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Oriflame Essence & Co. Lemon And Verbena Range - Review

Summer and citrus fragrance are complementary to each other...  I love lemony fragrance and lemony colour specially during summer, I feel refreshed with all these around...  Recently in April, Oriflame has launched their Essence & Co.  Lemon and Verbena range for bath and body... Just look at the picture, doesn't it seem like luxury in bottle... It is actually love at first sight...

There are three products in this range i.e. a body wash, a body lotion and a hand wash... I am using all the three since two weeks now and read my experience below...

PACKAGING - All the three products of this range has similar packaging...  There is a transparent plastic bottle with pump dispenser and a golden ring at the neck... Pump dispenser makes the application easier...  No extra product,  no wastage...  All information is written on the bottle...  As the bottles are huge in size,  hence not easy to carry while traveling...  I wish they will launch smaller size bottles or refill packs as well...  Now come to the tragedy part which is, the pump of my body lotion and hand wash is not working...  I have tried all possible techniques yet but no result... Now the worst part is I have to remove the pump each time to bring the product out...  I think there might be some manufacturing defect...They should check before sending any product for sale...

Let's discuss all the products one by one...


Brand Claims - Hydrating body wash blended with natural essential oils. Gentle enough to use every day, this moisture-rich body wash produces a rich, creamy lather that leaves skin conditioned, satiny soft and beautifully scented with refreshing citrus notes of Lemon and Verbena. Dermatologically tested.

Price - Rs 699/- for 300ml.

Ingredients -

My Experience - The body wash is yellowish green colour and has runny texture...  A small quantity lathers perfectly when used with a loofah...  It has very refreshing lemony fragrance which lasts for a while... It gives a nice refreshing bath each time...  The body wash is easy to rinse off and leaves my skin squiky clean... It doesn't make my skin dry after bath but I can't say about winter season... I don't think it will provide proper moisture during cold season...  Anyway in this hot weather I am thoroughly enjoying this luxurious body wash...


Brand Claims - Vibrantly scented liquid hand soap infused with natural essential oils hydrates as it delicately perfumes skin with uplifting Lemon and Verbena. Luxurious, moisture-rich formulation is suitable for dry skin and gentle enough to use every day. Dermatologically tested.

Price - Rs 499/- for 300ml.

Ingredients -

My Experience -  The name is hand soap but it is a hand wash...  Well, the hand wash is again yellowish green colour (one will definitely get confused between the body wash and hand wash, as these two are same in look wise) . It has a thick consistency than the body wash and has a strong lemon fragrance which last for few minutes even after wash my hands properly...  It lathers good and rinses well...  These days I love washing my hands again and again because of this hand wash only...  The only drawback is the pump about which I have mentioned earlier, otherwise product is quite good... 


Brand Claims - Hydrating hand and body lotion blended with natural extracts and essential oils sumptuously pampers and delicately perfumes your skin with the lively scent of Lemon and Verbena. Easily absorbed, this luxurious, non-greasy lotion leaves skin feeling soft and supple. The perfect follow-up after using with the Lemon & Verbena Liquid Hand Soap or Body Wash. Dermatologically tested.

Price - Rs799/- for 300ml.

Ingredients -

My Experience - The body lotion is white in colour with little thick constitency...  As the pump dispenser is again defective here, I have to pour the product on my palm each time (which is disgusting obviously). The body lotion also has refreshing citrus fragrance...  The lotion is really creamy and easily spread on skin and absorbs quickly as well...  It keeps my skin hydrated for a long time and the fragrance also lasts for nearly half an hour...  

Overall I like all the three products...  If I will ignore the defective packaging, then all the three will score 5/5... But proper packaging is really important in any product... The products seem pricey, but worth every penny.. And the quantity  provided at this price is a good purchase I must say...  

Rating - 4.5/5 (the deduction is only for the defective packaging) 

Hope you find this review helpful... Do share your feedback below...  

 See you in my next post... Bye... 

Love xoxo 💖💖


  1. This range of Oriflame is very much new to me. Wish to try them. Btw, packaging should be done properly.

  2. Wow! I love anything citrus! ❤

  3. Nice review , Lemon body wash seems so refreshing :-)
    Yet to try body wash from this brand .

  4. Lovely review Snigdha.. This citrus-y range sounds nice :)

  5. Lovely review dear, I loved the way u've clicked pic with white satin fabric 😍😍. Although their range contains SLES so won't opt for this one 🙁

  6. Nice review.. And yes the pump not working is a big bummer... I don't like opening bottles and trying to manage the pipe etc to take out the products

  7. Great review. I love the packaging!

  8. All the products look very refreshing mainly lemon one that is perfect for the summer 💖 thanks for the details .

  9. Lovely review. Outer packaging looks great , feel bad that the pumps are not working properly.

  10. I love citrus stuff, the fragrance itself is so refreshing and soothing! I like the way you've described it..

  11. Very nice and detailed review. Oriflame has been my fav for many years.

  12. Nice review! Would love to try out this particular range by Oriflame! The packaging tho ��


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