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7 Ways To Wear Hoop Earrings Like A Fashion Blogger

Image Source - Unsplash

There are so many great ways to wear hoop earrings. If you’re looking for inspiration to pull off looking like a fashion blogger, here are our great tips.

Go Hipster

For an ultra-cool hipster look, pair dazzling silver hoop earrings by Silver By Mail with rocking red lipstick and style your hair in a way that really makes your hoops the statement piece of your ensemble. Since this look brings attention up towards your face, it’s also a great look for casual or night-out outfits. With a hipster look, aim to keep other pieces of jewellery to a minimum for a simple, clean look and feel.

Go BoHo

If a gypsy, boho look is more your thing, pick a pair of highly-polished hoop earrings for your getup. For this look, you can accessorise with a funky head wrap and team your dazzling earrings with stacks of necklaces and bracelets. A stylish, large scarf that you can wrap around your head will really pull off the gypsy look.

A lot of fashion bloggers also like to make a bun with half their hair, so experiment with doing that to pull your hair back off your face and show off those hoops.

Go Modern And Chic With Hoops

Chic, yet simple jewellery has been trendy for a long time, so if you prefer more discreet pieces, pick a pair of geometrically shaped hoops for a modern and elegant vibe.

In this case, medium-sized hoops with clean, sophisticated designs look chic, and are easy enough to wear on a daily basis with most outfits. You can even style them with your evening wear, too.

Go Timeless And Classy

It’s always fun to dress up, but sometimes you just want to go timeless and classy. Your hoops don’t have to be a statement, but a neat addition to your outfits to make it interesting. If this sounds like you, opt for sophisticated hoops, especially for professional settings. Smaller hoops are stylish and discreet, and they never go out of fashion.

Go Minimalist

Symmetry and out-of-balance make hoop earrings highly trendy. So, accessorise your look with asymmetrical hoops for an added little twist to a simple outfit. Elegant yet simple designs can give length to your overall look, making it whimsical and stylish. You can team your hoop earrings with a floaty dress or off-the-shoulder top to accentuate your neck and add style and grace to your look.

Go Street

If you want to pull of a trendy street look, pair casual, simple outfits with funky hoop earrings. Simply throw a few basics together and accessorise with dazzling hoops to make the perfect statement.

Be Fashion Forward

If you’d rather turn heads, go for larger than usual hoops for the perfect catwalk-inspired outfit. While these may not be the type of earrings you’ll wear every day, a pair is the perfect addition to your wardrobe for a little boost in confidence when you want to get out your fearless side.

Follow these 7 trendy tips to pull off the fashion blogger look for every occasion!

Hope you found this post helpful  .See you in the next one. Till then take care. 

Xoxo.. 😊


  1. Badiya ideas hai 👌👌
    Main to khair earrings change nahi karti per baccho k kaam aayega 😍😍

  2. This post I loved reading and feels like it would never end. All the tips on sporting hoop earrings are so useful.

  3. Highly polished hoop earrings for Boho look sounds quite interesting. I have been fascinated a lot with Boho look and I'll look forward to adopt these styles.

  4. I have always loved hoop earrings but frankly did not have the courage to flaunt those. These are great tips.

  5. Loop earrings has always been my favorite. They go with almost every face shape and attire. Thanks for sharing all the ways we can style them.

  6. Wow that's awesome, these are some really good tips and I am surely going to try

  7. Wow! I didn't know there were so many ways of wearing hoop earrings! I loved the asymmetric and out of balance idea! Will surely try that!

  8. I have never tried hoop earrings coz I always think it not suits on my broad face but I really loves it when I saw anyone wearing it.

  9. I love wearing hoop earring with multiple outfits. Thanks for sharing more unique way to style them.

  10. I love hoops because they can pretty much elaborate even the simplest of looks. It's effortless and classy at the same time.


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