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Curlvana Fortifying Curl Cleanser Review- My go-to Solution to Wash my Curls

 If you have curly hair like me, then this post might interest you! I have tried many products over the years, but I have never found a suitable shampoo for my curly hair until now. Curlvana’s fortifying curl cleanser is one of the best products on the market. It enriches my hair and nourishes it so that it looks curly, bouncy, and happy! Why do I recommend it? This cleanser is gentle on the scalp and ensures the growth of the new hair strands by providing the necessary supplements. It is one of the best shampoos for curly hair . My curls feel nourished and gorgeous after every wash.  India’s first Glycerin-free Curl-Care Range According to hair specialists, glycerine causes curly hair to over-absorb moisture from the environment and disrupt its shape and texture. This is one of the reasons why Curlvana doesn't use glycerin in its products. Sustained hydration from Curlvana’s cleanser makes it the best curly hair shampoo in India . Is this Shampoo suitable for frequent washes? Fre

Iraa Instarepair Multi-Action Night Cream - Review

Hello everyone... Happy Rakshabandhan to all...

Today's review is on Iraa Instarepair Multi-Action Night Cream . If you are very new to this brand, let me tell you that Iraa is an Indian brand which has a good range of skin and hair care products...  All the products are cruelty free and of very good quality..

Last month the brand was very kind enough to send two of their skincare stuffs to me for review purpose and this night cream is one of those...  I am using this since two weeks now regularly and find below my opinion on this multi-action night cream by Iraa..


PRICE - Rs 595/- for 50gm.

Available on Amazon (here) and Nykaa (here)



The Iraa instarepair multi-action night cream comes in a tub packaging with a steal finish plastic screw cap...  The packaging is simple yet beautiful..  Though tub packaging is unhygienic to use but you can use a spatula to bring the product out...  The tub again comes inside a off-white cardboard box which has all necessary information regarding the product..  The packaging is travel-friendly and leak-proof..


The night cream is white in colour and thick consistency.  Initially I thought it will be hard to blend out but I was wrong...  The cream has very soft texture which makes it blendable easily.  I need only a pea size quantity for each use and it spreads on skin like butter . It is quickly absorbed by skin and doesn't make oily afterwards like few other night creams do. The cream has very mild fragrance (can't recognize which fragrance) which is very pleasant too.

These days I am applying it every night and in the morning I can feel a smooth and soft face.. It has Shea butter which helps to moisturize skin very well..  There are few awesome ingredients which make the night cream more effective.  It has antioxidant properties which helps to make skin healthier and smoother..  The brand is claiming that it brightens up skin but I can't notice any and I even don't mind that.. When it comes to reduces fine lines and wrinkles, then I can't comment on that as I don't have these issues now  (touch wood).

PROS..  -

⏺Packaging is good, travel-friendly
⏺Mild fragrance which is pleasant
⏺Thick constitency and smooth texture
⏺Spreads effortlessly on skin and absorbs quickly
⏺Doesn't feel oily afterwards or heavy on skin
⏺Has some awesome ingredients
⏺Hydrated on skin and makes skin soft and healthy looking
⏺ Repair UV damages
⏺Suit all skin types

CONS.. -

⏺Availability might be an issue
⏺Doesn't brighten up skin as it claims (but I don't mind)
⏺Has paraben as ingredient

RATING - 4.5/5 😊

Hope you found this review helpful... Do share your thought below in comments.. 

See you in the next post.. Bye.. 

Xoxo 💟

** PR Sample 


  1. Amazing and superb pics of cream.Great review.

  2. I've heard a lot about it but never tried . I shall try this out after reading this 😊

  3. I feel the cream a little expensive but I think it has antioxidant properties and also makes skin healthier and smoother, so it's ok.

  4. Love the honest detailing. I was thinking of buying this one next.

  5. i love the fact that it is quick to absorb and does noot feel oily after use. Thanks for reviewing this.

  6. Interesting product! I like your blog, wanna follow each other?:)

  7. This is the first time I heard of this brand- more thank skin brigtenung i prefer products that get rid of blemishes n age spots -

  8. Looks like a great Moisturising product.. but since i hv oily skin i doubt it will make my face oily

  9. You've mentioned it helps with repairing UV damage - does that include getting rid of tan?

  10. The night cream looks luxe and effective. Will definetely check out this one.

  11. The product looks amazinust have one for summers. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Wow! That seems like a great review and thank you for the same. Will try the product out soon :)

  13. Honest review .. would love to try this

  14. I have been looking to buy a night cream for a long time and this one really seems nice.

  15. Great n detailed , honest review, yehi baahi hai jo aapke blogs read karna accha n useful rehta hai


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