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Curlvana Fortifying Curl Cleanser Review- My go-to Solution to Wash my Curls

 If you have curly hair like me, then this post might interest you! I have tried many products over the years, but I have never found a suitable shampoo for my curly hair until now. Curlvana’s fortifying curl cleanser is one of the best products on the market. It enriches my hair and nourishes it so that it looks curly, bouncy, and happy! Why do I recommend it? This cleanser is gentle on the scalp and ensures the growth of the new hair strands by providing the necessary supplements. It is one of the best shampoos for curly hair . My curls feel nourished and gorgeous after every wash.  India’s first Glycerin-free Curl-Care Range According to hair specialists, glycerine causes curly hair to over-absorb moisture from the environment and disrupt its shape and texture. This is one of the reasons why Curlvana doesn't use glycerin in its products. Sustained hydration from Curlvana’s cleanser makes it the best curly hair shampoo in India . Is this Shampoo suitable for frequent washes? Fre

Review on Homemade Herbal Hair Pack Powder from Yamy Herbals

I am very choosy when it comes to pick any hair care products and all credits goes my damaged hair and hairfall issue.  I always prefer herbal, handmade, organic hair care stuffs over chemical filled products.  Recently I came across a new herbal brand named Yami Herbals  and they have handmade skincare products...  When I got a chance to choose any one stuff for review purpose, I immediately jump onto the herbal handmade hair pack without any second thought... And I am using this since 3 times now and here is my opinion for all of you...

The Yami Herbals hair pack handmade and 100% chemicals free.  It has all natural ingredients like Brahmin, Amla, Reetha, Bhringhraj, etc.  You can feel spa like hair treatment sitting at home. It helps in control hairfall and you will get shiny, bouncy and lustrous hair with continuous uses  .

PRICE - Rs 230/- for 100gm.

Morgina leaves, Brahmi leaves, Shikakai, Rose petals, Amla, Reetha, Flax seeds, Hibiscus leaves & flower,  Green gram, Curry leaves, Lemon peel, Bhringhraj.

Mix the powder with egg and curd until it turns into a loose paste.  Apply the pack start from scalp to root.  After that cover the hair with shower cap. Leave the pack for 20minutes to absorb.  Finally rinse the hair with mild shampoo.

The yami herbals hair pack comes inside a plastic jar with screw cap.  There are all information regarding the product and application,etc. available on the bottle itself.  There is also a plastic spoon and head covering cap inside the bottle...  The packaging is so simple, I wish it would be more attractive ..

I love applying herbal products specially on my hair... You can smell the mixed fragrance of all Ingredients immediately after opening the lid, but I can feel the Amla fragrance more... Anyway I have applied three times till now...  As described over, you have to mix the powder with egg and curd to make a smooth paste,but I can't tolerate the smell of egg, hence I prepared the mask on my own way...

Sometimes I use curd and sometimes use coconut milk to form the paste.  I too add few drops coconut oil into the mixture and make a smooth medium consistency paste. The powder is so smooth and it is not messy while applying... I apply from root to tip and leave for 1hour . Then rinse with shampoo and conditioner.  I have very dry and fizzy hair, hence I never think about skip the conditioning step .. After wash my hair feels so soft, manageable and bouncy... Though the effect is not long lasting but I am way too relaxed that I am using a herbal mask for my hair.  My hairfall has reduced  a little but I know, with continuous uses I can notice any visible changes.  I don't have dandruff issue, hence can't comment on that..

The hair pack has some of the great ingredients like reetha, amla, brahmi, bhringhraj, hibiscus which are best of hair...
Hence it is always good to use natural products instead of chemicals on skin or hair... Isn't it?

RATING - 4.8/5 😊

The brand Yami Herbals has some other handmade products like bath powder, orange peel powder, herbal hair oil, etc...  You can get the products through their facebook page here or through the what'sapp number 7358813032 .

Hope you found this post helpful.. Drop your feedback in the comments below..

See you in my next post.. Till then bye..

Love xoxo 💝


  1. Great review once again 🤗

  2. It's a new brand but products are really good..

    1. yes, they have some amazing products.. Have you tried any other product from yami herbals ?

  3. Replies
    1. yes, give this a try.. You will love it for sure..

  4. Heard so much about this, definitely going to try 😊

    1. Do give it a try, you will definitely not regret... Thank you dear

  5. Heard so much about this brand this time when I visit India I am going to try it for sure

  6. I am also using Yami Herbals products and loving them. They're really effective.

  7. This is like home made hair pack kind of thing. Will try for sure.

  8. Ye hair pack to accha dikh raha hai affordable bhi hai 👍👍
    Aapko egg ki smell se prob ho to kuch drops lemon ki daaliye, smell nahi aayegi, kyunki eggs se baal bahut acchey ho jaatey hain )

  9. This sounds nice. I like natural products for my skin and hair.

  10. Heard about this brand for the first time through your blog. But the good part is that, it will save a lot of my time from making packs.

  11. Excellent blog and blog post. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing this post I enjoyed reading iy very much.

  12. I don't usually use hair masks but this one seems to a be worth a try :)

  13. I agree herbal is so good. I too like its natural fragrance and the goodness it offers.


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