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A letter to the best father of the world on behalf of my son..

A letter to the best father of the world on behalf of my son..

Hello Daddy,

Hope you are doing well.  I know you are in office now, but I said mom to write a letter for you because I am very small to write such big words or sentences . I know MOM can express my love, my words in a better way to you.

Dad, you always say that I am the biggest blessing of GOD to both (mom and you) of you but today I want to say that I am so blessed to have both of you as my parents. Mom is great and you too know that but today I want to express my feelings regarding you only. I haven't seen any of the super heros in real yet but I can proudly say you are my biggest hero and you will be my inspiration till the last breath of my life.

The day I was born, you were the one who was with my mom at the hospital and you were so afraid to hold me on your lap because I was so tiny. You remember, my first word when I was a very small baby (around 9 months) and it was DAAADAA . Mom was a bit sad that I didn't speak Maamaa first but I know it happens. You are the only one who used to awake whole night after mummy when I was very tiny and new to this strange world.. When mom was feeling very tried by taking care of me, you were always there to help her and to chill out with me.  I never ever feel alone or bore when you are around me. Every night you share the bed time story with me and make me sleep. I miss our continuous talk when you are in office the whole day.

I still remember the first day of my school when I was only 1.10yrs. old , you were so tensed and kept asking my teacher to stay with me in the classroom . You always there with me whenever I feel any difficulties.  Can you remember those vaccination days of mine ? Haha.. You were just keep asking the pediatrician uncle regarding the vaccine brand, mfg date, composition , etc.  and the after effect obviously . Whenever I get fever or cold cough you become so panic to make me feel better. I never ever forget those unconditional love of yours. At the time of vaccination mom used to cry always but you always stay strong to encourage me and to divert my attention.  You are the best DAD.

Sometimes you become angry on me because I do irritate you so much by throwing tantrums on public places but what can I do, kids are like this.. But I am promising you to become good kid in the coming year. I will study well and make you and mom feel proud . Mummy always say that you are a beautiful soul and more over  a good human being and I am promising to become like you someday and you will proudly say, ' see, that's my son, my soul, my pride '

Well, now come to the secret part that, mom and I have planned some surprises for you this Father's Day. Hope you will love our surprises.  Mom is really good in creating surprises and you know that.  You both are my lifelines and always keep loving me like this.  Okay, now don't feel immotional Dad, it's time to celebrate our togetherness.

Wish you a very happy and special Father's Day Papa  .. Loads of love and puchiisss...😘😘😘😘 

Your little soul
Swastik 😊

This post is a part of a #SuperHero Father’s Day blog train where 24 bloggers, are going to share their special bond with their father. Thank you so much Rishabh for introducing me here. Its time move to the next station where Silja will share few best gifts on Father’s Day. Do check out her post and show some love.
Thank you so much Flavors of Worldand Delhi Blogger for hosting this blog train.

Hope you enjoyed the post, see you in the next post with an exciting topic.. Till then take care ..😊

Xoxo ❤


  1. Such a beautiful letter. I always believe that letter the best way to express the emotion to our beloved ones. Hope your father will sure love the surprise. Happy Father's Day #SuperHero

  2. Cutest mail I have seen in a while. Superbly written.. I think this is the best gift a father can get on fathers day.

    Loved all the emotions put in there.

  3. Great idea Writing on behalf of your son. Loved reading your post:)
    Keep it up 👍

  4. I really liked this blog, that's so cool whatever you've mentioned. Keep it up :) Looking forward for more.

  5. Aww thats so creative and cute too. Love this letter and its simplicity.

  6. Awwwwwwwww! This made me so emotional! Made me nostalgic about my dad! A beautiful letter ❤

  7. This old school method is still the best way to convey our deep feelings to our loved ones. Such a touchy letter it was.

  8. Aww this is such a heartwarming letter by Swastik to his loving father. Father's Day needs to be ceebrated as well coz they are actually our own personal superhero.

  9. We can’t be in this world without our fathers. They have always been the one reliable man in our lives, and they have always treated us with a stern yet loving hand. We have always looked up to them as an inspiration through the years. We will never cease to follow their footsteps and will always make the right decision like they have taught us.well written. And thank u for sharing ur feeling.

  10. This is such a touchy one from sonny boy to Dad dear. We always believed in feeling the love, its good that kids are expressive. Beautiful letter.

  11. Father is always your first love and our #Superhero.. Thanks for participating in this blog train.. very lovely thought

  12. Such a heartwarming post. I am sure his father will be very proud after reading his emotions.

  13. I loved your amayoam write up. It's great to read your feelings

  14. It's rrarea nice to read your feelings. Father's are indeed the best superheroes

  15. This post reminds me how my husband sobbed after dropping my son to school for first time. Dads are also emotional n they should show their feelings whatever it is.

  16. Awwe... It's very heart touching I too believe that we always feel blessed to have kids but those kids are also blessed who have responsible parents.vrry well u expressed your boys feeling towards his dad must say it's the cutest mail I ever read. 😍

  17. That's a very cute idea. I personally like writing thoughtful letters. Nothing can make you feel special the way a good hand written does. Lovely blog. #superhero

  18. That was super duper cute.. I am sure his dad will love the letter and preserve it forever.. also i hope he had a blast at father's day


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