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Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer - Review & my Experience

Threadening, parlour, eyebrows, upperlips...all these words make me feel nervous ..  Personally I don't like visit salon in every 10-15 days and waiting in a long queue...  Sometimes it feels so annoying to waste so much time..  More over being a mom of a kid, I only get time for all these in weekends when my husband take care of him and seriously I don't want to spoil my weekend at the parlour by waiting for a long time...  It is not my story, it is the story of every mother or lady..

I always wanted to do my threadening and waxing  at home by myself but not in the typical painful way...  I have my epilator which works as an alternate of waxing...  But I wanted to get something for my brows especially... When I saw the Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer advertisement  on TV, I immediately decided to get it...  Then I searched for reviews on YouTube and there were few positive thoughts and some negative thoughts as well..  Hence after thinking a lot, I got mine from Amazon and it was on sale that time...  I bought the trimmer for Rs1739/- while the actual price is Rs2250/-.

I am using this trimmer since more than a month now and find below my experience...


PACKAGING - The Veet sensitive touch trimmer set comes in sturdy plastic packaging which has total eight products... The kit has one beauty styler , one double sided trimming head for eyebrow shaping, one bikini trimmer, two comb attachments, one cute looking cap, one brush to clean, one AA battery, one storage pouch.. There is also a manual slip which has all information regarding the product ..

MY EXPERIENCE - I have used this Veet sensitive touch trimmer for my brows, whole face and underarms till now...  It is light weight and easy to hold ... The procedure of trimming is really easy...

 First you have to open the lower portion by twisting left and insert the battery and close the portion again by twisting right to the mark '0' ... There are three marks on the lower part and by twisting to the mark '1' , the trimmer will start...  Isn't it easy ?

For shaping brows, first put the small comb head and move the timmer with the direction of hair growth. It will cut the extra length of eyebrow hair. Then hold the small blade vertically and started trimming against the hair growth... To be very honest, don't expect that perfect finish which threadening gives but nothing is far better than something..

** I will suggest to work with smaller strokes for better grip and result too...  
** Another suggestion is, first shape your eyebrow once at parlour before using it for the first time... In this way you will get a proper shape to trim further perfectly.. 

I use the wide blade side to trim forehead, upperlips and the whole face and it works beautifully...  For underarms and bikini line use the other trimmer . For changing the trimmer head, just twist the current head left (there is a arrow mark too) and put the other head and twist right...  For my underarms, the trimmer works great... I love it...  Moreover there is no pain and no fear of cutting as the blade doesn't touch the skin.  I generally use this once a week for all the purpose and sometimes twice a week as per requirement.

 The pouch makes it so convenient to carry in purse while traveling...  The beautiful cap makes it safe to carry..  Initially you may find it weird to use but after practicing few times, the process feels so easy...  The only thing which makes me irritate while using is, its noise... The noise is really loud and I feel uncomfortable while using for brows because of this only..  I wish it is noiseless..

PROS... -
😊 The trimmer is so stylish and easy to hold
😊 Has 8 products in the kit which makes the trimming procedure easy
😊 Works perfectly on face, upperlips and underarms..
😊 It is painless and fun to trim
😊 The blades are of stainless steel
😊 Doesn't irritate my skin after trimming
😊 The trimmer is of very good quality

CONS... -
🙁 Pricey
🙁 Makes loud noise when start
🙁 Doesn't give the perfect finished eyebrows like threadening does

RATING - 3.5/5 💟

FINAL WORDS - Overall the veet sensitive touch electric trimmer is not a very essential stuff to add in your vanity but it is a life saver when you are in hurry and no time for parlour... 

Hope you found this review helpful... Do share your thought in comments below..
See you in my next post.. Bye..

Love xoxo 💖💖


  1. I would buy it if it wasn't so expensive 😓

  2. I would buy it if it wasn't so expensive 😓

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. That was an honest and well explained review with beautiful pics...

  5. Nice detailing. I was thinking of something like it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Detailed review and beautiful clicks babes 😍💞 I think this isn't my types at all, pricey and I cannot do anything with patience 😂😉 like u've mentioned. Maybe after a baby I would surely opt this

  7. This is such a detailed review babes. I find it totally worth it only thing which interferes me is the noise and price 😑😑
    Not to forget the amazing clicks by u 💕💕

  8. just drooling over the pictures. Nice review. But it is indeed bit expensive.

  9. Loved your pictures! 😍 So crisp. And I skipped this simply because it is costly for the functions it has. 🙈

  10. Honestly I am thinking about this trimmer 💖 thanks for the honest review 😘

  11. Thanks for the review, i was looking to buy this one, and i am glad to hear your experience xo

  12. Nice and useful article :)

  13. Hi! Thats a very helpful review dear! I was contemplating whether to buy it or not but now that i know its not too good, am sure to hit the parlour soon!

    I am also a beauty blogger! Started my own blog quite recently. Do check it out whenever you have time and do give your valuable comments and suggestions. (

    Much love

  14. Personally, I don't like trimmers for the face, because the hair feels blunt. Your review is really good!


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