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How to Look Beautiful this Eid with Minimal Products

How to Look Beautiful this Eid with Minimal Products

Hey everyone , I was planning this post since 2-3days now but somehow it didn't happen. Hence thought to post today itself, hope I am not really late. Today is Eid, so first I want to wish you all a very Happy Eid..  It is still very hot weather everywhere which pull back is to put on so much makeup on face. But Eid is a festival of deck-up and we can't ignore that. Here I am to share with you few tips and tricks to look equally beautiful and appealing without even applying much makeup . You just need few basic ones and a good base of skincare and it's done . Isn't it sounding cool ? So let's get started. .

1 - Massage your face :

Massaging face is really important to reduce the puffiness and it will also increase the blood circulation. Massaging with a good cream gives your skin a nice hydrating glow and it also will look healthy and fresh.  You can use any good massage cream or gel available in market. A good 20minutes massage can bring a nice effect on skin.

2 - Apply a homemade face pack :

Homemade face packs are really good to pamper skin. You can use my fav homemade ubtan which is a mix of gramflour, turmeric, fresh cream and honey. Don't forget to put the paste in fridge beforehand to get that awesome cooling feeling in face. This will remove away all dirts from skin and it will become squiky clean and also glow.

3 - Apply Moisturizer :

After doing the first two steps don't forget to apply a good layer of moisturiser.  It is very important to hydrate skin we because dull skin will not make any sense of deck-up . Always apply a moisturizer followed by a face serum. You can use sheet masks as well ,but remember in this case skip the step 2 i.e. applying face mask. Sheet masks are really awesome because these will work as a face mask as well as these have serum which hydrates skin well. For moisturising, you can use any good cream or aloevera gel as per your choice.

4 - Apply Sunscreen :

Never ever forget to apply a good SPF sunscreen whether you are stepping out or staying inside. Sunrays are everywhere and can damage skin badly over a period of time. Apply a good sunscreen after moisturising the skin. SPF 40 - 50 is ideal to use in Indian hot summer.

5 - Groom the brows, Go with Kajal and Mascara :

Even if you are not doing any makeup but we'll groomed eyebrows can make a huge difference.  So don't forget to do that.  Apply kajal On upper and lower eyeline and smudge a bit to create a smokey faded  effect .Don't go overboard. You can use gel based on creamy kajals because these are easy to blend with finger as well. Then apply good layer of mascara just to lift up the lashes ..

6 - Lipstick and Blush :

Apply a good bright lip colour and apply the same Lipcolour as blush as well. Please remember, apply few dots only on cheeks and blend through finger only to get a desire effect. You can also use the same lipstick as eyeshadow to add a pop of colour to your eyelids.

7 - Vaseline as Highlighter :

If you have no highlighter in your stash, you can use a vaseline as highlighter. Just dab a bit of vaseline on the higher cheekbones and other portion of face which you want to highlight and blend with finger tips in very lighthandedly .

8 - Use a Setting Spray :

Using a good setting spray after doing complete makeup is very necessary as it will help to make your makeup stay longer without fading.  Hence invest on a good setting spray is must.

Ta..Da..  You are all done to celebrate the auspicious Eid festival. It is not necessary to put heavy makeup always in any festival, it is important to stay happy and feel happy from withing which ultimately reflect on your face . So always stay happy and Happy Eid to everyone again..

Hope you liked this post, see you with another exciting topic  . Till then take care. 😊

Xoxo. . ❤


  1. Hmm...some really useful make tips there. I usually am all for the no makeup or minimal makeup look. But I’m going to try that homemade face pack for sure.

    #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

  2. I usually don't wear a makeup. Though these are useful tips for they are all natural products. Thanks for sharing. :)

    – Anami from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk #Week2

  3. Thankyou so much for those invaluable tips. Will try them for sure.#NISSATalks

  4. Wow. You have listed great tips there. Such looks are perfect for day events. Also the summer season calls for such minimal makeup looks.

  5. Great tips to get ready and look good this Eid. I am going to take some tips from here and use later.

  6. good tips Snigdha. loved it #OpeNTalk #BloggerBabes

  7. Very useful tips...especially the one where you advised keeping the ubtan in the fridge before applying. Thank you for writing this post. Keep writing.

  8. These are amaizing tips on how to get ready minimilistically !

  9. I loved the wonderful tips you have shared here.

  10. Amazing and beautiful post. Very useful and beneficial tips for the festivities. Great thoughts.

  11. Thanks for important tips and ideas girl!! #BloggerBabes #OpenNTalk


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