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Egg Makeup Brush Cleaner from Beautybigbang - Review

Heya girls.. Sorry I was MIA since few days because of Ganapati Festival at home but now I am back with bang ...

If you are into makeup, then you might have an idea about Egg Brush Cleaner..  If I am not wrong, sigma had launched the egg brush cleaner first few years ago but I wasn't able to get that because of the high price and non-availability at my place.. Now there are so many dupes available at lower price tag..  Recently I got the egg makeup brush cleaner from and using this since couple of times now...  Find below the details...

Price - $2.99

Buy from

My Experience - I just love this cute looking tiny egg brush cleaner . There are 4-5 colour options on the site and I choose the beautiful purple colour...  The egg brush cleaner is made up of high quality silicon and very soft and supple to hold...  You can put two fingers into the hole of the egg cleaner for a perfect hold and start cleaning...

There are two types of designs on the flat base of the egg cleaner...  For larger and fluffy brushes, you can use the horizontal lines and for smaller and eye brushes use the dotted pattern...  See the close view of the brush cleaner ..

For cleaning, I put a little shampoo on the top of the bristles and gently rub on the flat side of the egg cleaner and voila, withing seconds my brush is clean and it is easy to wash the egg cleaner too...  After cleaning, just put it like this as we used to dry our brushes and done...  The cleaning process is hardly takes few minutes ... I always feel lazy to clean makeup brushes and this is just a perfect solution for me...  I am loving it..

Rating - 5/5 😊

I would highly recommend to all, this cute egg brush cleaner...  It is very affordable and beautybigbang offers free shipping worldwide...  You can check more wonderful makeup and nail products at beautybigbang and don't forget to use coupon code SNIG10 to avail extra 10% off on your purchase across the site...

Hope you found this review helpful and do share your thought below...

See you in the next post, till then stay blessed and beautiful.

Xoxo 💖


  1. Wow.. This is an interesting product.. Didn't know something like this exists :) nice and helpful review

  2. I never tried or seen such thing for cleaning my make up brushes. It's totally new product for me. But i really impressed with it. Quite useful. I will try this sure

  3. This is superb and amazing product. Great review.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The product is so good and its shape is very apt to hold and clean makeup brushes. An interesting product. Have not seen it anywhere else.

  6. Lovely product.
    Nice review!

  7. I was never aware of a brush cleaner. thanks for sharing this prodcut details with us. I will get this for sure.

  8. I so love these egg cleaner a lot as they made my job so easy to clean the brushes and thanks for sharing the facts which I was not aware of though I have been using it since a long

  9. This is absolutely YES if one is into cosmetic usage. Such pretty colour first & then it gives two kinds of cleaning.
    Thank you for reviewing this for us & sharing. Discount codes areore then welcome :)

  10. I had heard that it essential to keep makeup brushes clean for best application of makeup and preventing acne. I want to buy this brush cleaner, will buy it from

  11. This product looks really promising. I have to get one for me soon. Thanks for sharing

  12. I was always wondering about the cleaning of makeup brushes and how it's done
    Get to know one of its kind about Egg Brush Cleaner from you and now all my queries regarding makeup hygiene is sorted this Makeup brush cleaner looks reasonable and worth buying

  13. This is so cute and convenient to use... it's totally essential to keep makeup brushes clean

  14. Nice and detailed review , this seems a good product in affordable range .

  15. I recently purchased them but I am yet to give it a try. The brush egg does seem to make cleaning brushes easy.

  16. I use this to clean my makeup brushes. This removes all makeup and is easy to use...

  17. Wow! That's such a cute cleaner! I am a lazy bum and this is a must have for me 😁

  18. Actually Like the idea of this brush cleaner. It seems to scrub off all the residue of make up


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