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10 Things to Consider before Buying a New Car

Buying a car is one of the milestones of life. For some people, owning a car might not be a luxury, but for a middle-class person, owning a vehicle is not less than an achievement. Before investing such an enormous amount in a car, one needs to look after a few things. It's better to do good research before getting your dream car; else, you might regret it afterward.  10 Things to Consider before Buying a New Car We recently got our new car and are thrilled to announce that it's our first car. We had planned things, did good research, and budgeted properly before getting our car. Always remember to invest your hard-earned money in the best things. Hence in today's post, I will share the tips we followed before getting our dream car. I hope you will find this helpful for you.  10 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Car 1: Research -   The first and essential thing is doing your research. Take your time researching different cars, features, and further maintenance; budget

SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

I love sugar cosmetics products . I have quite lot of lipsticks from the brand but haven't tried any other makeup products till now.  That's the reason when I got this Sugar mascara in my fab bag, I was very excited to try out.  I also want to try their eyeliner and foundation stick. Well, now comes to today's review which is on SUGAR black with a bang lash mob mascara .

SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

Price - Rs 699/- for 9ml.
Shelf life - 3years from mfg.

Ingredients - No ingredients detail on the product.

SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

Packaging - The mascara is in a sleek, matte black finish packaging . The applicator is of perfect length and there is a regular wand like other mascaras.  The outer cardboard box is very texture-y and has the signature print of sugar cosmetics over it.  There is no ingredients information on the packaging . All n all the packaging is not fancy, but very simple and regular kind.

SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

My Experience - As the name says ,this is a black shade mascara but not the very dark jet black shade . The texture is on the thicker side .Initially I thought I have received a damage piece but after contacting to the brand I came to know that this is texture of the product.  It seems very dry while searching on hand. I  have almost swiped 6-7 times to bring the shade on notice in this below hand swatch. But surprisingly this is not like that while applying on eyelashes.  I need around 2-3 swipes to bring out the effect.

SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

As the texture is a bit thick it doesn't bleed or spread while applying on lashes, even it works perfect in lower lashes . It doesn't add more volume nor curls much my lashes.  It looks very gentle and natural in me . I do prefer such mascaras for everyday use.  It doesn't create any drama on eyes but it makes my eyes look wider and open.

SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

The mascara is smudge-proof but if you rub vigorously, then it will come out.  It is not fully waterproof . If you splash little water on face, then it doesn't come out but if you wash face properly, then it come out fully.  It doesn't cling to my lashes nor I feel any irritation on my eyes with this mascara on. It stays for longer duration till you rub it wash your eyes with water.

Sugar is a brand of trust and I would love to buy this mascara again and again for my regular use purpose.  For special occasions I will go back to my maybelline mascara for sure.

*Note - Always change your mascara in every 3-4 months. To increase the longevity store the mascara in refrigerator after opening.

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SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

Pros. . -

▶ Regular, simple packaging
▶ Nice black shade
▶ Creamy, thick texture
▶ Long lasting
▶ Paraben free,  talc free and harm chemicals free
▶ Gentle on eyes, doesn't irritate
▶ Looks very natural and perfect for everyday usage

Cons..  -

▶The mascara seems dry each time
▶ Not fully smudge-proof and waterproof
▶ Doesn't create any dramatic look
▶ Seems pricey
▶ No ingredients list mentioned

Rating - 4/5 😊

Hope you found this review helpful. .See you with another exciting topic, till then take care.

Xoxo... ❤

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  1. I don't use mascara. After reading this i am tempted to use one. :P Thanks for such honest review.

    – Anami from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk #Week4

  2. That's a thorough and honest review. But overall it looks nice.
    #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

  3. I was planning to buy a mascara... its a good choice with price and quality. #Bloggerbabes #OpenNTalk

  4. Thank you for a detailed and well written review, Snigdha.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Mascara can really accentuate the look. Beautiful eyes

  7. This mascara looks really good i want to try this soon

  8. The maacama looks quite good for daily use! I wear mascara everyday, even if I am not wearing any makeup! Will try this!

  9. The mascara looks great for daily use! I use mascara everyday even if I am not wearing any makeup! Will try this!

  10. This mascara looks good to me. Your eyes looks opened upand bright with it on.

  11. This is a great review. Thanks for being candid.

  12. this looks great :) will try for sure

  13. Thanks for sharing the review. #CrossBorderSisters


  14. Well reviewed product babe. I love your honest views for this mascara, I find it pricey too. #InvincibleGang

  15. The effect looks quite natural and pretty.


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