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Feelings of Motherhood - Very Precious

Feelings of Motherhood - Very Precious

Being mother is a true blessing . The moment i came to know that i am pregnant ,I can't even explain my feeling in words. The moment was very precious . From the day one of my pregnancy ,i was waiting for my baby soul to hold on my hand ,to see in-front of my eyes. I was literally counting every single day . Now I am pregnant with my second kid but the feelings of the #FirstTimeMom is very different and special.

Then the day came and I delivered my little soul . That day was the best day ever. Finally I held my little bundle of joy . The funny thing was ,i was looking at him continuously for hours and can't make myself believe that i have become a mom . The feeling and the experience is beyond happiness. I was eagerly waiting for, when he will also looking at me ,recognize me as his mom and will smile at my me . I know i am sounding crazy but i was like that in that point of time. Then after becoming 2 and 1/2 months he started staring at everyone and started giving tiny smiles and i was like in seventh heaven . Sometimes there were happy tears in my eyes. I couldn't thank enough to GOD for this . By looking at his naughty smiles , I always forget my whole day tired . When I got angry by his naughty tantrums , sleepless nights , continuous feeding , he always gave his baby innocent smiles to me and I completely forgot my anger within seconds. Even now when he has become a toddler , my anger couldn't sustain in-front of his smile. My husband sometimes called me crazy for this .

The baby is always very precious of a mom .His happiness ,his needs are always the first priority for the mom. During the initial days babies do fall sick very often as their body try to cope up with the outer world. We parents always feel helpless by seeing our baby in trouble ,isn't it ? When my son was only 6 months old ,he got  serious diaper-rash issue. Our pediatrician told that the reason was heavily use of wet wipes which was very surprising for us. He suggested us to switch to cotton and water instead of wet wipes and it worked too that time. I was shocked by knowing that the wipes are all polyester and has full with chemicals ,alcohol,etc. That time there was no options for cotton and water based wipes . Recently few months earlier i came across a brand Mothersparsh which has water based wet wipes for babies . I got for myself to test out first before suggesting to anybody and loving it completely .

About #FirstWaterWipes by Mothersparsh :

The brand Mother sparsh has come up with the first water based wipes which are extremely comfortable and gentle for baby's sensitive delicate skin. Mother sparsh wipes are made up of plant based material which is 100% biodegradable.  These wipes has 98% water content which makes it as good as cotton and water.  As there is no polyester and harm chemicals, these are so gentle on baby's delicate skin.  The wipes have goodness of aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E which moisturised baby's skin and keeps hydrated.  After wiping the baby's skin it doesn't feels dry or sticky  at all rather it feels silky and smooth. To prove the purity of the mother sparsh wipes ,you can do a flame test . With a flame test it burns like cotton and becomes ash where as polyester based wipes become lumps after burning .

Price - Rs 175/- for 80 wipes

Feelings of Motherhood - Very Precious

As the mother sparsh wipes has no polyester in them, hence these also very much environmental friendly.  There is no artificial fragrance in these wipes. There is no alcohol and other harsh chemicals, hence baby's skin will not get any allergies or skin irritations with regular uses . These water based wipes are clinically proven, hence you can use without any worry.

Since months now I am using these mother sparsh wipes for my son and  completely satisfied  . I will definitely recommend to every mother to try out mother sparsh wipes ,i am sure you all gonna love it.

* This post is sponsored by Mothersparsh but my opinion is unbiased and honest.


  1. Ye ehsaas shtad koi bhi words me nahi bata sakta na, kitna sukhad hota hai, meri aankhe to aaj bhi usi aanand se bandh ho jaati hain,
    Accha hai aaj us ehssas ko aur sukhad banane ke liye mother sparsh ne itne acche wipes bhi banaye 👍👍

  2. Loved reading the blogs, you have seriously described the relation between a mom and a kid in such an amazing way, I have a friend who is to be mo bother soon, will definitely share the blog with her

  3. Motherhood is truly a apespec feeling. The safe wipes from mother spash are definitely a good option for all the new mommies. I love the fabric as it is too gentle on the delicate baby skin

  4. Motherhood is precious and so is the first time feeling of motherhood. And mother sparsh wipes are perfect for the newborns, pure and gentle.

  5. Motherhood is precious and so is the first time feeling of motherhood. And mother sparsh wipes are perfect for the newborns, pure and gentle.

  6. I have been using Mothersparsh Water Wipes for one and a half years now. They are the safest and best options on the Indian market. I’m not sponsored to say this, it’s my genuine opinion :)

  7. The first caress of the baby is the most memorable experience a mom has.

  8. The feeling of becoming mother for the first time is beyond words .Mother Sparsh wipes are really good and safe for baby's skin.

  9. Motherhood is the best feeling in the world. These wipes look great .I will share the review with new moms.

  10. Mothers have a special bond with their kids and only want the best care for them. These water wipes are a great way to care for their babies.


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