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10 Summer Fashion Hacks for Woman

These days I am holidaying with my kid because summer vacation has already started . Sun is on its high notch and never miss out to irritate us with the unbearable heat. It is hot outside,that doesn't mean we stop stepping out and look fashionable . It's time to revamp your wardrobe with some summer cloths and accessories . So here i am going to share few summer fashion hacks which can add very nice fashion sense and comfort-ness to your look .

1- Loose Fitted Cloths : 

Losse fitting cloths are very appropriate to summer. Believe me, the less fabric will touch your skin,the more comfortable you will feel.  I personally prefer loose fitting maxi dresses, flowy palazzo pants, loose oversize tops, etc.  And girl, you will definitely gonna feel more comfortable in long glowy steepes than shorts and tank tops.

2 -  Go with Pastels and Whites :

Summer means  light shades of pastel shades.  The lighter shades don't attract the sunrays and you will feel cool from within. White cloths or pastel shade cloths are very much comfortable to beat the heat.

3 - Say yes to Bralettes :

Avoid using padded bras or full coverage bras during summer otherwise you will end of having sweaty boobs  which is very much uncomfortable. It's very much relaxing to wear the lacy, soft  bralettes instead of wearing the normal ones.

4 - Choose Lightweight Cloths :

Go for lightweight cloths over the layered heavy cloths.  This also prevents skin from sweating  and makes comfortable to wear. Sheer tops /dresses with embroidery over it makes a style statement yet very comfortable  to carry.

5 - Cottons are best fabric :

Pure cotton cloths are very much comfortable to wear during this hot season. Cotton will absorb the sweat and dries fast.  You will not feel sweaty more.  Except cotton you can go with linen and pure rayon cloths as well.

6 - Say No to Sleeveless Dress :

People normally wear sleeveless during summer but you shouldn't because it exposes the skin to harmful sunrays and tanning, sunburn are the additional concern. It is better not to wear sleeveless and choose flared loose sleeves instead of that.

7 - High bun is the option :

Open hair can make you feel sweaty at the neck area, hence high bun is a very good option to chill out.. And it also look very stylish.

8 - Carry Small Sling Bag :

Keep your big  handbags and bagpacks at home and opt to carry small size, lightweight, designer sling bags . You will look more chic and girly for sure.

9 - Minimal Jewellery :

During Summer , do avoid heavy junky jewellery (specially neck pieces) as much as possible.  But you can wear pretty earrings because these hardly come in contact with skin.  Studs or large hoops are best option to wear in earrings.

10 - No-makeup makeup look :

Do avoid applying much makeup on face, this will make your face much sweaty and you might feel heaviness in face . Only groom your eyebrows, a bit of mascara and a bright lipstick will create the charm..

That's all for today.. Hope you found this helpful. See you in the next post. 💜



  1. Loose fitted cotton fabric for the win. It is a great way to beat the heat and look stylish at the same time.

  2. White and beige are my favourites in summers and I love wearing loose clothes

  3. Summer calls for airy comfy dresss, high ban and sunscreen that's all.

  4. some super cool tips you have shared here. Definately loose and fitted cloths are my first choice and i do love to by pastel ad cool shades for summers.

  5. Flared but lightweight clothes in whites and pastels are the thing for summers and also keep you cool. Awesome tips.

  6. This list is very handy and really important. Loose fitted cotton clothes are very necessary during the season.

  7. Practical and good siggestions. The no sleeveless is something I had not paid much thought to. Will atleast rem the sunscreen :)

  8. I follow almost all of them. But these are required by all females .. good share.✌��

  9. Summer is officially here. These tips are really helpful for getting ourselves summer ready

  10. I love pastels n loose fitted clothes in summer .. really helpful summer tips ..

  11. Great tips! Bralettes are my favourite to wear in summer!

  12. These hacks are such savior's


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