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Flaunt the Curves with Amydus: Website Review and my Experience

 It is always a difficult task to find proper fit clothes for curvy bodies. If you search for plus size outfits on any popular e-commerce site, then there are only a few collections, and that too the basic ones only. My sister is a plus size girl and we always find difficulties in buying designer pieces for her. If we are opting for customization, then that creates a big hole in our pocket. A few days back I came across Amydus Website while browsing on Google. Amydus is a one-stop destination for all plus-size beauties. There are every kind of fashionable clothing items for sizes up to 9xl. Wow !! There are beautiful dresses to cord sets, tops, t-shirts, jeans, gowns, tummy shaper pants, and Kurtis available. You will find the latest trendy clothes there for plus sizes which is generally difficult to find. They have also a nice collection of blazers, palazzos, slips, lounge pants, leggings, high-waist pants, etc.  The website layout is perfect for a nice shopping experience. Also, ther

Learning About Colour Gemstones: Green Diamonds Insight

Learning About Colour Gemstones: Green Diamonds Insight
Image by sweetlouise via pixabay

Natural Beauty

Most married people will agree with the notion that although marrying the love of our life is a very special and momentous occasion, some of the decision making leading up to the ceremony can be a bit of a headache. Of course, guys soon to be wed who have been charged with choosing a type of diamond for the wedding bands will not always have a clear idea as to which kind of rock for the rings to purchase. However, fiancés who have made up their mind to purchase green diamonds to be used in the design of their wedding rings have got plenty of websites they could visit to learn more about these unique gemstones. Referring to relevant websites online is definitely worth doing if we wish to find out more about why these fancy colour stones are so admired around the world.

Indeed, visiting such sites will enable us to learn about how these rocks have ended up with varying shades of green as well as getting more insight into the kinds of cuts most commonly found on these gems. With this in mind, fellas who are not completely sure whether their wife-to-be will be impressed with a wedding ring with a green diamond as part of its design would be wise to spend some time researching these precious stones.

Solitaire Rings

Even though there are many designs of engagement rings to choose from after getting in touch with a reputable broker of precious stones, it is not always easy to choose a particular design for such a huge commitment. One thing is for sure though, the solitaire diamond engagement ring, which is most commonly handcrafted with the round brilliant diamond cut incorporating either a four-prong or six-prong setting, is among the finest available today.

By looking at what Sydney engagement rings Certified Diamond Network is offering, couples planning to buy such beautiful pieces should feel spoilt for choice. Of course, courting couples who are going to take the next step in their relationship will want to consider the different options in rocks to be used in the design of their items of jewellery. One way of learning a lot about what makes green diamonds so special would be to scour the net for articles written by people with plenty of knowledge regarding these fantastic looking gems.

Shades of Green

As there are tons of websites featuring well-researched blogs on why so many people choose to purchase green diamonds for their engagement or wedding rings, it shouldn’t take too long to gain more insight into the attractions of these rocks. In fact, there are stacks of things we could learn about these fancy colour diamonds including the following:

◼ The colour in green diamonds is caused by radiation exposure
◼ They are amongst the rarest in colour diamonds
◼ There are eight different colour grades to pure green diamonds
◼ They can contain one or two secondary hues
◼ It is sometimes difficult to determine whether a green diamond is natural or treated

Purchasers of green diamonds for bespoke wedding rings handcrafted by experts may want to consider the many different colour intensity grades of the pure green colour diamond. Apart from the ever popular fancy deep variation -- faint green, light green and fancy vivid are well sought-after shades of the pure green diamond. If we are lucky enough to be dealing with one of the leading providers of a diamond brokerage service with bespoke designs of jewellery, we should be able to have an elegant pair of engagement or wedding rings created to our exact specific .

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  1. I didn't know there was such a thing as green diamond. It definitely looks very pretty.

  2. Trust me I am so bad in this and this is really a great piece of knowledge for me ... Never know about gemstones..Thanks for sharing this

  3. Choosing green diamonds for weddings or even gifting seems like a good idea. With all the choices available one can definitely go for them.

  4. This is so insightful to read about gemstone green I never knew so many facts about green gemstone.

  5. Oh I never knew that green colour is due to radiation exposure , loved reading this post about gemstones.Never had that knowledge.

  6. Wow! I had no idea about green diamonds and there are already 8 variants! 😍 This was so interesting 😍

  7. Wow green diamond!! I thought any green stone is emerald. Very good article and i definitely have got some knowledge regarding precious stones

  8. Green diamond is such a precious thing to choose for the wedding. Although I love the classic cut in clear density

  9. So much to learn about gemstones! I know a graat deal about rubies, its good to learn about emeralds

  10. Gemstones have positive impact on personality and mind, thank you for sharing such valuable details about these gemstones.

  11. This is such an informative post. I never knew all these about gem stones. Next time while buying these I will definitely keep these facts in

  12. Engagement rings or wedding rings are always very special and wth your post , I feel green is definitely going to make them much more special as it's rare to find green diamonds.

  13. Green diamond necer heard of it , the fact of gemstone is was not known to me ,these can be good idea of gift also

  14. Wooow greenery everywhere. I love the green diamond and next time I will not have plain diamond but this green beauty in my hands

  15. Green diamond is definitely a new thing to me. I have never seen one. But now I really interested in getting one for my upcoming birthday.

  16. Diamond are a girls best friend. Yes totally agree with your thoughts that we need to check for diamond quality first


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