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Where to Buy Waist Trainers and Activewear in Wholesale?

 Today I am going to share an online portal where you can buy shapewear, activewear, sexy lingerie, waist trainers, etc. at a very reasonable price or wholesale price. Even one can buy shapewear in bulk if you have any business on the same. Okay, let me break the glass and tell you all the names of the online site. It's . Where to Buy Waist Trainers and Activewear in Wholesale? Wholesaleshapeshe is an international online store best known for its  body shaper, waist trainer, and gym clothes for both men and women. They are one of the largest waist trainer wholesale USA  suppliers. They offer good quality and durable stuff at a minimum price. If you are a small business or enterprise of shapewear, gym clothes, lingerie, and looking for a supplier, then you can buy those from wholesaleshapeshe in bulk at wholesale price and save a lot. All of their products come through strict quality checks and are approved for incredible strength and durability. You also can c

Oriflame Skin Pro Cleansing System Review..

Do we really need a cleansing machine to apply cleanser on face or to clean our face? This is the common question might come to your mind when you see this Oriflame Skin Pro Cleansing System.  Isn't it ? Hence let me clear first why cleansing our skin in proper way is more important...

"A cleansing machine works 8x more effectively than washing using your hand.  The cleansing machine clean deeply and makes the pores less visible.  It also exfoliates skin thoroughly, hence no need to apply extra exfoliator very often.  It increases blood circulation in the skin surface, which results smooth and glowing skin.  It rejuvinate skin texture and gives a nice soft healthy looking skin gradually...  Hence a cleansing machine is very essential in your vanity..."

Recently few months ago Oriflame has launched their skin pro cleansing system which I am using regularly since a month now...

BRAND CLAIMS - SkinPro Cleansing System is an effective 2-speed powered cleansing brush that deeply cleanses and gently massages the skin. Removing more dirt, makeup and oils than manual cleansing resulting in visibly smoother, more radiant skin with a more even skin tone

PRICE - Rs3199/- (on oriflame site)  but is more cheapper on Amazon and 

Price of the separate brush heads are Rs849/- for two brushes... 

MY EXPERIENCE - This is my first ever cleansing machine and trust me I am falling in love with it, you can say love at first sight...  The first thing is, it looks super cute in the light blue colour...  I have a nail polish of the same colour...  Second thing is, it is so handy to use and even to carry in purse...  I love such cute and easy to handle products.

The package consist of one main machine, one stand for post use, one brush head, one transparent cap to protect the brush head from dirt,  one black pouch to store the product and two AA batteries .. Brush heads are available separately as well... Because you have to change the brush heads in every three months due to heigenic purpose, but as the brushes are of very good quality, it can go easily around five months if you are using regularly...

There are two types of brushes available, one is for sensitive skin and another is for normal skin...  Brush with blue base is for sensitive skin and brush with white base is for normal skin...

When it comes to the performance, I must say that, it has changed the definition of cleansing skin for me...  I have tried with both the brushes as of now...  It cleanses skin so deeply and makes it super soft and clean.  The brush heads are so gentle on skin (specially the sensitive head one).  Now a days I don't prefer using my hands for applying cleanser, I use this beauty twice a day regularly...  There is a pre-setting 1min. button, you have to just click on that button and here it starts  and after 1min. it will stop automatically.  There is also a speed control button, but I love tO use in high speed.

The machine is water resistant, hence one can use during shower and that's a good part.  You can feel the vast changes on your skin after continues uses of this...

** Initially you may find few breakouts on skin as it cleanses deeply  but don't stop using this..  After using 4-5 times your skin will settle  properly...  Initially my skin tends to super dry after using this but after few times my skin started loving it...  Hence it is not a matter of worry... **

This cleansing system is looking pricey but I love applying it instead of my hands... Even I use this while scrubbing my face...  Just invest few bucks and I am sure you will love it...

RATING - 4.5/5 😊

Hope you find this review helpful... See you in my next post..

Bye... 💝💝


  1. Im just drooling over your pics, they are so good.

  2. Can't wait to try this out. Your pics are awesome...

  3. This sounds really good for the skin and you'll get a nice deep cleansing.

    1. Yes, it cleanses deeply... Thank you dear for visiting...

  4. Love the concept of this device.. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Wow.... Now I want to buy this.. Lovely pictures BTW

  6. I always wanted to try this..but the price is a speed breaker for me..But it is their in my wishlist and I would love to use it.Also I agree that such devices get initial breakouts..

    1. Yes the price is Really high but in Amazon it's in discount I think... Do check out there..

  7. I wanted to try this. But it's too expensive.

  8. I wanted to try this. But it's too expensive.

    1. Yes true ,this is way too expensive... But you can buy during discounts...

  9. Lovely Review , saw these kind of products at beauty parlors and it is being used during facials , But never thought we can use it regularly at home :-)

    1. I have seen too in parlours but that thing is different and this is only for cleansing ...

  10. Alat yang rekomended yach skinpro dari oriflameharganya murah jika dibandingkan dengan yang lainnya...
    Terima Kasih mba artikelnya...


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