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Where to Buy Waist Trainers and Activewear in Wholesale?

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Mamaearth C3 Face Mask to Reduce Pigmentation - Review

Pregnancy is one of the best phase of every woman's life... Due to hormonal changes our body and skin texture changes a lot... some women's skin glow like never before and some faces the worst side of skin ever... During my pregnancy my skin texture was completely different from now...  I was glowing a lot and my mom-in-law always kept saying that I am going to deliver a baby boy (though it is a stupid superstition for sure but her assumption was right) and I have a boy now...  Well after delivery, within few days I noticed my skin has become darker and it was looking so dull and lifeless...  Hence I started few home remedies and now my skin is OK kinda but I am not much happy...

Somedays before when the brand Mamaearth send me a goodie bag which consists of three skincare products which are specifically for moms and for post pregnancy skins, I was super excited to try out...  Today I will share one product from the goodie bag which is the C3 Face Mask...  Trust me I am now completely addicted to the mask...  I am using since two weeks now and twice a week...  Let's get into the review...


PRICE - Rs599/- for 100gm.


PACKAGING - The C3 face mask comes in a tub packaging with a screw lock lid... There is an additional cover below the cap which also closes tightly, hence no issue while carrying anywhere...  But the size of the tub is huge, I wish the brand will add smaller sizes as well...  All information is on the tub itself...  Though the packaging is unhygienic to use but a spatula can solve the issue easily...

MY EXPERIENCE - As the brand claims, it has all natural ingredients and harmful chemicals free, my expectation level is quite high...  The main ingredients in this mask are charcoal, coffee, clay and fruit extracts which makes it unique.. I have already used this 4 times and my opinion is very clear...

The mask is gray-ish black in colour and semi-thick in constitency..  The texture is really smooth and soft..  It is a ready to apply mask, you don't need to add anything extra to it...  A small quantity spreads quite smoothly on face and neck..  I do apply it at night after cleaning my face..  After applying I feel a nice cooling effect which lasts till you wash you face...  In this hot weather, my skin loves the cooling sensation.. After keeping for 20minutes I swipe the mask and give a gentle massage to my skin and wash with running tap water.  It rinses off quite easily and cleans my skin so well, removes all dirts effectivly.. I can't see any instant glowing effect immediately after wash, but with continuous uses one can benefited for sure...  There is a very sweet fragrance (I cant recognize which fragrance it is) which I love...

Charcoal is known as best for any kind of skin issues, hence acne prone skins will must benefited with this mask. It has papaya, mulberry and other fruit extracts which is best to bring back the skin glow...
Just remember  nothing will happen in one night, you have to keep patience for getting any visible result...  Natural products take time to show its effects...

PRO...  -
⏺Has goodness of charcoal, coffee, clay and fruit extracts
⏺It is phthalates, mineral oil, paraben and SLS free
⏺Sturdy packaging
⏺Gives nice cooling effect which lasts till you wash your face
⏺The mask is in ready to apply form
⏺It cleanses my skin and removes all dirts effectively
⏺Has very nice fragrance
⏺The texture is smooth and easy to spread
⏺With continuous uses you can notice better skin texture..

CONS... -
⏺Some might find pricey
⏺Availability is an issue (only available online at amazon, nykaa ,etc..)

RATING - 4.3/5

Hope you find this review helpful... Do share your thought below in comments..

See you in my next post.. Bye...

Love xoxo 💖💖

** PR Sample


  1. Nice review , I love its cooling sensation :-)

    1. Thank you... Yeah in this weather cooling sensation is a must...

  2. Cooling sensation is what we need. Does it leaves stain?

    1. I think it might leave stain on clothes though I havn't faced such issue... I apply very carefully...

  3. This is a boon to all mothers...Nice review

  4. I've tried this once and kind of liked it. The cooling effect is so calming and soothing to the skin. Lovely review :)

    1. Yes, I too love Face packs with cooling effect...

  5. These days I am crazy about this face mask ;)

  6. I'm also in love with this one. Great post.

  7. I love your pics Snigdha and yes this is an awesome mask.

  8. nice review dear
    even i like this mask too much ..

  9. Super interesting!!

  10. I love its cooling sensation. It's effective too.

  11. i am going to try it for sure after its in my list

  12. I want to try this because I have spots on my face that needs attention!

  13. This is one of my favorite mask ... Well written 😊


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