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Matrika's Woman's Journal - Creativity at its top...

I strongly believe that, feelings are not always mean to express through words, a hand written note is the best way for that... Personally I am a person like this who pens down every single thing of life on diary and love to read those whenever get time.. Before stepping to the amazing motherhood, I used to write diary on regular basis.. But now my busy schedule has kept aside my diary writing hobby ... Since childhood, I love scribling and doodling.. My notebook's last pages always had some creative doodlings .. I am feeling nostalgic while writing all these...

Well,  I have recently received a beautiful woman journal from Matrika's as a part of their bloggers outreach program... Actually there was a campaign running at their facebook page and after seeing such beautiful journals, I registered immediately... And see, they send me this as a surprise...  Before writing anything, first have a look at this beautiful journal..

ABOUT MATRIKA - The name 'Matrika' means 'Mother' in Sanskrit which itself donating powerful energy.. Matrika is a Sivakasi based company which is launched in 2011 by Srinivas Fine Arts Print Ltd. , a Srinivas Groups...  The company deals in different types of high quality dairies, cute little notebooks, journals and other office stationary items for everyone type ..  You can get more information regarding Matrika HERE..

If you wonder from where you can get Matrika products, then don't worry Amazon is here..

Recently Matrika has launched beautiful woman's journals which are a way different in design from the regular journals..  These are super creative and feminism in their own way..  There have different colours and designs and of course themes...

🔹Feather - To write (Red)
🔹Fish - To glide (Blue)
🔹Butterfly - To dream (Pink)
🔹Dragonfly - To fly (Dark brown)

PRICE (woman's journal)  - Rs450/-
Available at Amazon

I received the blue (fish) one... The special features make it unique from others...

The journal has very beautiful blue satiny cover with a golden fish embossed in the middle...  I just love the cover and it is like love at first sight...  It feels so luxurious to me... The binding is so sturdy and the cutting-edges and printing makes it sophisticated... The papers inside are of really good quality and thick which allow the pen to glide very smoothly.. 

When you open the diary, the very first page is for writing your personal detail. Then there are ruled pages like other normal dairies for write-ups, notes, etc...

There are 8 adult colouring pages in between and 27 blank pages with name 'Scribble your thoughts away' which is for scribbling, doodling or you can draw pictures... Isn't it sounding cool ??

Then there are four pages of funky stickers which again makes this journal more beautiful and I love this fun elements too..

If you are a book lover ,then there is page for you with name Books to be Read ... There is another page with name Places to Visited which helps you to plan your trips, events, etc...  Then there are pages for storing contact number and address of your dear ones...  At last there is a pocket kind thing at the end part of the journal which is meant for storing cut-outs, important papers, lists,  etc...

More over there is an elastic band at the back side of the journal which you have to pull and cover the front side as well... In this way the journal will stay safe and proper... There is a pen holding band as well...

I just love, how organised this woman journal is.. After getting this one, I am like enjoying my school days again ... I love colouring, doodling, maintaining daily diary and this beautiful diary is like all treasure in one box... I will definitely say this charming woman journals are must have for every women ... Our life is just getting busy and hectic day by day and such beautiful journals bring the child inside us and let us live life in our own way... Being a blogger/ writter, I always have to plan everything pre-handed and this journal is helping me now to schedule my posts, events, etc..  I love googling every now and then to get more information regarding everything and this journal is helping me to note down that extra knowledge. I love 💝 such cute and unique things..
I am going buy few more things from Matrika's website... What about you..??

Hope you find this review helpful... See you in my next post... Bye... 😊

Love xoxo 💞💞


  1. Well written post dear.. No doubt this diary is pretty..

  2. Nice review with lovely pics , I have the red one :-)

  3. Loved to doodle in this journal

  4. Lovely write up. Hope You win Snigdha.

  5. You received very nicely 💖

  6. I have received the same journal ! It's so pretty

  7. I have been looking for planners, this looks so pretty!

  8. OMG I love cute..I love Journals!

  9. I think I’ll be going for the pink butterfly one…duh!
    yea…to obvious :P

  10. Well details of the product. Mine is Feather.

  11. I am loving these journals!

  12. i love all their variants so beautifully designed..

  13. wow! Lovely so see such artistic work :)

  14. I like journals and this one looks too organized.

  15. This is so beautiful and useful...

  16. What a lovely post love! This journal looks so good!


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