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Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

Winter is on its notch and my skin is becoming desert day by day . In winter our skin needs special care otherwise the cold weather will make it more harsh and dry . We do apply so many kinds of body lotions to keep skin hydrated but at the end if the day it is the same itchy and dry . Dry skin people always go with deep moisturizing lotion or creams . While browsing something really good for my thirsty skin , I found Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream . I am using this since a month now and ready to share my opinion with you all .

Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

Vanya is a luxurious skin care brand and their products are all natural and free from harsh chemicals . These are also cruelty free .

Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream 

Price - Rs600/- for 60gm.
Shelf life - 2years from mfg.

You can buy from Here .

Benefits -
Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

Ingredients -

Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

Packaging -  Packaging wise it is so good. I love the luxurious looking silver packaging . There is also an outer cover which has all necessary information regarding the product.

Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

Experience - I am using this since a month now and I am loving it to be very honest . I love the refreshing fragrance which is not so loud nor so mild . The fragrance has a hint of pomegranate which makes it more sweeter . After application the fragrance is there for some more minutes .

Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

The texture is really smooth and creamy . It has semi-thick consistency . The cream spreads easily on skin and absorbs quickly into skin . It keeps my skin hydrated for 5-6hours and after that I reapply . As I have a small baby I need to wash my hand and legs very often ,hence it stays this much time otherwise it will stay some more hours . I apply this after taking shower and the whole day I love my silky soft skin. It is always recommended to apply any kind of moisturizer or lotion on skin after bath when it is still damp to get maximum skin benefits .

This cream is a blend of pomegranate extracts, pomegranate oil and kokum butter which helps to make skin soft and nourished. These also improve skin texture . The pomegranate in it helps to act as sunblock . Along with this ,it has vitamin E , aloevera extracts and Himalayan rose water which keeps skin hydrated and supple .
Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

Pros .. -

1. Nice sturdy and classy packaging.
2. Smells divine
3. Has goodness of pomegranate and kokum butter
4. Smooth , creamy texture
5. Hydrates skin for 5-6 hours easily .
6. Natural ingredients

Cons.. -

1- Seems a bit pricey

Rating - 4.7/5

"Overall a good body cream with all natural ingredients . It has pomegranate and kokum butter which works great on skin. Hydrates skin really well , what else we need..!! Completely recommended to you guys.."

Hope you found this review helpful.. See you in another post ,till then take care..



  1. Pomegranate skin k liye kafi accha hota hai 👍👍 lakin haan ye bahut costly hain (

  2. Kokum butter sounds interesting to me..Not tried till now but really want to give a try but price is little on higher end!!

  3. This is a new brand for me. Pomogranate is an unusual ingredient in a cream but your review is quite good. Curious to try this out.

  4. It looks so soft and buttery. Glad I read your review. Now I know what to get my winter harassed skin this year

  5. I was aware of pomegranate body scrub, but a creme from same sounds delicious. Does it smell heavenly?

  6. Sounds good nourishing cream from your experience to vouch for this winter

  7. It seems lil pricey but worth trying reading the way it hydrates your skin.

  8. I never used this product and even not heard about it. But as you are mentioning the positive about the product. I also want to try.

  9. I have used this too and it is pretty good. I love their pomegranate range.

  10. The product and packaging indeed looks very impressive but ya the cost is a little high.

  11. This looks so beneficial for the skin. And it's pretty reasonably priced too! I'll try my hands on it soon.

  12. I am using this body cream too along with tbe scrub. My skin feels so soft and smells heave.nly

  13. I like the products that have natural ingredients like this one. Pomegranate has many skin benefits, thanks for sharing about it.


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