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Cherry on my Nails | Easy & Fruity Nailart for Beginners | No-tool Nailart

Heya girls... How are you all doing?  Don't ask me, how am I?  I am almost steaming now and eagerly waiting for rain...  It is raining everywhere in India but why not at Ahmedabad.. not fair enough...

Well, I thought to draw a nailart .. I always like simple, easy to draw and quick nailarts..  I have no patience to sit for a long hour and draw the world on nails..Haha this is the way I am...  So today I have drawn a fruit inspired art again... You can check all fruit inspired arts HERE ..

This is cute tiny cherries on my nails today... Read below to know the steps of this cute and easy nailart...

Products you need -

1- White colour, Red colour  nail polishes
2- Red and green acrylic paints to draw cherries.  
3- Few toothpicks or can be used dotting tools. 
4- A good quality top coat to lock the art...

Steps -

1- First I painted the thumb, middle and ring finger in white nail polish and rest two in red nail polish.

2- Then put random red dots on white base through the flat side of toothpick. Refer the picture to get an idea..

3-Now take green colour on a toothpick and draw stem and leaves of cherry... Just draw lines which will resemble the same.. At the same time put few dots on the red base nails too.

4- Then after dried up everything, apply a layer of top coat... And done...

Now enjoy few clicks... I love clicking snaps of my nails...

Hope you liked this simple, easy to draw no-tool nail art.. Now please share your feedback which means a lot to me...

See you in my next post.. Bye..

Love xoxo 💖💖


  1. Super awesome nail art.. You are damn talent sniggy..

  2. Just wow! I wish i cn do this someday! 💖

    1. Try it is super easy... And thank you dear for visiting...

  3. Wow, really beautiful. The images used here are very attractive and high quality. keep posting more such articles. And also visit my blog -

  4. You are so talented! You make nail art like a child's play. Love the post.

    1. Thank you so much papri... Your words are so inspiring..

  5. Are these 3 white dots on the red nail paint are made from the tooth pick since their size varies?

    1. Yes, I made everything through toothpick only... The size of dots depends upon how pressure you are putting on the toothpick.. For tiny dots, just touch the toothpick a little with very carefully and done... Thank you for stopping by...

  6. So nice!!! Loved the intricate design on your nails.


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