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Get Ready For Prom With These Red-Carpet Fashion Hacks

The finest place to browse for style ideas is Hollywood and its red carpets when it comes to looking picture-perfect for a special occasion. No unwanted wrinkles, bra straps, or panty lines are ever seen at a red-carpet event.

Image source - Unsplash

Let's talk about celebrity style hacks on the red carpet that you can use as inspiration for senior prom or other huge formal occasions:

1. Stay crease-free :

Ever been curious how stars manage to keep their gowns wrinkle-free, from the minute they get out of their limousines, on to the red carpet, and for the remainder of the occasion? According to a celebrity stylist, in order to maintain an un-crumpled and smooth gown, a person's posture is necessary. For instance, to avoid the hip crease that you get when sitting, it is advised if you lean back as much as possible and make sure to smooth the gown first when sitting down.

You can also go see some prom dresses 2019 and check out styles, especially ones that are not as challenging to keep wrinkle-free. You can likewise pick materials like neoprene, which are wrinkle-resistant, or go for the already crinkled appearance of crepe.

2. Prevent noticeable panty lines :

Visible panty lines can be big turn-offs. So, how do celebs and their stylists hack this dilemma? Aside from the development of seamless underwear, some designers, when possible, will stitch the underwear to the dress to ensure a flawless appearance. By customizing these garments, stars manage to dodge unappealing panty lines while also making sure that the undergarments do not move around.

Image source - Pexels

Still remember Angelina Jolie's thigh-high slit at the 84th Academy Awards in 2012? Thanks to her design group who discovered stick-on strapless G-strings, we remember her perfect leg and not a malicious preview of her privates. Particularly, they credit Shibue Couture for completely eliminating the problem of unpleasant panty lines. You can actually create your own sticky seamless underwear using some Topstick adhesives if you're crafty.

3. Show cleavage with appropriate protection :

Lots of stunning senior prom dresses come with plunging (and sometimes, even navel-grazing) neck lines. If you wish to wear one of these, you 'd like the hacks presented by some stylists for celebrities. Not only does this offer enough coverage but it also assists in having the illusion of a cleavage. So, what's the trick? According to design specialists, you can make use of silicone covers and enhancers, breast lifts, and even daily adhesives like Band-Aids and Scotch tape. Surgical and medical tape have also been valuable, with Kristen Bell crediting them for her non-surgical "nip lift."

Some stylists will also make use of deconstructed strapless bras taped on the dress at different angles to accomplish the preferred result.

4. Improve your posture and your shape :

If you want to have the illusion of an hourglass shape, make use of a waist cincher (which is also great for your posture) or pick a gown style that works toward the desired figure. You can likewise have a shapely look with the aid of strategically-placed hip pads, shoulder pads, butt pads, and bodysuits.

5. Wear heels like a royal :

A royal protocol for women is to wear pantyhose, so if you need to, you can follow Kate Middleton's fashion hack of utilising silicone pads that stick to the inside of her high heels. For added convenience, she likewise uses leather insoles that offer extra cushion to her shoe.

Image source - pixabay 

Likewise, a no-nonsense style hack among celebrities and royals is going a size up, and even 2, with the shoes to prevent blisters.

And, if you would like to give your heels an extra grip to avoid slips and dance floor emergency situations, use sandpaper on the bottoms of your high heels.

Hope you found this post helpful. Share your thought in comments below. See you in the next post, till then stay beautiful..



  1. I am attending a party event this weekend and the above tips would be pretty helpful to look picture perfect! 😊

  2. This is so interesting. I obviously don’t have any proms coming up, but I do dress up for events quite often. I really liked your tips but one thing i can add is to accessorize correctly. Some dainty yet impactful jewellery and a small clutch bag can really elevate formal outfits.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  3. I really love the easy tips you shared and trust me posture adds really a most important part of styling!!

  4. Wow! Those are some really cool hacks to rock the prom! I had no idea that there are stick on G strings too! Thank you for the post!

  5. These fashion hacks are perfect to slay during prom night. You have drafted them so well that it is easy to flaunt like red carpet look.

  6. These are lovely ideas for prom or any kind of formal dressing.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  7. Great prom hacks! I wish we had prom when I was in school. LOL! Though I also use silicon padding for my high heels for formal parties.

  8. These are some excellent prom styling ideas and tips. The shoe tip is quite clever

  9. Although I am not a big fashion lover yet your post is helpful.

  10. Seamless underwear is pure magic and great in formal gowns or prom gowns. Silicone taped bras are another great idea for a perfect fit and no issues with plunging necklines

  11. These are some really helpful and classy hacks for rocking the red carpet. Looking good and stylish is so easy.

  12. You have listed some very valuable tips for young girls. Its always good to be prepared.

  13. Now I know how the celebrities do it easily every time.

  14. Those are some valid points buddy. Will surely beat them in mind

  15. porm dresses are so much in now a days. These tips will be helpful to style and carry them comfortably and confidentiality

  16. Oh, I really like the tip about straightening the gown from the back while sitting. I am going to keep it in mind.

  17. perfect tips for prom party.
    Any flaw is unaccepctable on the prom party, otherwise we will regret when you see our prom party photos some years later.


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