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10 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Follow

I love the feeling of cold winter but my skin doesn't. During winter the humidity level in air is very low and the cold wind takes away the natural oil from skin and makes it dry and flaky . Dry ,crack skin is more prone to bacteria and it can be worse by getting itching or eczema . It is always necessary to take proper prevention beforehand . Today in this post I am going share about 10 essential tips which you should follow to lock down the natural glow in skin . So let's start..

10 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Follow

1. Use Lukewarm Water : 

Taking hot water bath during winter is very relaxing and a pure bliss. But hot water takes away the moisture from skin and can make it further drier and rough. Instead of hot water ,use lukewarm water for your bath . Even do use lukewarm water for washing your face and hand . After bath ,never ever forget to apply a good layer of moisturiser when your body is still wet. Always choose a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid and ceramides in it.

2 - Keep Body Hydrated :

10 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Follow

It is very important to stay hydrated during winter by drinking water in regular intervals. Normally during winter we don't feel thirsty very often but in-spite of that drinking water is very necessary. The dry weather evaporates the water content from body easily, hence having water ,juices,fruits are very important. It also maintains the natural glow on skin.

3- Choose Skincare Products Accordingly :

10 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Follow

Always choose skincare products according to your skin type. Following the CTM routine regularly is very necessary. During winter ,sometimes skin behaves sensitive ,hence using of mild skincare products is advisable . Choose cleanser which has moisturiser in it ,hence you won't feel dryness after wash . For acne prone skin choose products with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, glycerin , hydration serum in it to maintain the pH of skin . Avoid using alcohol based products as it will make your skin further drier .

4- Don't Exfoliate Skin Much :

Exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin cells from skin and it is also an important step of any skincare regimen. But during winter , as the skin is already dry ,you shouldn't exfoliate more than once a week otherwise the outer moisture barrier of skin will damage more . If you have very dry skin type ,then avoid exfoliating completely and for normal to oily skin it is advisable to exfoliate once a week .

5- Protect Skin :

Protect skin from cold wind or snow is very important. Sun rays feels awesome during winter but UV rays can damage skin more. Apply sunscreen which has titanium oxide or zinc oxide. Another important thing is avoid going out with damped skin or immediate after shower as this might cause skin cracks easily in cold.

6- Don't Neglect Your Hands And Feet :

10 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Follow

 We normally forget about our hands and feet to take care of during any season. The skin of hands is very thin and delicate as compare to skin of other body parts. Hence it tends to loose its moisture very easily and prone to dryness and itchiness . We should apply a heavy duty moisturizer or hand cream in regular intervals . Don't forget to wear gloves while stepping out during winter for extra protection. For feet ,exfoliation is a must to remove extra dead cells .Apply glycerin or petroleum jelly  based creams on feet to lock the moisture .

7- Choose Natural Skincare Products :

It's always good to go with natural skincare products over the chemical loaded ones. Honey, jojoba oil, banana, aloevera, avocado oil are really good for skin.You can also include essential oils into your skincare regimen.

8- Sunglasses :

Sunglasses are must during stepping out. Snow and sun rays can damage the skin around eyes which cause dark circles too. Wear a good UV protected sunglasses to avoid the skin damage around eyes.

9- Diet :

10 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Follow

Taking a proper nutritious diet plays an important role in healthy looking skin. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables ,  Berries are full of nutrients and vitamins . You can have strawberry, cherry,blueberry, grapes, raspberry ,etc. Having water, juices, soups, green veggies is a good decision during cold weather to boost up the energy.

10- Exercise :

10 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Follow

 Like proper diet,exercise is also very important . Exercise or yoga makes body sweat and improves blood flow to the organs and skin. It detoxify skin and makes you feel healthy and glow-y  from inside and outside as well.

So all these are the tips you should follow to get a healthy looking skin during winter. I know that it's a bit difficult to follow all the tips in one go but if you follow maximum of these ,the result will be awesome and you will definitely gonna thanks me later.

That's all for today's post. See you in the next post ,till then stay hooked..



  1. Wow i like the way you describe each and everything, these tips helps me a lot. Winters started and I want these kinds of tips. Thanks for sharing. I am glad to read your post.

  2. Great tips, this year as the winter has started I can see visible cracks in my feet. Could you suggest any cream for the same?

    1. Even I do get cracked feet during winter. I swear by Boroline cream for my cracked feet. Except that Himalaya also has good foot cream or you can use simple vaselline petroleum jelly too. thank you for stopping by..

  3. Thanks for sharing such wonderful todt. I always find it hard to grab the right kind of products for winters.


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