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Curlvana Fortifying Curl Cleanser Review- My go-to Solution to Wash my Curls

 If you have curly hair like me, then this post might interest you! I have tried many products over the years, but I have never found a suitable shampoo for my curly hair until now. Curlvana’s fortifying curl cleanser is one of the best products on the market. It enriches my hair and nourishes it so that it looks curly, bouncy, and happy! Why do I recommend it? This cleanser is gentle on the scalp and ensures the growth of the new hair strands by providing the necessary supplements. It is one of the best shampoos for curly hair . My curls feel nourished and gorgeous after every wash.  India’s first Glycerin-free Curl-Care Range According to hair specialists, glycerine causes curly hair to over-absorb moisture from the environment and disrupt its shape and texture. This is one of the reasons why Curlvana doesn't use glycerin in its products. Sustained hydration from Curlvana’s cleanser makes it the best curly hair shampoo in India . Is this Shampoo suitable for frequent washes? Fre

Things you Must Do Before You Put on your Makeup

If only it were enough to start your morning with a coat of your lipstick, blush to perk up your cheeks and go about your day carelessly looking gorgeous. But before you can even think about applying makeup, you need to tend to your skincare to ensure a healthy complexion for years to come!

Wash and refresh

Nothing can invigorate your skin like a splash of water in the morning, to boost your microcirculation, and get that rosy glow. In addition to water, you should pick a cleanser that best suits your skin’s needs and cares for its potential weak links, whether those might be irritations, acne or blackheads.

An everyday cleanser can be a mild soap based on shea butter and coconut oil, while a more thorough, deep cleanse might require a more powerful ingredient such as activated charcoal. A generous massage of your face and a thorough rinse will do the trick!

The magic of exfoliation -

A weekly ritual, but essential nonetheless, exfoliating is your skin’s best friend for keeping your pores free from accumulated dirt buildup, environmental toxins and irritants we’re all constantly exposed to. From homemade to store-bought options, exfoliators will serve you well in the battle against skin impurities and inflammation.

Ingredients such as oats, sugar, baking soda, coffee and salt can be harsh on some skin types, so make sure to do your research before you tap into the might of these lovely natural elements. There are also milder varieties such as powdered herbs or jojoba beads.

Tone up to tone down-

A single cotton pad drenched in your rich toner can make plenty of difference in prolonging the effects of your morning cleanse. It’s a necessary step in your pre-makeup routine simply because it goes beyond just removing persistent dirt from your skin, but it also purifies your pores.

Using it on a regular basis will help you not only cleanse thoroughly, but also shrink your pores, even out your skin texture and give you a much-needed layer of long-lasting protection from those persistent pollutants and irritants you encounter on a daily basis.

The spectacular serum

Many impatient ladies skip this very important step, simply because they aren’t entirely sure what a serum is supposed to do, or they are lead to believe that it’s strictly age-related. True, more mature skin will have greater benefits of applying a natural serum, but if you introduce it in your routine slightly sooner, your natural skin elasticity will last even longer and stay wrinkle-free.

They are based on active ingredients such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that serve not just to hydrate your skin (we’ll get to that step in a minute), but also to protect its smooth appearance, and keep it firm and well-balanced.

The mighty moisturizer

Your complexion and all of its shine and beauty will depend on this single step in your skincare routine – your moisturizer. Depending on your skin type, you can opt for a lighter version that doesn’t clog your pores, or if you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or are simply prone to dryness, you can rely on all-natural Mukti moisturizers based on rich ingredients such as Kakadu plum and essential oils to balance and nourish your skin.

Some can serve more than a single purpose, and contain sunscreen as well, but in case yours doesn’t, you should refer to the next section for choosing the right one for your skin and health.

Sun protection -

Even your winter ventures and autumn walks carry the risk of too much sun exposure, so this is not a step you should lightly remove when the beach season sadly ends. In fact, choosing a light but powerful sunscreen for year-long protection is the key to your skin’s longevity, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, and safeguarding your overall health (melanoma alert!).

Luckily for your skin, mineral-based and zinc-oxide-infused lotions are now the main craze in the organic-loving market. Let your skin soak in the wellness of sun protection and your makeup will look all the more beautiful when you boast your lovely cared-for complexion as your favorite fashion accessory!

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  1. Really great steps that should be remembered before applying make up on your skin. Thanks for sharing this information which is great for having beautiful skin.

  2. amazing tips washing the face is so important the make up looks so much better better in a well moisturised skin

  3. Such helpful tips thanks for sharing. I usually skip sunscreen which results in tanning.

  4. Must do steps before perfect makeup- provides for a flawlessfiinish of makeup! Thanks for sharing

  5. I love reading skincare related posts!! Our skin does show results when proper routine is followed. I agree to all of your steps. 🤗

    -Love Bhumika ( 💞

  6. Loved your post. I too skip a lot of steps and just do my makeup. Shall keep your suggestions in mind now. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sun protection is totally important which most of us miss... I will keep a note if these steps for sure 😀

  8. I completely agree! I too follow this routine for Skincare! ❤ Loved the post

  9. Thank you for sharing these amazing tips... Will surely keep them all in mind

  10. Nice info


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