inside the tub to make the bath time fun for the baby.

  • Remember, not to put your newborn baby in a bathtub unless the umbilical cord area is healed fully. Doctors suggest giving a sponge bath only at that time. 

  • Pat dry completely after bathing the baby else the baby will catch a cold easily.

Direction to use a baby wash :

Rinse the loofah/sponge first and then pour a generous amount of body wash over it. Apply that loofah in a circular motion on the baby's wet skin in a gentle way. Apply till the top to toe and allow to form a rich lather. Then rinse thoroughly and pat dry the baby's skin.

That's all about the best baby body washes available in India and all the tips and tricks for new parents. 

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  1. Thats a good list of baby wash. Not all brands mentioned here are available here. I have tried Aveeno wash and was very happy with the results.

  2. Wow such a detail post with comparison of various brands of baby wash. Personally I had used johnson and johnson for my both girls and had good results.

  3. Loved your post - very informative and detailed. I have been using a few of these products for my children. Sparsh looks very promising - will check it out for sure.

  4. Kids skin is really delicate and needs more care. I loved the list you have shared, I am using mother Sparsh too and loving it!!

  5. We have used mamaearth, himalaya and johnsons mostly. I havent seen Aveeno around when the kids were tiny so never bothered looking for it.

  6. Thanks for sharing such an informative and detailed post . This is really useful for new mother's who are looking for baby products and are confuse which one to go for. Will share and recommend too.

  7. This is the great list of baby wash and I really the way you had explained each brand. Personally I had used johnson and johnson for my girls and had a good experience.

  8. Awesome check lists of supreme class different baby body washes. I have already experienced mamaearth, himalaya and Aveeno among all I find Aveeno is the best for all types of skin . I am using it from 5-6 yrs.

    Archana Srivastava

  9. I have already tried Mother Sparsh and Mamaearth baby washes for the lil angels in our family. Will definitely try the other ones, especially the Himalayas wash looks good.

  10. All these brands are great. I've heard wonderful reviews about mother sparsh as well. I've also liked Himalaya for my kids.

  11. I like how beautifully you explained ways to check out for good baby product and top baby bodywash brands to try out with a detailed review.

  12. Mothers always worry about the right baby products. You've given a good list of some old and new baby brands that are the best in the market now.

  13. These brands and products are amazing and I use Himalaya for my daughter till date. Will try some brand from your other recommendations as well .

  14. A helpful read. I hear such fab reviews. It would be interesting to take a patch test on self and recommend it to all the new moms who love our site.

  15. You are right. Right Baby washes for a newborn is very essential. I have used Himalaya. I will love to use mama earth products as I hear very nice reviews of it.

  16. This is a nice llisticle of Baby body wash brands. I feel Mother Sparsh and Himalaya are good brands when it comes to Baby Care products, not much aware of the others.

  17. I have used Himalaya for Ayaansh when he was a little one. Off lately, Mother Sparsh has been doing really well. I love its mild fragrance. However on the advice of my pediatrician I have just switched over to Curatio Products for my son.

  18. Now these are some awesome brands of baby wash. I have personally used Mothersparsh, himalaya, mamaearth and aveeno and they are indeed the best.

  19. I have used some of these baby washes for my son, absolutely loved mother sparsh plant powered baby wash

  20. Snigdha you have very listed the baby body wash. I too personally like the product that is close to nature and the brand that fulfills this on high scale is Mother Sparsh.

  21. Babies have sensitive skin and it is important to use gentle baby products... Mother sparsh baby body wash looks really good! Nice list.

  22. Don't think moms could have it any better! Great to see so many good options to choose from! Thanks for the detailed reviews.

  23. That's a very good list I find mothersparsh and mamaearth very good.

    It's important for the products to be chemical free, that's one thing I look while buying products for my little one.


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