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6 Homemade Hairmasks for Dry and Fizzy Hair

6 Homemade Hairmasks for Dry and Fizzy Hair

Dry and fizzy hair is more prone to hair fall. In winter dry becomes dry and un-manageable like our skin. It looses its shine and texture and looks doll and fizzy normally.  Oiling regularly is one of the best way to keep hair looking healthy.  Except oiling proper nutritious diet is also important which one can't ignore at all. Drinking plenty of water and keep body hydrated is also put it's impact on hair growth and texture. Besides all that we have to pamper our precious hair with some good hair packs in equal interval of time.. Once a week is perfect for the hair pampering session.

We can ignore the chemical loaded hairmasks available in market and instead of that we can make homemade fresh and heigen hairmasks which is the best for hair. It will take little effort and time but the result wi be long term. So today I will share 6 homemade hairpacks which you can easily prepare at your comfort zone..

6 Homemade Hairmasks for Dry and Fizzy Hair

1- Egg Hairmask : 

Egg yolk is rich source of protein and egg is one of these best hairpacks ever.  For making the egg mask, take one whole egg and add half spoon olive oil and half spoon lemon juice and mix well.  If you have colour treated hair, then skip olive oil and add almond oil or jojoba oil.  You can also add essential oil a little to avoid the raw egg smell. It is completely optional.  Now ally the egg mix on hair from root to tip and scalp, leave for 20-30mins. ,then rinse off properly with a mild shampoo.

Egg mask will help to add natural and healthy shine to hair and hair feels soft and manageable. I personally love egg mask for my dry damaged hair.

6 Homemade Hairmasks for Dry and Fizzy Hai

2 - Banana Hairmask : 

Banana is really good for hair.  It is a little tricky to rinse off banana mask from hair but you can do that easily by following the mentioned steps.  Take 1 or 2 fully ripe banana and mashed in a bowl properly, then add 2-3 spoons of whole milk and 1 spoon of olive oil /almond oil and now mix well everything.  Then apply on hair root to tip including scalp and keep for 20 mins. and then rinse of properly.  It will not be difficult to rinse as we have added oil into it. You can increase the oil quantity according to the length and volume of your hair.

Banana moisturises the dry and damaged hair properly.  The minerals and vitamins helps to strengthen the hair follicles which tends less breakage. It also helpful in curing dandruff which is one of the mail issue in winter.

3 - Yogurt Hairmask :

Curd is known as a natural conditioner for hair. It is very easy to make yogurt hair mask at home.  The only thing you need a bowl of fresh yugort (make sure to use room-temperature yogurt), 1/2 spoon of your fav oil and few drops of lemon juice (optional) ,then mix everything well and apply all over the scalp and hair. Keep for 15-20mins. and rinse off . Don't use refrigerate curd, only use curd at room-temperature.

This mask is best for conditioning dry and rough hair. I love the natural shine it gives. Again it's great in curing dandruff issue. If you are not comfortable to apply egg on hair then this curd hairmask is a great option for you.

6 Homemade Hairmasks for Dry and Fizzy Hai

4 - Avocado Hairmask :

For making avocado mask, you only need one or two ripe avocado according to the length of your hair. Peel off and mash the avocado on a bowl.  Due to the buttery texture of the fruit, it is easy to mash and mix and apply on hair.  Then keep for 15 mins.  and after that massage on scalp and hair with the finger tips for around 5mins. Then rinse off with plain water and voila!!  smooth and soft hair is here. You can add a little oil into the mixture but it is also perform alone well.

Avocado is a rich source of nutrients and vitamins . The natural oil in the fruit conditions hair naturally.  The mask adds nice volume and shine to hair. It can also be used on skin to keep moisturised.

6 Homemade Hairmasks for Dry and Fizzy Hai

5 -  Honey and Olive Oil Hairmask :

Take equal portion of honey and olive oil depending on your hair length and volume and mix well.  Apply on damp hair and scalp thoroughly. Now cover your hair with warm and damp towel for 15mins. at least. Then rinse off with a mild shampoo.

Honey helps to lock the moisture of hair and condition from within. The olive oil and honey combination is good to cure split ends, rough ends and dandruff issue of hair. Hair will be more manageable and soft with regular application .

6 - Coconut Milk Hairmask :

Coconut milk hairmask is great for damaged and dry hair.  For making coconut milk , first grate a fresh coconut and add hot water into it, then keep aside for half an hour. Then blend it a little and drain the white water into a bowl using a muslin cloth.  Now the white coconut milk is ready to use.  You can apply it as it is or can add few drops of your fav oil into it.  You can store the coconut milk in refrigerator for next use too.  Apply the milk all over the hair and scalp and massage a bit and leave like this for some hours or overnight.  Then rinse off using a mild shampoo..

Coconut milk has rich protein in it which helps to strengthen the hair follicles from withing. It makes hair soft and smooth and controls hairfall as well.  It conditions hair deeply and honestly my curly hair loves this coconut milk hairmask.

Aren't these hairmask easy to make at home? Then why are you spending thousands on chemical loaded hairmasks available in market... In natural way the visible result will be slow but these will make the hair healthy from within .

Hope you found this post helpful, don't forget to share your thoughts in comments below. See you.. Bye 🙂


  1. Thank you so much I was really worried about my hair this will surely make my hair worth looking. Greats masks

  2. My hair become dry in winters and I could relate with your article. Thanks for sharing

  3. I feel all are really good and best part it's natural and home made ..Thanks for sharing

  4. I loved all, especially the coconut milk one. It so easy for me to do as I use lot of coconut in cooking

  5. This will be so handy. I have used the egg mask before & it works wonders

  6. I so badly need these tips and suggestions of hair mask as I have bad and frizzy hair which are beyond my control. Will try these for sure.

  7. All the product you mentioned are great for the hair. I sometimes use the banana and honey hair masks.

  8. I will try the Honey and olive mask for my tresses

  9. Useful tips for making hair masks at home , I use egg one , will try others 😊

  10. My hair also becomes dry and frizzy in winters, your post is very helpful.

  11. Very nice compilation. This post is must read for everyone. I personally love banana and egg hair mask.

  12. These hair masks are for me - I have dry & frizzy hair. Will try these for sure to up the lost sheen.


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